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Ur sat on a bench in the park, with her cloak hiding her identity. She was wanted by the good guys, and she was a traitor to the bad guys. "Jeez, life can't get any better can it." She mumbled to herself quietly. She had just finished helping some good warriors out, and was a little tired. They had promised to keep her secret safe, as long as she helped out again.

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Snapping his fingers, Ky's dark form swirled into existence in the small park. He'd been on his way home from a stressful day, but his energy wasn't exactly enough to take him all the way there. As a result, well, sadly, he'd have to walk. It was about half a mile away, but once a person gets used to teleporting, walking tends to seem like it requires more physical effort than it really does.

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Ur looked up, and saw someone else in the park. She squinted slightly to see him closer, and then realized she had been staring. She looked away, and sat up more. She was a bit more tense now, because she was unsure who this person was.

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Damn, he cursed as he saw the girl staring at him. Was she on his side? Panic began to shudder through him, but he quickly shook it off and began to walk in the general direction of his house. Unfortunately, that would take him past the girl, but if he ignored her, maybe she'd leave him alone. It wasn't as if he could see her face though-- the hood did enough to conceal it-- so he could be walking past a wanted criminal for all he knew. Oh well, he thought to himself. He just had gotten off his shift, and he was in desperate need of a break.

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Ur shifted her gaze to the ground, and she stayed quiet. It's not like wearing the hood was something she enjoyed, but it kept her from getting caught in most instances. She sighed softly, and debated on just leaving. I don't know what side he's on.. She thought. Though, anyone on either side is bad news for me. Ur leaned back on the bench, not wanting to talk to the stranger.

((" so he could be walking past a wanted criminal for all he knew" He is XD))

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((XD my life is sad that I write stuff like this and the "One more person wrapped around her finger was one more person closer to her dreams of hacking with the Russians." ))

Ky ran a hand through his dark hair once he approached her. Well, if he didn't ask her about her identity, he'd loose his place as a warrior and most likely be brutally punished, so better safe than sorry. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience," he drawled out, purposely not sounding sorry at all. "But would you mind removing your hood so I could see your face? I don't want to loose my job."

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Ur looked up at him, and then away for a moment. "Are you a warrior of the light?" She asked him, not at all curious, but she was trying to buy herself some time. "Or of the dark?" She asked as well. She looked back at him, and waited for him to respond.

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((lol I just looked at the character profile I made of him and am cringing internally so I'll probably remake it once I'm off mobile))

Sighing, Ky dropped into a dramatic flourish of a bow and lifted his head ever so slightly to sneer at her. "Me? I'm Kyle, soldier in Queen Tenma's army, warrior for the dark," he finished before straightening his outfit. "And you?"

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Ur held back a snort at his bow, and nodded. "Alright then." She said and stood up. "I'm just a passerby, who will be taking her leave." She said, turning away from him. If he knew who she was, then there'd be trouble.

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Ky narrowed his eyes at the girl, and before she could go anywhere, his hand shot out and clamped onto her arm. "I may have just gotten off my shift, but that doesn't mean my life won't be on the line should I fail to verify a citizen's identity. Take off your hood," he growled.

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Ur remained calm, as she turned to look at him. "Alright, alright." She said, pulling her arm away. She lowered her hood, and her face was revealed. The cloak opened up as well. "I assume that you know who I am."


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((I cried my mother blocked mah internet on my kindle T_T I'll look at it once my sister gets off le computer))

Ky's eyes widened, but only for a moment before he summoned a knife into his hand, using the remains of his powers to teleport behind her and press the knife to her neck. "You," he snarled. "Of all people, why is it you that happens to cross paths with mine?" Tenma would be overjoyed to have the traitor back for torture, but it would be a rather lot of work for Ky-- far more than he was comfortable with doing.

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Ur narrowed her eyes at him, and decided to answer his question. Choosing her words carefully, and making sure her neck didn't move against the knife much, she spoke. "I don't know, I'd rather ask the same question." She said. "Could you let me go, I'm uncomfortable." She said, snapping a little at him. If he didn't let go, she could just use her powers to change his time flow, and make him leave. Though, that would be a hassle.

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"Why should I do that? If it's found that I caught a traitor to our Queen and let her go," he sent a glare through the back of her head. "The punishment they'd give me would be worse than the one they'd give you when they caught you again."

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Ur sighed softly. "This is a pain." She muttered, and used her powers. She reversed his time flow, which made him where he was before. In front of her. She took a step back, creating some distance between them. "Now, I doubt they'd give you a worse punishment."

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Cursing under his breath, he narrowed his eyes at her. "You don't know Queen Tenma," he hissed as he readjusted his grip on his knife. He'd forgotten about her powers, and now it was practically useless for him to keep trying.

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"I assure you, I do know her. After all, I formerly served under her." Ur said, putting a hand on her hip. "Are you going to continue trying?" She asked him, noticing that it was getting dark.

((Do you wanna make Ur a love interest?))

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((OF COURSE!!! Which side would he be on?))

He rolled his eyes "If I do you'll just put me back where I was before, and if I don't I'll suffer far more than that. Couldn't you just put me where I was before and run off so I don't get in trouble for seeing you?" he requested with a groan.

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((Hm..maybe neutral?))

Ur smiled slightly, and shook her head. "No, I can't do that." She said. "Since you're a warrior of the dark, I can't let you leave." She added.
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"God help me," Ky muttered under his breath. "Look. You're not of the dark or the light, so why can't you just let me live and be done with it? I just got off my shift." His voice turned to a whine, one that sounded almost like it came from a child.

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"I 'betrayed' the darkness, and am wanted by the light. It doesn't mean that i'm not part of the light." She said. Ur looked around, and then back at him. "Are you a child?" She asked, slightly annoyed at his whine.

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He rolled his eyes. "I know that. But what do you suppose I'll do once you bring me there? My abilities make it rather easy to escape places. You can't keep on turning back time," he responded, choosing to ignore her second comment.

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((oh T^T then it's up to you XD))

"You'd be surprised how advanced technology is in the kingdoms." Ur said to him, sounding a little confident. "There are ways your powers could be suppressed, y'know. Or..I could just permanently stop your time. Though..I haven't done that to someone in a long time."

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((*cries in the corner* I've narrowed it down to Viktor, Yuri, Shinya, or Guren ))

Ky ran a hand through his already messed up hair. He was running out of options quickly. "What do you have against me? My decisions are mine, and if I want to go home and sleep, I should be allowed that!"

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"You're the one that approached me." Ur said. "I have nothing against you, other than the fact that you're a warrior of the dark." She said, wanting to go home too. Sadly though, if she did, she'd be caught.

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"Well, I was doing my job. Sue me. It doesn't count for anything that I was trying to not get killed by the Queen. No, it doesn't count for anything at all!" he snapped at her, his temper rising.

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"I'm doing my job too." Ur snapped back. She made her cloak close, but kept the hood down. She walked back to the bench. "You're really annoying.." She muttered.

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Ky sighed. "If I'm so annoying then why won't you let me go? You let me live and go back to my apartment, and I don't tell anyone about your whereabouts. Deal?" he offered.

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Ur thought about it for a moment, and looked at him. "It's a deal. I won't tell anyone that I saw you either." She said.

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He breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you." The thought of finally returning to his home and the promise of sleep brought him so much happiness he thought he'd burst.

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Ur sat back down and crossed her arms. She let out a sigh, as she was actually relieved. She didn't want to use her powers excessively, and that would've happened if she made him stay.

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Fixing an utter emotionless gaze on her he held out a hand for her to shake. "But," he warned her. "if you so much as hint that you saw me here, I will hunt you down and put a knife in your chest before you can blink."

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Ur hesitated for a moment, but took his hand and shook it. She let go of it and nodded. "Yeah, yeah I got it. Now go home kid." She said, not realizing that he was three years older than her.

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Ky glared at her. "I'm probably older than you, you know." And with that, he took a step back and let his hand swing back to his side. He didn't really have enough energy to make it to his apartment without falling asleep as soon as his form came back into existence, but he didn't feel like walking, and it would be more dramatic if her were to just disappear. So, with a sigh, he snapped his fingers and was off with a swirling cloud of black.

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Ur smiled faintly. "Alright then, whatever you say grandpa." She said sarcastically. She watched him leave, and then stood up. She decided to go look for an inn of sorts.

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Shinya had gotten to the park a few minutes early, and was currently sitting on the bench, his legs swing back and forth in anticipation. His gun was still on his back, and he had fixed his hair before coming. A nervous smile was stretching across his lips, and he couldn't wait to see Ur.

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Ur arrived at the park. She was on the opposite side of it looking for Shinya, but then saw him in the distance. With a small wave in his direction, she started walking over. She had her hood down, and she was smiling. "Hey, Shinya." She said.

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"Hi, Ur," Shinya said in response, standing and straightening his uniform. Offering her a smile, he readjusted his gun on his back. "Ready? I tried a cup when I got home, and it was absolutely the best cup of tea I've ever had," he told her with a smile.

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((That's okay!))

Ur looked up at him, though, he wasn't that much taller. "Yes, and I'm delighted to hear that. The coffee was one of the best I've tried." She said, smiling back at him. She brushed some hair from her face, and waited.

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"That's also excellent to hear." He smiled at her before casting a glance behind him. "Err- my apartment's down the street if you still want to try it," he offered, although he'd have to admit to himself that he wasn't sure of what they'd had in mind when they organized this.

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Ur nodded, and showed him a small container. "I have the coffee beans!" She said, almost excitedly. She hoped that's what they were going to do, because she was kind of unsure of the plan. She drummed her fingers against the box.

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