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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
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message 1: by Jade (new)

Jade Diamond (jadediamond) Our BOTM for November is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black.

Discuss as you read, but please use spoiler Tags as needed, as everyone may start at different times and reads at different speeds. (Check out the 'some html is ok' box above the post box for spoiler tags.)

Kikijanika I think I'll want to read this one!

Chelsea Morrison (chelsealouise07) I've read this before, so once people start discussing, I'll join in! :)

message 4: by Natasha (new)

Natasha | 5 comments Read and finished this today. Wasnt too bad. I wouldve liked to have a sequel to learn more

message 5: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Hawes | 77 comments I am going to read this... but I am one of the few people who never got into the whole vampire novels trend. I am hoping this will change my opinion because I loved the darkest part of the forest... but I am open to suggestions and may be pleasantly surprised. :)

Kikijanika I got my copy from the library yesterday and can't wait to get started. Just gotta finish a couple of other books first.

message 7: by Angélique (new) - added it

Angélique | 62 comments Never read a vampire novel before but I´m going to give it a go :)

Melanie (TBR and Beyond) (tbrandbeyond) | 31 comments Bought this back in July, hope to be able to join in.

message 9: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 107 comments Just started this and already enjoying it!

Kikijanika I'll finally start this today :)

message 11: by Brie (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brie This was a good story. It felt like it could be a series but it was good none the less, I enjoyed it.

Melanie (TBR and Beyond) (tbrandbeyond) | 31 comments About to start on this one. I've had it in my TBR pile for a few months, time to actually read it. It will be my first Holly Black novel - I owe a bunch of her books but haven't read it yet. She seems like a great writer though.

message 13: by Angélique (new) - added it

Angélique | 62 comments Let´s get the discussion going!
What do y´all think of the characters?
I´m currently at chapter ten so I havn´t really warmed up to Tana yet. This is the same for most characters but I do think that Aidan is a huge jerk and that he needs to be locked away where he can´t harm anyone. Ever.
Gavriel is probably my fave character rn. He´s just so mysterious and every time Tana describes him I want need to know more.
What do you think?

Kikijanika I don't remember which chapter I'm in but I'm about on page 100.

I'm also not the biggest fan of Tana. (view spoiler)

Aidan really seems like a jerk (view spoiler)

I also like Gavriel the best so far. I hope we'll get to know more about him and his past.

The story seems ok and I wonder what will happen (view spoiler)

message 15: by Angélique (new) - added it

Angélique | 62 comments Tana seems to be a bit 2 dimensional. There is nothing special or particular about her as a protagonist. (Expect her scar)

The thing find the most interesting is how normal the world is. Aside from vampires roaming and coldtowns, life still goes on as we know it now ex; school, parties ect.

Also, the continuous flash backs don´t seem to be adding anything to Tana´s character and slow down the progression of the main story.


message 16: by Kikijanika (last edited Nov 20, 2016 07:13AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kikijanika I finished this today and gave it 3 stars.

I didn't really care for the characters much. The only ones I actually liked and found interesting were Gavriel and Lucien, an perhaps Jameson. (view spoiler) As for Tana and Aidan, (view spoiler)

However, the story (view spoiler)

Like Angélique, (view spoiler)

I've only read one other book by Holly Black (The darkest part of the forest) and I must say I liked it better. This was not my favorite book but I'm still open for reading more of her work in the future.

message 17: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 107 comments I just can't get into this book. I won't be finishing it this month unfortunately.

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