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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Name: Alissa Lynn Snape
Nicknames: Issa, Princess, Ali, Asa
Age: 14
Birthday: October 13th (born on a Friday)
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Year: 4
Wand: 8" cherry oak, dargon heartstring
Patronus Wolf
- Beautiful
- Brave
- Creative
- Curious
-Down to earth
- Playful
- Sweet

History: Alissa grew up thinking she was an only child, when she was younger she would usually run around the school and enjoy playing with the older kids that would give her the time of day. Most of the time she would be sitting her dad’s classroom while he taught the class, she grew up in the world of magic, she grew up with only her father by her side. She love’s her father and would do anything for him. However now that she is a student most people don’t know that she’s related to him.
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: Oliver Wood
Relationship status: Single
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Ice green
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Scent: Vanilla and Cinnamon

We can always change the year and the age if we need to.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

{ N A M E } Nikki Severus James Remus Sirius Peter Dumbledore
{ N I C K N A M E } Nick, Kikki, Sevy, Jay, Remu, Siri, Pete, Dumble

{ A G E } 14 years old
{ G E N D E R } Female
{ B I R T H D A Y } February 14th, 1980

{ S E X U A L I T Y } Heterosexual
{ C R U S H } Ron Weasely
{ R E L A T I O N S H I P — S T A T US } Single

{ A P P E A R A N C E }

{ FACE — CLAIM } Chloë Grace Moretz
{ HAIR } Blonde
{ EYES } Green
{ HEIGHT } 5' 4"
{ WEIGHT } 120 lbs
{ STYLE } Quirky, Geek, Chic
{ SCENT } Strawberries and Butterbeer

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }
1.) Quirky
2.) Geeky
3.) Happy go lucky
4.) Sweet
5.) Gentle
6.) Understanding
7.) Lonely
{ H I S T O R Y } Dumbledore once had a wife, but she died of muggle cancer and could not be saved, a year before his wife died, she gave birth to a daughter, Nikki Dumbledore. Nikki knows more about her mother then people realize, that's only because she has a diary her mother kept, it's kinda like Tom Riddle's except the memory thingamajig. Nikki has been living at Hogwarts ever since her father became Headmaster, she lives in her own dorm room in the Gryffindor Dorms. People don't know wether or not she was given her middle names by her mother or her father, only Nikki knows and she is happy.

{ S C H O O L } Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
{ H O U S E } Gryffindor
{ Y E A R } Fourth
{ W A N D } 8", Redwood, Phoenix feather core
{ P A T R O N U S } Snake
{ P O W E R S }
Parseltongue- this power was passed onto her after it skipped six total generations.
Seer- her mother was one and therefore the power was passed down.

{ F A M I L Y }

{ FATHER } Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore [ *alive* ]
{ MOTHER } Alison Dylan Ryan Fiona Terry Dumbledore [ *dead* neé Astor ]

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments It was early in the morning, the dew was still nicely and perfectly placed on the plants across the courtyard and the field in the back of the school; where Quidditch took place, the next game wasn’t until next week. She believed it was Ravenclaw against Slytherin, but she couldn’t remember for the life of her she usually kept up with that stuff but for some reason she had been busy and didn’t really look into it. She had woken up about five minutes late, yes there were still students in the corridor or just hanging outside of their classes. However for her she had to run, as fast as her feet would take her, down the corridor to room 102, Herbology with Pomona Sprout. Usually they were in the greenhouse but they weren’t doing any planting today.

Alissa was out of breath by the time she was able to set her books down at her spot and plop down in her seat. Slumping a little in her dark wooden chair. Alissa was just trying to get her breath back from running so hard, she was not one for running but she did if she had to. Alissa laid her head on the desk for for a few minutes considering she got there about three minutes before it was actually time for class to start. She opened her eyes slightly when she heard one of the Weasley boys, she saw that it was Ron and with that knowledge she sat up giving a small smile to the trio. She was on good terms with all of them and they seemed like a good group of friends at least. Which that was always important as well. Ron sat himself in front of Alissa, only to turn around and ask her something.

“Did you understand the homework? There were too many terms I didn’t understand.” Alissa just giggled a little bit. “What you didn’t have one of your friends help you? And it’s mostly just terminology you were supposed to look up the words anyway.”

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki had woken up late, her owl didn't hoot when it was time to wake up and her godfather wasn't anywhere to be seen, she groaned as she climbed out of bed, she trudged over to her dresser and started eyeing the shirts and pants she had in there. Nikki groaned again when she couldn't find anything she decided to ask her mother, she went over to her journal and began to write in it, ' Hello Mother, how are you? I'm stuck on what to wear today,' Nikki wrote in the journal, red letters appeared. ' Wear that one shirt Severus got you for your birthday and those jeans your friends the Weasely twins got you for Christmas,' the journal wrote back.

After a few more minutes, Nikki rushed around the dorm and her door burst open revealing Professor Severus Snape, he glared at her, " Hurry up, your late for Herbology," Severus said lowly as he looked at her. Nikki glared at him, " You are the one who didn't wake me up," Nikki snapped.

Nikki finally reached Herbology, she went straight for her seat next to Ron, she was grumbling on about murdering Professor Snape, her friend Oliver Wood sat behind her next to Alissa Snape, the daughter of Professor Snape. " No one would stop you to be honest except Alissa here," Oliver spoke, he ducked when an rolled up parchment was tossed at him.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments As soon as Nikki walked in grumbling, Alissa already knew why. She followed the girl with her ice green eyes all the way to her seat. When she found out that Nikki was the God-daughter to her father she wasn’t too excited about it, her father didn’t even consult her at all. She overheard a conversation between the headmaster and her father one day. Over the years of knowing she got use to it though. She liked Nikki enough and usually didn’t have a problem with her. “Oh did you get caught this morning? I almost did.” She rolled her eyes playfully at what Oliver said. “Eh, depends on my mood my father is a jerk, so I’m siding with Nikki right now. Luckily I haven’t seen him today, he would have pulled me out of bed by my feet and that hurts.”

Ron looked at her, Nikki next to him and then Alissa. “Oh yeah you had that bruise on the right side of your head for awhile” he glanced at Nikki again but this time and gave her a bright and welcoming smile. “Good morning, how did you sleep? Well besides waking up late.” Ron always tried to be nice to everyone, even more so when it came to Nikki and Alissa. Mostly because they were daughters of two powerful wizards, or what he saw powerful. “Alissa I need help with the homework…”

“Don’t come crawling to me. Get help from Nikki or Hermione, not my fault that you waited until now.” Alissa wasn’t even sure if her answers were right, she had remembered spending hours in the library trying to finish it. Biting her bottom pinkish lip she was starting to worry about her own answers.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki grinned at turned to face Alissa, " Hey instead of killing him, maybe ill just paint his entire room bright pink and see what he does, I'll probably get double the detention, but who cares, it's payback for what he did this morning, and Oliver, don't speak ill of Professor Snape, I am clearly only joking seeing as this man is my godfather and I would never kill a living soul for any reason, okay there is one that I'd like to kill, but I don't have the power to," Nikki said to her two friends, she then raised an eyebrow when Alissa told Ron to get help from her, she grinned though, " You are just like your brothers Ron, always too busy doing something else and not focusing on your academics." Nikki teased, and she was hit with a quill.

" Hey!" Said the Weasley twins, they had frowns on their faces, Nikki laughed at them and picked up the quill, walking over and placing it on their desk, she came back over to Ron and turned to him, " Ill help you with your homework as quickly as I can before Professor Sprout comes in," Nikki offered to the handsome red-head.

Oliver watched his friend and nodded at her words, she knew where she was coming off and decided to not to go on with the subject, he turned to Alissa and smiled at her, " I'm sure your answers are correct Alissa, if not I could check for you," Oliver offered as he looked at Alissa and then her parchment, he ignored the little spout between the twins and Nikki.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments “Haha, I think at that point he really would kill you, but if you are really going to do that please let me know, I want to help.” She said happily to her, Alissa couldn’t remember how or really why they became friends they just did, it was good to have a friend like her. Alissa listened to Oliver and Nikki speak of her father. She didn’t really mind it, she kind of suspected it. She then glanced over at the twins when she heard them yell out causing her to giggle a little bit. “It’s true though.” Alissa muttered more to Ron, Nikki, Oliver and herself.

Alissa’s attention was caught by Oliver once again as he spoke to her, she could feel her heartbeat skip a few times or maybe it was more than a few times. Was she even breathing? She had to take in a deep breath and let it out slowly for two reasons. One to make sure she was still alive and well two to make sure she could calm herself down. Alissa but some her dark brown hair behind her ear; placed her right hand on the parchment and slid it over to him. “Then why don’t you take a look for me, because I honestly don’t know. Hey, if I have anything wrong you should help me out, because if I fail any of my classes I won’t hear the end of it. I will get either hour’s of detention or be grounded. So that means no fun activities, or running around causing mayhem with Nikki. Let’s be honest we both know you can’t be there all the time to watch her.”

Ron looked over at his brothers when one of them through their quill. He gave a small sigh and watched at Nikki took it back over to them and quickly hurry back to her seat. He laughed a little bit and placed the assignment back down on the table. “I would love some help and yes I guess in a way I am like them, but I don’t cause as much trouble as they do.” He pointed out, most of the reason was because he didn’t like the fact of getting into trouble like they did, it wasn’t worth it.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki nodded at Alissa's response to the pink room, then raised an eyebrow when the girl said she would want to help, she ignored it and turned to Ron one again when Oliver spoke to Alissa. Nikki smiled at Ron, " Alright, did you at least do half of the homework? Or perhaps a third of it?" Nikki asked as she ignored everyone else around her.

Oliver smiled and nodded, he looked at the parchment and then looked at his own, he checked her answers as well as double checked his, he bit his lip in concentration. Oliver smiled when he saw her answers and his own were correct, " Good news, your answers are correct," Oliver spoke

(( alright, same goes for me, also sorry it's short ))

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Ron looked at her with a blank stare in his eyes, he was trying to remember how much of it he actually did. He was starting to think he was goofing off with Harry or something along those lines. Harry seemed to be the reason he wasn't getting it done this time around or well that's what he liked to believe anyway. He bit his bottom lip on the right side. "Oh um, that's a good question. I think I got a third of it done at least." He told her sounding a little confident in himself. He pulled out the parchment that had some answers one it. "Ah here it is. I knew I had it somewhere in there. Hey thank's for the help, it's a huge favor for me." He told her with his cheeky grin.

"Oh thank goodness." She lightly took it back from him. Crap, I have them right? I wanted to be study buddies with him! Why Alissa why did you have to be smart for Herbology, I mean it's great for my father but not good for me when I wanted to spend more time with him. Her pretty little head had thought. "So how is your morning going?" she asked him sweetly, always loving to hear him talk of course.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki watched Ron and smiled softly as he bit his lip, God that is so cute, woah! Did I just call that cute? Did I just call Ron cute? Shit did I say that out loud? Nikki said as she realized she hadn't spoken a single word to Ron at all after he answered her question. " Oh, uh that's good and no problem, I like helping you out, but you've seem to have gotten all the answers you have done wrong," Nikki said as she looked at Ron and then at his parchment.

Oliver grinned and nodded, " Hey, I've been meaning to tell you, if you ever need any help with anything at all, don't hesitate to ask, I could always have Nikki clear my schedule for you," Oliver said with a smile as he looked at Alissa, he quickly looked over to see if Nikki heard him, turns out she didn't because she was too absorbed in Ron to notice anyone or anything else.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Upon hearing her response about how he got all of the answers wrong he just hit his head on the table in front of him. "I'm never going to get these right Nikki, how am I going to pass our next exam?" He asked her he needed a study group or to be tutored or both. He didn't care what option he was desperate. "How in the blood hell do I have them all wrong? what am I doing wrong?" He asked her as he sat fully up now with his messy red hair.


"What do you mean have her clear your schedule? what is my god-sister your secretary?" Alissa asked him, she was kind of jealous that Nikki seemed to spend a lot of her time with him, however she quickly got over that. She knew it wasn't a big deal. "If you are busy I don't want to be a bother, so don't worry about it." Alissa said quietly. "I lied though..." She told him half hoping he heard that and half hoping he didn't.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki watched with wide eyes as Ron began hitting his head on the table, when he was finished Nikki raised a hand and fixed his messy hair as she began speaking, " First off, don't ever bang your head on a table again, I'll hex you if you do, second, you got them wrong because you weren't paying attention to what question you were answering, and thirdly, if you need a tutor, I'll gladly help you Ronald," Nikki said with a smile, she had been fixing his hair the entire time she spoke.

" Nikki's not my secretary, she just manages my schedule so that I don't overwork my team, since they always complain about the time frame I set for them, and Alissa you are never a bother, if you need a tutor for any class, I'd be happy to help you out," Oliver spoke.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "That's the problem I lied okay." Alissa stopped for a second and then tilted her head as she looked at him. "I really am my father's child... anyway not the point, the point is I lied, I lied about needing help or not thinking I had the right answers. I just hardly get to see you, and I remember when you first started here. I wasn't exactly old enough to start attending, but you were always nice to me. You always talked to me ,and made me feel like I had at least one friend. I guess I just miss those days more now that we are both getting older." Alissa told him not really looking at him, she was afraid of her voice catching in her throat or not being able to say what's on her mind.

"I only did it once so don't get so upset about it. I won't hit my head again if you stop calling me Ronald." He told her with a disapproving look, the look was for his name he always hated that name really. He didn't mind Ron but honestly Ronald? he gave a small sigh thinking about what she said. "I didn't pay attention because I think my mind was on other things. I'm sorry Nik. I guess some help would be fine but lets not call it tutoring." He begged of her he didn't ever like the phrase.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver's eyes widened a little, " Really? Crap, I'm sorry Alissa, I really am, it's just that Quidditch is my favorite sport, it's like my life sorta, I promise I'll start hanging out with you more, I'll even have Nikki help me so that I can be with you more often and not on the field running my team to the ground, that's another reason I stick with Nikki more, she's a pretty strong girl, if I do something wrong, she'll make sure I know it, I'm really sorry Alissa, I didn't mean to make it seem like you lost a friend," Oliver said.

Nikki rolled her eyes, " One its the only time I've ever called you Ronald, and I tend to like the name, it's sexy and cute, it fits you, and two, I'm telling you not to hit your head ever again, I never thought you do it all the time, I'm just saying if you do it again in my presence or anywhere else, I will find out and I will find you, thirdly if you don't want to call it tutoring, then we can call it studying with help," Nikki said, " and don't call me Nik, I hate that shortened version of my name," Nikki said with a huff.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "You don't think I know that? I know it's your favorite sport, how do I know this? because I've been friends with you for so long, I was on the team I know how hard you run it. However I had to leave for well reasons. That's not the point, the point is when Nikki came along you got busy hanging out with her and studying along with training for the matches. So why do you think you only see me in class now?" Alissa said to him quietly she wasn't really pouting about it but at the same time she was, however she shrugged it off and looked back at her homework for her fathers class. It was one class she actually really enjoyed. She was making sure she had answered everything. "So Oliver I'm going to make it easier on you and say to not worry about it." Alissa looked at him again giving him a bright smile.

"Oh calm down will you, I'm sorry I called you Nik, but I heard Snape say it just two days ago, I figured you were going by that now. I should have asked so I'm sorry. Also I don't want you getting into the habit of calling me Ronald, it's not sexy nor is it cute. Second that's the first time I have ever done something like that. I would love to call it studying with help by the way." He commented towards her. He soon leaned over to the left side and pulled out his book for the class and flipped to the right page so at least he was in the right section.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver frowned, " How can I not worry about this, Alissa I'm sorry about not hanging out with you, and I'm sorry about hanging out with Nikki a lot, but I've known her for years, so I hang out with her a lot because she never had any friends until I came along or the trio," Oliver mumbled. " I promise you Alissa I'll start hanging out with you even more now," Oliver added.

Nikki rolled her eyes at a part of his response, " First off, you may call me Nick, not Nik, and secondly Snape was being a rude arse when we called me that, thirdly Ronald is sexy and cute, and fourthly, good, now what area of the test shall we do first?" Nikki replied.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa looked at Oliver and gave a small little smile. "Yeah because everyone worries about her and how she's doing because she's the headmasters daughter. Oliver I've lived here in the castle all my life because my father is the only family I know and have. I don't even have godparents that I know of at least. Ever think about that? No you didn't. So I've been here just as long as she has." Alissa told him she was tired of trying to make friends on trying to be on people's good sides. "I shouldn't have to say anything, for you; so I considered dear to me to hangout with me." She mumbled to him, she honestly didn't want to fight with him. "I'm sorry Oliver, I snapped at you."

"I don't want to argue with you about my name, but Ronald is not cute or sexy. I don't see how or why you think that." He told her softly, he then looked over the book again. "Alright just help me. Any part works for now. Maybe with the ones I got wrong." He suggested.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver sighed, " I am still keeping my promise, I will start to hang out with you more, Nikki can fend for herself, she doesn't need me anymore, she's got Ron, Harry, Hermione, Draco and everyone she became friends with, I'll try hanging out with you more, I promise," Oliver murmured.

Nikki rolled her eyes, " It is sexy and cute, now, for the first question, it was talking about how you know when to unplant, or whatever term works for you, a mandrake, you wrote down something that doesn't even make sense," Nikki said as she scooted closer and began pointing out the mistakes.

Hermione leaned closer to Harry, " How long has it been since they've both spoken to each other without fighting about his first name?" Hermione whispered to Harry quietly so that only he heard her.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Oh glad to know she had protection." She muttered to him, soon she saw their teacher walk in. Thank you for the save, I thought I was going to say something that I was going to really regret later. She put everything that wasn't for that class away while Mrs. Sprout got ready for the class.

Ron sighed and rolled his eyes. "Fine whatever you say, but it's not" he muttered. He then looked at his homework with her and he was fixing his mistakes. He wanted to get a good grade on this, thank goodness she took awhile to set up though.

Harry looked over at Ron and Nikki and then back over at Hermione shrugging his shoulders slightly, he really didn't have a way of answering her. "I really don't know, I couldn't tell you." He whispered to her once he saw the professor walk in. "I hope they stop soon though."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver facepalmed himself as he noticed Alissa's change in behavior, "Alissa Snape, look at me," Oliver states, he looked directly at the dark brown haired girl. Oliver could distinguish Alissa's natural scent, he sighed and closed his eyes for a brief moment.

Nikki said nothing more about Ron's birthname, she continued to help him with his mistakes and then she helped him with the rest of the homework. Nikki didn't notice that the professor had walked in, the professor noticed Nikki was helping out Ron, shs gave a smile, " 5 points to Nikki Dumbledore for helping out a fellow classmate," Professor Sprout said with a warm smile. Nikki heard this and rolled her eyes, she was tired of being praised for the littlest things, she rested her head on Ron's shoulder, since she needed a few more moments of sleep and didnt want to rest her head on the desk in front of her or behind her.

Hermione giggled, " I kinda find it adorable, I mean our Ron has finally found his match or true love as you and others would say, " Hermione said as she watch Professor Sprout walk in and praise the blonde haired Gryffindor, whos head now lay upon the Weasley's shoulder.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa glanced at him and how noticed how frustrated he looked, she happened to crack a small smile at this. Seeing him try so hard to get her to forgive him right in that moment, it was adorable. She turned towards him and lightly placed her hand on top of his to let him know that she was there and she wasn't really as mad as she seemed to be. It was just everything piled onto another she was literally going to snap at someone.

Ron sighed a little bit and looked at Nikki when he heard five points going to her. He then gave a small smile when she seemed to pout about it. "You deserved them and you know it." He told her he lightly patted her head once she laid it on his shoulder.

"True love? well I probably wouldn't say that, though I guess she seems to be able to handle him pretty well. Weird I thought it would have been you." He told her before looking away from the ginger boy and the blondie. He glanced at Oliver. "Man he looks irritated hopefully he doesn't let that out on us today."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver seemed to relax when Alissa touched him, his breath hitched and he saw her small smile, " I really am sorry that I have been neglecting you Alissa, I am going to try and make sure that I make up for all the times I have not hung out with you," Oliver promised.

Nikki stubbornly stuck her tongue out at Ron when he patted her head, " I don't deserve them everytime I help you or someone else," Nikki muttered.

Hermione rolled her eyes, " You are dafter then Ron when it comes to these things, it's clearly True Love and I like someone else, plus I think they would look cute together, same for Oliver and Alissa," Hermione said, she then looked over at Oliver and saw how irritated he looked. Hermione waved it off, " Oh you know he won't let it out on you, Nikki always, relculantly mind you, makes sure he doesn't work you guys too hard, she is the co-captain after all, she supposed to make sure about all of that," Hermione said rambling on.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Hmm alright fine, you can start today then." She told him with a small little smile. "I'm going to tell you something but you have to keep it a secret okay? I thought you deserved to know the truth anyway. I quit the team because of my dad. He said it wasn't safe and he was making me do all of this crazy stuff. Such as cleaning out the classroom or his office, helping me file just things that made me stay around him. That wasn't fair to you or the team so I had to leave. So I'm sorry." She told him.

"Don't get hostile with me, you are the one that put her head on my shoulder." He told her in a calm tone he didn't want to start a fight with her, he liked her too much to fight with her. "Yeah I know but they do that with Hermione as well."

"Yeah I guess so, well good maybe this new guy that you like will treat you well." He told her giving her a charming smile, "one thing I never understood about Alissa is that she never talks about her mom, do you know who her mom is or anything about that situation?" He asked her with a quite voice so Alissa nor Oliver could hear them.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver smiled softly and listened to Alissa, he then paid close attention to what Alissa was telling him, when she was finished, he gave a slight smile, " Alissa its fine that you had to quit, I mean your father spoke to me about it and even though I had a long fight with him about it, I had actually with him in the end and told him that you could quit if he really wanted you to," Oliver confessed,

Nikki sighed, " Whatever Ronald," Nikki murmured as she closed her eyes again, she yawned and moved her seat closer, the twins were trying to quietly throw paper balls at their youngest brother in order to keep themselves entertained while Nikki slept, since everyone knew Nikki was the twins best friend and would do anything to make sure they weren't bored. Professor sprout began teaching, ignoring the twins attempt to hit their brother with paper balls.

Hermione shrugged, "I don't think she even knows who her mother is, just like Nikki doesn't know her own mother, no one knows exactly who both their mothers were, and I hope to God they aren't related, because that's going to cause tension between the girls and Snape," Hermione said, thinking about the bad possibilities.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Of course he did, I mean what don't you or other people know about me. Forget I said anything." In a way this bothered her, people knew who she was, who her father was and because of that people judged her. "By the way I didn't want to I was forced to" she told him sharply. Her life was basically an open book and she hated it. The reason she didn't have very many friends except for the trio and Oliver, well kind of Oliver. Was because of who her father was.

"Stop calling me that." He groaned between gritted teeth, he really hated that name and if she kept calling him that he was just going to go back to his nickname he had for her earlier. He let her keep her head on his shoulder and ignored his brothers. He paid attention to the lesson instead.

"I highly doubt they are related they have different fathers Hermione and they are in the same year of school. They would have to be twins. They look nothing alike anyway for that to happen." He stated his opinion, he only knew that if they were sisters none of them would have a good year. He knew that Alissa and Nikki didn't get along not as much as they told everyone that they did.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver groaned, " Alissa, I'm bad at this okay, I'm bad at talking to girls, I'm bad at apologies, I'm bad at making sure someone's okay, I'm bad at making sure no one is hurt, I'm bad at talking to girls about their day, or how they are, or how they feel, or what they are feeling," Oliver said as he turned in his seat and rested his head on the table with a smack.

Nikki jumped when Olivers head hit the desk behind her, she grimaced and then rested her head hack on Ron's shoulder again, she grumbled about Oliver needing lessons on how to talk to girls and how boyish Oliver was towards Alissa. She curled closer to Ron, he smelled good and she couldn't help it, it was one of the reasons she rested her head on his shoulder.

Hermione groaned, " I didn't mean they had the same mother, I just meant I hope their mothers aren't related, therefore making them related, because Snape would know that their mothers are related their for, making the girls cousins, and since Snape never told the girls, it would be hell for Snape since the girls would forever ignore him about it, of course if it was true." Hermione muttered.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa listened to him intently she happen to give a small jump when Oliver smacked his head on the table, she hesitated on touching him but she decided to give him comfort anyway. She lightly placed her hand on his back and lightly rubbed his back. “Oliver… it’s okay, I didn’t realize it and I didn’t take into account on how you felt about it. Don’t worry about it alright. We can walk to our next class together alright?” She told him happily, she dropped her small hand from his back and then took the hand that was closest to her and held it. “You are doing a good job, that’s how I see it anyway.

Ron didn’t bother to look back at Oliver but he jumped when Nikki jumped, he then could hear Alissa behind him talking to Oliver, like he was trying to snap him out of it. He rested his head lightly on top of her head to show her that he did care for her, he would try to be there for her from now on because he did care for her. He wanted to see her smile more because he found that he did love her smile.

“Well why didn’t you just say so.” Harry said with a small grin, he then looked back at the professor, “we’ll talk about this after class, I’m sure you want to absorb everything you can in class today.” He whispered to her, he knew that if they got caught talking they would either have extra homework or have points taken away from them. He always thought that if he got more points for the house he was in he would beat his enemy, Draco.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver sighed and lifted his head, a small red spot where he just smacked his head moments ago, he looked at Alissa and smiled softly, " Alright, and again, I'm sorry I merger hung out with you as much, I'm sorry I hung out with Nikki so much and I am really sorry that all this has happened like this," Oliver said softly.

Nikki felt Ron jump too when she had, she then felt him rest his head on top of her, she felt herself smile and finally fell asleep, she was a light sleeper, so she could hear everything and feel everything, and right now she felt herself reaching for Ron's hand in her sleep.

Hermione nodded, she paid attention to the professor.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Oh stop it will you? It's okay, I'm fine. I just hope I'm not making you do anything you don't want to do." She saw the red mark and made a small disapproval face. "Don't hit your head again okay?" She asked him, making sure he understood as well. She stayed close to him as the professor started the lesson, she also didn't let go of his hand unless he wanted her to.

Ron let Nikki rest her head on his shoulder and lightly fall asleep. He took notes the best he could without waking her up. He would try to catch her up the best he could later. Though he was sure she was still lightly awake.

Harry took a few notes but kind of zoned out. He did happen to glance at his friend a few times though. She was pretty and honestly any guy would be lucky to have her.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver sighed, he looked at Alissa and nodded, " Yeah, of course, I won't hit my head again, I promise," Oliver murmured as he began writing notes down once the lesson began, he occasionally looked up front where his friend sat, her head on Ron's shoulder, he groaned, " When will one of them ask each other out? I mean how long has it been since all the staring, all the fighting and all the head on shoulder things while they sleep in class thing started?" Oliver whispered to Alissa, talking about Ron and Nikki.

" I can hear you Oliver," Nikki muttered as she groans softly, " Make him be quiet Ronald, I need my sleep," Nikki murmured as she tried going back to sleep again, she this time actually took ahold of Rons hand, the one closest to her of course, she breathed in his scent and suddenly felt at home.

Hermione looked over at Ron and Nikki, she heard Nikki and smiled, she then giggled when she noticed Nikki had taken ahold of Ron's and head breathed in deeply, " God I wish one of them would ask the other out, everyone's been waiting and betting on it for so long, the twins got all their galleons on Nikki asking Ron, I got mine on her too, are you in on the betting?" Hermione whispered.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa raised an eyebrow at Oliver and then looked at Nikki and Ron she just shook her head lightly and went back to her work. She was glad Nikki was picking someone like Ron instead of someone like Draco. She just shrugged her shoulders slightly in response to Oliver. "I don't know because I never really cared." She stated which was true why should she? Everyone else seemed to be waiting for it she was sure they didn't need another person as well.

Ron looked at her and gave a small smile, he held her hand as she took it into her's. He honestly didn't mind it either it was nice, it was like they were a perfect fit for each other. Ron just shrugged off what everyone was saying.

"I hate to bet against my best friend but yeah I'll agree with you and the twins. I bet it'll be Nikki." He shrugged slightly and gave a small nod. "So wait who is this new guy, do I have to give him the so called 'talk' before you two start seeing each other? Because one of us has to do it and we both know it's not Ron, the twins are too busy pranking everyone and Oliver is drooling over Alissa." He whispered the last part to her.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver smiled, " That's one of the many reasons why I like you, you don't care about the gossip, and neither do I really, I just somehow get sucked in when someone even mentions my name and suddenly I'm everyone's spy," Oliver said with a chuckle as he began taking notes. Secretly he was in on the betting everyone in Hogwarts, rumor even had that the staff was in on it too, at least a few of them, examples being Dumbledore, Hagrid, Sprout, and so on.

Nikki yawns, she ignored the whispers, she ignored whatever Oliver said next, and she only focused on Ron and what he did, she grinned as she felt Ron hold her hand as well. Nikki sighed as she fell asleep again.

Hermione grinned, " We will see soon then, I reckon she's tired of walking around and not being able to tell him," Hermione said as she heard Professor Sprout explaining the next homework.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "It's a waste of my time, I have other things to worry about like avoiding my father in the hallway. In his class it's kind of hard to do that." Alissa pointed out to him. Alissa was pretty sure everyone at Hogwarts and everyone but her was apart of this little betting thing that was going on. Over half of them were betting that Nikki would be the first one but honestly she thought Ron was going to be it. She had told Hermione and made her promise and swearing not to tell anyone. This was her first time ever doing anything like this.

Soon hearing their new assignment he wrote it down and made sure that Nikki stayed asleep until the very end of class. He hated to wake her, he has done it more than once, and she always got a little grouchy until she noticed it was him... well that's usually how it went. Ron made sure he would get his homework done this time.

"Um yeah I guess so." He muttered to Hermione, he really wanted to know who she had her eye on but he just shrugged it off anyway. He then then wrote down the new homework assignment. "Going to have to form a study group at some point."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver was hardly paying attention to anything Alissa said, he was too focused on her beauty to focus on any single word she said, suddenly he shook his head to clear his thoughts. Oliver then nodded in understanding when she was finished speaking, " Don't tell anyone but I secretly think Ron is going to be the one to ask, he may seem clueless, but if pointed in the right direction, he'll know what to do," Oliver whispered so only Alissa could hear.

Nikki began dreaming, showing that she was in a deeper sleep now and wouldn't be able to get up as easily as she would be able to if she was in her light sleep phase. Nikki yawned in her sleep and curled closer to Ron, murmuring how good he smelled, of course this was a quiet murmur and no one would be able to hear it beside Ron.

Hermione nodded, and then smiled, she began to work on what she would do about the homework assignment, she bit her lip and then turned to Harry, " I'm dating Seamus," Hermione confessed.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Wait what?" Alissa asked Oliver as she looked at him blankly she then gave a small nod understanding what he said. "Right... well do you think he'll go for it or what do you think will happen?" She asked him, she secretly had been giving Ron lessons to ask Nikki out. "Well let's hope that he does."

Ron kept her close to him as he did the work in the classroom, he would have to meet up with Hermione and Harry later to study. Or Nikki, either one worked. He loved hanging out with Nikki, but he also loved hanging out with the other two, they were his best friends.

Harry stopped dead in his tracks, great so Hermione was dating someone and Ron was about to date someone and he was left there with no one, then again it was probably better that way. He was too busy doing other things anyway. Oliver always kept them on their toes so he did have that to worry about.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver grinned, it surprised Harry and Hermione too, he sighed and nodded, " Hmm, honestly I don't know, I don't know Ron that well, and I rarely ever listen to Nikki when she babbles on about Ron," Oliver answered, and then smiled, " Yeah let's hope, now let's get on with working on the homework, if you need help I'm right here," Oliver said with another grin.

Nikki dreamt, if was probably the only dream she would ever had, she smiled in her sleep, Nikki never dreamt, she never, the only reasoning behind that is because every time she sleeps, she's afraid her father or Godfather is going to burst into her room and start talking to her about something important, like last night, her godfather literally threatened if she spoke to Ron, that he'd kill her, she didn't care of course, he couldn't do anything unless he wanted to get hexed by her father Dumbledore. Nikki happily dreamt.

Hermione smiled and nodded, " And please don't give him the talk, Nikki went hog wild on him yesterday, even though I specifically told her not to since You would have done it, poor Seamus was shaking by the time Nikki was finished with the talk, I reckon she'll be a good parent," Hermione said, she knew she was making it seem like Nikki ruled the entire school, but Nikki really didn't, she was just very popular, just like Alissa was. " Also Harry, I know what your thinking, and let me just say this, you are more dafter then Ron, someone likes you and they make if very noticeable, and you don't even notice," Hermione said.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments “Yeah yeah Oliver.” She told him and stuck her tongue out slightly at him, and soon gave a small giggle “alright, let’s do homework”. She muttered she then glanced up at him and gave him a blank look. “You know I’m much smarter than people give me credit for.” She told him, she then gave a small grin to him. “Thank you anyway though, just in case I do need you.” She whispered to him. She was a very bright person, and most of the time she only showed it through her homework and tests that she had to take. She never raised her hand in class and seemed to not pay much attention. However, she was also the type to stay up until two in the morning in the library doing homework.

Ron went on to doing his homework, hoping to get a jump start on it just in case Harry and him decided to do something later, or perhaps something had come up. He glanced over at Harry talking to Hermione about something. He didn’t know what it was about. He then glanced back down at his homework, continuing on going with it. Ron didn’t really like doing homework alone, then again he wasn’t really alone, his partner was just asleep.

“What so now she’s taking my job? You know I would have been nicer about it.” He told her with a slight shrug of his shoulders. “Okay is Nikki like everyone’s idol or something?” Harry whispered to Hermione, “I know she is your friend, she is my friend too but don’t you remember she’s not the ruler of the school Hermione.” He gave her a serious look. He glanced over at Alissa again and sighed as he sat back in seat. “I over heard Alissa talking to Draco last night. No one else know’s. Not even Nikki or the twins. Alissa told him if he told anyone what they talked about she would have his head.” He muttered to Hermione disregarding the fact that someone liked him. He got to working on the homework, they were allowed to talk quietly as long as they were doing the homework.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver chuckled and worked on the homework, occasionally looking over at Hermione and Harry who were possibly fighting about something.

Nikki sighed and decided she needed to wake herself up, she grunted and lifted her head, she stretched in her seat, her sweater rising up a a bit, showing a little bit of tummy as she stretched.

Hermione groaned, " I know Harry, I know she's not the ruler of the school, she's not taking your spot, and lastly, Nikki will go hog wild on Draco when she finds out, you know how close those two are, sometimes people think they're together," Hermione muttered, she began her homework, and looked over noticing Nikki had woken up.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa soon was halfway done with her homework already, she was getting tired though from all of this reading on plants, she didn't read about plants usually. She bit her bottom lip slightly and looked at the time before heading back to her school work they had about five minutes left anyway.

Ron glanced at her and noticed she was showing some tummy so he pulled her sweater down so no one else would notice it. "You have homework to do Nikki."

"Well you forget about it, he's not going to tell her. I may have listened in. Alissa was the one that talked to him. She told him not to tell anyone not even Nikki. She told him that he seemed to be the only one that she could talk to or be herself around. She told him that she was in the wrong house, the wrong school entirely, she doesn't feel like she belongs Hermione, you know how that feel's don't you? I think it's fair to say that Alissa and Draco had grown a tight bond. So that was said plus a whole bunch of other things. I guess I'm just slightly worried about her is all."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver worked on the homework, he sighed softly as he looked at Nikki, she had confided in him about something and he had to promise not to tell Harry or anyone she was close to, she was going to be leaving the school to find out about her mother, and she was going to do it alone, Oliver had to tell Harry, Nikki said she didn't want Harry to know because he would try to stop her, Nikki also said not to tell Ron, Oliver was stuck. Oliver stood, he walked over to Harry and Hermione, " I have to talk to you guys after class, meet me in the commons, have Ron distract Nikki, it's important," Oliver said and walked back to his seat.

Nikki slightly jumped when Ron did that, but she didn't mind, I mean most of her friends hated that she did that, she shrugged and then nodded, " Thanks, what's the homework about though?" Nikki said. Suddenly she saw Oliver walking over to Harry and Hermione, she didn't know what it was about but it got her worried, she told Oliver she didn't want anyone to know, even if her father knew, she knew he wouldn't stop her. Nikki bit her lip and looked down at the desk.

Hermione was about to say something when she saw Oliver in front of them, he told them he needed to talk to them and have Ron distract Nikki, that was odd, when he left Hermione looked at Harry, " We ought to tell Dumbledore or Snape that something is up with Nikki and Alissa, this is odd," Hermione said. " Also he sounded reluctant to tell you whatever he wants to tell us," Hermione mentioned.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa soon finished her homework and glanced over at Oliver who had come to sit back down. "Are you okay?" She asked him tilting her head at him and gave a small look of concern. She always wanted to know if he was okay or not. She care about him.

"The homework was about well this." Ron explained to her what the homework was about and made sure she got the correct notes from class. "Does that make sense? I'm assuming that it does considering that it's you and you are very smart."

"We should probably tell Dumbledore something is up with Nikki and Snape that something is wrong with Alissa. No need to make Snape worry about Nikki. He finds out something is wrong with Nikki it'll only be about her. Alissa needs her dad or be able to know that she could turn to her dad in these times." Harry told her talking about the second person he had become friends with when he first got to school. "And from what Oliver said, I did nothing wrong." He told Hermione and bit his lip.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver turned to Alissa and smiled, he nodded. " I'm fine, trust me," Oliver said with a smile as he looked at her, " Except I have to talk to Harry and Hermione after class, but I will walk you to class first before I talk to them," Oliver said.

Nikki smiled, " Thanks Ronald, I owe you big time," Nikki said as she began the homework, using Ron's notes in the process.

Hermione sighed and nodded, " Ah yes, I've been noticing that a lot too, Snape needs to learn who his daughter is, and Dumbledore needs to learn to talk to his daughter, any ways, I don't think he wants to talk to us about you, I think he's worried about someone else, it might be Alissa or it might be Nikki, who knows, but you can be the one to tell Ron he has to distract Nikki," Hermione answered, she was siding with Harry on this little predicament.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Oh in that case don't worry about me, go talk to them after class, I can get there myself." She told him with a small shrug of her shoulders. She knew he didn't want to be around her, so she gave up trying to be his friend. He would rather hangout with Nikki, spend time with the trio and his team. It was fine she didn't need him. That's what she thought at least.

"Yeah no worries" He looked up when Harry called his name. "Hmm, I guess I'll be right back Nikki." He go up and walked over to the table asking what was up."

"I bet he want's to talk to us about Nikki, he hasn't been spending a lot of time with Alissa, they only talk in class, at least that's what I know. Though I don't know why he just doesn't tell Dumbledore." Harry soon called Ron over as soon as he showed up Harry told him. "Oliver needs to talk to Hermione and I and well I guess you have to distract Nikki."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver stood up and looked at Nikki, " Nikki, I'm not going to hang out with you anymore, you've got the trio, the twins and Malfoy, you don't need me anymore, the only person who needs me right now is Alissa, I've been neglecting her and it's all because of you, you think you own the school because you're the daughter of Dumbledore, well news flash Nikki, you don't rule the school, you're just a wanna be girl who thinks she needs everyone to be friends with her, I'm actually tired of you taking my time up, I'm tired of you complaining to me about Snape, I'm tired of you coming to me and talking about Ron, I don't care about all of that okay? I'm tired of it," Oliver said angrily, he finally had snapped.

Nikki was about to say something when she heard Harry call Ron's name, she let Ron go, then she turned when Oliver began speaking to her, she listened to every word he uttered, she sat there mouth open agape, she had tears brimming her eyes as he neared the end. Nikki's heart broke into pieces, she stood up immediately after Oliver finished, she looked at Alissa, " I don't blame you for what he said," Nikki whispered before running out of the classroom, tears streaming down her face.

" Oh for goodness sakes Wood! You couldn't wait until class was over?!" One of the twins yelled as some of the students watched the young Dumbledore sprint out of the room as if her backend was on fire.

Hermione heard Harry, but paid no attention to him when she saw Oliver stand up and yell at Nikki, he wasn't yelling, but it could be seen that way, she gasped at everything Oliver spoke, she looked at Harry with wide eyes, " How could be do that to her, I'm pretty sure she has a good explanation for everything she's done, so who's going after her? Me again? Harry? You Ron? The twins?" Hermione said softly. She knew one of them would have to go since Draco was in a different class and wouldn't be able to comfort the Gryffindor girl.

Oliver couldn't believe what he said, he felt horrible, he sat down and stared off into space, his mouth was open with surprise, he heard one of the twins and groaned as he rested his head on the desk.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa was utterly puzzled when he stood up and started to yell; well if you could call it yelling, at Nikki. She was just as surprised as everyone else was. No she hadn’t told Oliver to do this, no she hadn’t really done anything this is why she told Draco everything. Everyone else would have told her you should sit down and talk with Nikki. Her secrets were safe with him, Alissa was shocked and surprised. She watched at Oliver sat back down. Was this all because she said it was fine she could walk to her class by herself. She really had hoped not because that would have been a little uncalled for. Alissa just looked at him for a few minutes. She was going to say something to Nikki after she told her that she didn’t blame her for what he said. Why would she, it’s not like Alissa told him to say it, also if Nikki didn’t blame her for that, what did Nikki blame her for? Alissa was about to say something but she ran off. She sighed softly and stood up beside Oliver and glared at the twins. “Would you just shut up! Geez if you guy are so worried about her why don’t you run after her. It’s not like you two know what’s going on with everyone twenty-four seven because if you did then this issue or problem would never come to this. So zip it before I make you.”

Ron was about to ask Harry why he needed to be her distraction when he heard Oliver yell at Nikki, he looked over and watched as Oliver just up and snapped. He had never expect that to happen. He watched as Nikki ran off down the hallway causing his heart beat to race. He didn’t want her to do something stupid or reckless. Soon he heard his brother and then Alissa snap at his brother. They did deserve to be put back in their place though. He looked over at Hermione. “I’ll go don’t worry about it.”

Harry was about to reply to Hermione when Ron stepped up to the plate, he then watched as his best friend ran after Nikki. In all of this confusion and snapping he wasn’t sure what was going on. “I really hope we figure out what’s happening soon because this isn’t good.” He told her, he glanced at Alissa who was now trying her best to comfort Oliver. “Do you think we should help with that?” He nodded towards Oliver.

Mrs. Sprout sighed a little bit as she just witnessed everything, “alright settle down, I’m letting class out early today, I do have to report this. So please go to your studies or head to your activities early. We will pick this up again on Thursday. We will be meeting in the greenhouse. Hermione I will count on you to tell Mr. Wesley and Ms. Dumbledore where we will be meeting for our next class.”

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki couldn't believe Oliver, why had he snapped on her like that? Why did he say those hurtful things? What did she do wrong? Nikki cried as she ran down the corridors, she ran to her most favorite place in Hogwarts and that was the Astronomy tower, no classes would be held up there until the ceiling was fixed, Nikki just didn't care about her safety anymore. Nikki made it to the tower, she carefully made her way over to the edge and put both her hands on the stone, grasping it tightly, tears flowed down her cheeks, staining the stone beneath her face.

The twins eyes widened and they looked at Alissa, before sighing, " Sorry," George started, " We care a lot about Nikki," Fred said, " Dumbledore's daughter or not," George went on, " She's still our friend," Fred continued, " we didn't mean to say anything mean," George finished.

Hermione only watched Ron run off after Nikki, before turning to Professor Sprout, " Alright Professor, but I think me and Harry should talk to Dumbledore about this, it will mean more to him then it coming from a teacher no offense," Hermione spoke. Hermione looked over at Oliver before looking at Harry, " I think Alissa has got it for now," Hermione said.

Oliver groaned, " Why did I do that Alissa? Why did I snap? Why did I say hurtful things to her? I didn't even mean to do that, oh god she's going to hate me forever, I'm pretty sure Ron wants to kill me, and if the twins could they probably would too," Oliver said to Alissa as he lifted his head. " Why am I so stupid? All I wanted to tell her was that I couldn't hang out with her as much because I've neglected you, and the only thing that came out was all of that," Oliver said, moaning in guilt.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alissa looked at the twins and gave a small nod. She didn’t say anything more on the subject she just continued to be there for Oliver, she knew he didn’t mean to say all of those horrible things to her he really didn’t. “Well it looks like Harry and Hermione are going to go talk to Dumledore, so if you want we can talk about it for a little bit.” She told him as she looked at him, she wasn’t the best at trying to become friends with people but she did know how to cheer people up. “You probably have been feeling that way for awhile, our emotions can and tend to take over what we are thinking or planning to say. Like take my father and me for example. I’ll plan on having a nice talk with him about how he makes life unfair. However my emotions get in the way of that. I end up yelling at him for something that probably happened two weeks ago. So see it’s not that you wanted to say it, it just happens. She’s not going to hate you forever, you both just need a break to calm down and then we can regroup”

Ron had tried to keep up with her as fast as he could go. When he saw her running up towards the tower he sighed a little bit. It was off limits because the roofing was bad and needed to be fixed, anyone up there could get hurt. He quietly walked up the steps, there was no place for her to run now, if she wanted to she would have to go past him. He soon got to the top and looked at her. “Nikki” he said quietly before walking into the room a little bit.

“You two can talk to him about it, however Hermione I still have to report it, school rules, school policy. I’m reporting it like any other student not because she is his daughter. I don’t show favorites.” She told her students as she packed up her own bag and went to head to the headmaster's office, “if you two want to go I suggest we all go together.” She told Harry and Hermione. She could feel the tension in the class between all of the students. She knew she had to get out of there and get some fresh air soon.

Harry gave Hermione a soft nod before getting up and gathering his things. “I’ll go with you professor.” He told her as he glanced back at his friend. “Yeah I suppose you’re right, she has it under control. Let’s go report what we know, we should also pay a visit to Snape after we are done seeing the headmaster.” He mentioned the little side note.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Nikki closed her eyes tight, hands hurting as she gripped the stone, she heard her name and spun around, she saw Ron and bit her lip, she said nothing and turned back around, " Go away, I don't want to talk to anyone," Nikki murmured as she looked out at the view.

Oliver groaned, but nodded as he listened to Alissa, he tried to relax and calm himself down, but that wasn't working, he couldn't handle the quietness, and looked towards the twins, only to see them pulling pranks on one of the other students, he smiled softly at that. Then frowned, Nikki loved pulling pranks with the twins, it was one of her favorite past times, that and talking to Alissa, he frowned. " Hey, did you know one of Nikki's favorite hobbies to past the time is talking to you?" Oliver murmured to Alissa, even though the two girls rarely talked, Nikki had said that Alissa was a girl she would be able to trust with anything, except this information.

Hermione nodded to the professor and then nodded to Harry, she stood up and looked over at Oliver, " We can talk after me and Harry get back from Dumbledore's," Hermione spoke, earning her a nod from the Quidditch captain.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments “Bye Hermi, and Harry” Alissa had called Hermione that a few times, though she was the only one that seemed to call her that. Probably because she could get away with it.” She watched them leave the classroom and looked back at Oliver. She moved some of his hair out of his eyes and smiled at him. “I promise everything will be fine Oliver, really she’ll be your friend again. When everything has calmed down you two can sit down together and talk about it.” She told him happily, as soon as he told her that one of Nikki’s favorite things was to talk to her to pass the time Alissa laughed a little bit. Soon she realized he wasn’t laughing either. “Oh wait you were serious… that’s not true Oliver. Nikki hates me, do you know how hard I tried to be nice to her and be friends with her like everyone else is. I gave that up when it seemed like she wanted nothing to do with me. People kept telling me how great and cool and sweet she was. Then we found out that my father was her godfather and of course I was angry about it. Still am but I pretend that it doesn’t bother me.” She told him shrugging her shoulders almost like she was carefree now.

The young Wesley was about to leave but he gathered his courage and spoke up to her. He shook his head and cleared his throat. “No!” he crossed his arms over his chest and stood his ground. “Nikki, you and I both know that he didn’t mean those things, and I came here to tell you how incredibly amazing you are. He feel’s dreadful of what he said to you, he didn’t mean them.” He walked closer to her. “Can you at least back away from there you are kind of scaring me.” He told her as he dropped his hands from being crossed over his chest, his voice a lot softer now. He really wanted her to be safe and okay. “Please Nikki.”

Mrs. Sprout took the two with her to the headmaster, she knocked on the door lightly to hear a gruff voice say come in. She opened the door slightly, letting the two younger ones into the room and then walked in behind them. She shut the door and started. “We have something to report, they are here out of concern for their friend. I’m just hearing reporting it like with any other student.” She mentioned to him.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oliver looked at Alissa when she spoke, he sighed and shook his head when she laughed and said that Nikki hated her, " She never hated you Alissa, she just could never find the words to tell you that you were like a sister to her, that and Dumbledore told her to stop talking to you," Oliver mumbled.

Nikki heard Ron, at first she didn't say anything, then she turns around when he told her that she was scaring him, she sighed and walked away from the edge, " If you're afraid that I'll ever jump off one of the towers or out of a window, don't be Ronald, I'd never leave you that soon," Nikki said, which was a huge lie.

Hermione smiled when Alissa called her that, and then followed Harry and Professor Sprout to Dumbledores office, where Dumbledore sat writing on something.

The old man looked up from his desk. He heard the professor and smiled, " Ah, Hermione and Harry, what seems to be the problem? Where's my daughter and Ron?" Dumbledore asked, ' he doesn't seem like he actually cares about his daughter, maybe that's why Nikki goes to Snape all the time because he is the only one who acts like he cares, well in his weird little way,' Hermione thought, she glared at Dumbledore.

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