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While pushing a cart through a supermarket was most definitely a normal task, doing so with a large sniper gun strapped across your back was certainly not, and it was certainly what Shinya was dong at the moment. He was in desperate need of food, and he wasn't just about to go anywhere without his weapon.

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Ur stepped into the supermarket. She stared down at the floor as she walked, and avoided any and all eye contact. She grabbed a cart, and went down an aisle to grab some things. She didn't know exactly what she was there to buy, but she'd find something.

((Do they already know eachother?))

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((Hmm... sure? It might make things slightly easier :) ))

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((Alright, I thought so too XD))

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Shinya's ears perked at the sound of the doors opening and closing and spun around to to look. A blush warmed his cheeks as happiness filled him once he saw that the new customer was Ur. He had an odd attraction to her, one of which he couldn't explain. Knowing better than to call out her wanted name to the whole supermarket, he offered her a friendly wave.

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Ur glanced at someone who was waving at her, and realized it was Shinya. She sighed a little, but did have a small smile. She walked over to him. "Hi..Shinya." She said, looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping, though, that was highly unlikely.

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"Hi, Ur," Shinya said happily, but somehow managed to keep his voice quiet enough so anyone walking by wouldn't hear. "Is it... safe for you to be here?" he asked in a slightly more calm voice.

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Ur shrugged a little. "I believe so, no one has questioned me." She said. She looked him up and down, and smiled. "You look very out of place." She said, chuckling. "Do you usually bring your gun?"

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Shinya laughed and ran a hand through his hair. "I figured that. And yeah, I do. I just... I don't trust myself without it. It means to much to me," he explained. It was only a half truth-- if he told anyone of how much that gun added to his powers and how high he held it in his life, they'd think he were insane.

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Ur nodded. "I see, that makes sense i suppose." She said, not questioning any further. She held onto her shopping cart, and looked at his. "What are you here to buy?" She asked, making small talk.

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Shinya gave a care-free shrug. "Just food in general, I guess. My shopping habits are weird," he admitted with a toothy grin. "How about you?"

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Ur nodded. "I see that." She said with a small laugh. She looked at hers. "Food as well, and maybe a book if they even sell those here."

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Shinya bit his lip. "I think they do... I saw a magazine section over there-" He pointed down the aisle. "-and there might've been a few books."

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Ur looked where he had pointed. "Ah, thank you." She said. "I wasn't too sure, but now I know." She looked back at him.

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He offered her a kind smile. "It's no problem. But have you seen the aisle with the tea? I've been looking everywhere and haven't found it." By now he was just looking for excuses to talk to her; to keep her from going.

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((XD oh noes))

"The tea aisle..? Hm.." Ur started. She stood on her toes, and backed up to read the signs above the aisles. "I think it's...that one." She said and pointed at aisle nine. "Oh, and the coffee is there as well."

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((tis very very bad))

"Thank you!" he said gratefully, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet at the idea of tea. He'd taken a strangling liking for the drink- both black and herbal, it always seemed to calm his nerves.

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Ur nodded. "No problem." She said, smiling widely at his reaction. "Uh..if you don't mind, could i go with you to the tea aisle? I'm going to get coffee, but I'd rather walk with you than be alone."

((She wasn't intending to make it sound romantic (?) idk XD))

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((XD ahh i gtg eat but see: (view spoiler) tis horrid))

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((Okee and it looks good!! I could never do that XD))

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((Thanks :) I cut off half his head by accident and didn't realize until it was too late so I had to draw it back XD I also messed up with the eraser but its not like Tae will ever see so life is good! ))

A blush crept his neck, but he quickly shook it off and nodded his head with a smile. "Of course!" he responded happily, although his voice was awkwardly louder than it needed to be.

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((XD Well it looks good))

Ur raised an eyebrow at him, but brushed it off. She was very oblivious to the fact that he had a crush on her. She smiled, "Lets go then." She said.

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((XD thank yee you are a kind soul))

Shaking away some of his foolish glee, Shinya blinked before pushing around his cart, careful not to let his gun bump into anything. "So," he started with a smile. "Anything interesting happen lately?"

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Ur pushed her cart as she walked with him. She chuckled a little. "Last night at the park some things happened, but I'd rather not go into detail.." She said. "How about you?"

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Some things? At the park? Curiosity ran through him, but he ultimately decided to let his question go unspoken, not wanting to pressure her. "Ah, nothing much. I almost fell onto my gun yesterday, nearly breaking it, but otherwise, nothing."

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Ur looked at him from the corner of her eye as she continued walking. "How did you manage to do that?" She asked him, finding the situation to be somewhat humorous.

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"Er..." He paused while he pushed his cart around the corner. "So, I was half asleep, and I was using it as a cane of sorts... and I tripped and, well, you can tell what happened next," he finished with a grimace.

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Ur grinned. "A cane?" She asked him. "I see, well I hope you don't mind me saying this, but that sounds like a funny situation." She said. "Except for the gun almost breaking part."

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"It was! But... if that gun cracked I would be rather dead," he told her with a laugh. "It'd be like if someone lost a limb-- that gun is a part of me."

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Ur looked at him. "Right." She said, not being sarcastic. She agreed with him, after all she did have things that were basically a part of her. For example, her orbs. Those helped her out a lot, but she wouldn't say they were a part of her.

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He smiled and returned his attention to the aisle ahead of him, but his thoughts were elsewhere. If his gun had broke, his powers would be worthless, and his chances of contributing to the light forces would be completely destroyed.

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Ur knew Shinya was part of the light forces. Though, what confused her was the fact that he was friendly to her, and the fact that he kept quiet about her being around. She looked at him, and opened her mouth as if she were about to say something, but then looked away. She'd wait to ask him.

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Casting a glance to his side where she walked, a blush crept up his cheeks. She was really pretty, and nice and funny too. However, if anyone on his side of the forces saw him walking with her... he wouldn't let them. She meant to much to him, and he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

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Ur looked down at the tiles of the super market, noticing that every now and then, the pattern would change. This slightly annoyed her, but what could she do about it. She smiled a little, and looked at Shinya. "What kind of tea are you planning to get?" She asked, breaking the silence.

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((CROSS ANIME SHIPS YASSS guren would be jealous and kill her so shinya would be his though))

"Hmm?" He perked up at her voice. "Oh, probably herbal. I've taken a liking to chamomile, and there was this excellent lavender tea I had a few days ago that I've been dying to have again," Shinya answered with a smile.

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((Probably lol))

"Mm, sounds good." Ur said. "Maybe I'll buy some too." She said. "Though I'm more of a coffee person." She smiled back at him, with an actual genuine smile. When she was around him, she couldn't help but smile for real.

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((the jealous boyfriend struggles))

She's so cute when she smiles, he thought to himself in happiness. "I haven't had coffee in a while," he thought aloud. Her smile at him was like heaven on earth, and so much joy filled him it was overwhelming.

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"Really? I'd have to make you a cup sometime." Ur said, and looked around at the boxes in the aisle. She picked one up, and read what it said.

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"That," Shinya paused to examine a box of tea before grinning broadly and putting it in his cart. "sounds excellent! I'll have to make you the lavender tea as well. It's delicious beyond belief."

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Ur smiled back at him. "I'd love to try it!" She said to him, and put the box she had picked up into her cart. "It's a date then." She added.
She didn't mean it literally, she meant it as in, they'd have to do it.

((Good luck!))
((Idk what I meant by it's a date XD))

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((thank yee! And XD oh well Shinya's going to be oblivious to what it could mean))

Shinya smiled happily. "I can't wait-- when shall this take place?" he asked, grabbing another box of the tea and tossing it into his cart.

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((XD Okay))

Ur thought for a moment. "I'm free whenever, so it really comes down to whenever you have time." She said, looking at a different box of coffee. One that she hadn't tried before.

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((r.i.p. me))

He bit his lip in thought. "I usually go to the gun range once a week, but other than that, I'm free," he finally responded, turning from his cart to face her.

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Ur nodded. "I see." She said. "What day are you planning to go?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. She faced him.

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Shinya shrugged. "I was thinking next monday because that's when it's least crowded, but my plans aren't set in stone," he told her with a smile.

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Ur was happy. "Would you like to have tea later then?" She asked him, assuming that his schedule was open today.

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Shinya nodded happily. "That sounds good," he responded as he kept his head down while he organized the items in his cart to hide his blush.

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Ur nodded back. "Alright, it's settled then." She said, and looked around the aisle as he did so. "Hm, I should finish getting the rest of my things.." She mumbled to herself.

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Shinya glanced back at his own cart, and couldn't help but see that he should do the same as Ur. "Do you want to meet up then? I should go finish my shopping," he asked her with a hopeful smile.

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