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Ky entered the alleyway in a cloud of black. He looked down at his clothes and dusted them off and ran a hand through his hair. He blinked up at the sun and released a breath. I should probably go resume my post, he thought. He then sighed, and leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. He deserved a break.

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A loud smashing noise echoed throughout the alleyway. "Get back here!" yelled Lyra as the mouse she was trying to catch nearly avoided her hammer. The mouse had a bead in its mouth, she didn;t want it to choke.

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Ky's eyes flew open. "What in god's name are you doing?" he cried out, quickly teleporting out of the rampaging girl's way. His hand drifted towards his knife and settled on its hilt.

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"Get out of the waaaaaay!" she yelled as she picked up her hammer and swung it, it landed a few inches from the mouse. Lyra leapt forth and grabbed the mouse, getting the bead from it's mouth.

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He gaped at the girl. "What on earth..." he trailed off, seeing her grabbing a small object out of a mouse's mouth. He teleported closer behind her. "Just... why?"

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The broken gravel of the dark alleyway crunched under her grey high heeled boots and she tucked her hands in her black ripped jean pockets as she walked at a casual pace. She was taking a break from her duties for a while and often came through here. She wore a bomber jacket with oriental dragon embroidery and the hood pulled low over her head, her raven hair cascading in effortless curls and only her ever present smirking, crimson red, lips in sight and contrasting her porcelain skin. Anyone would have been a fool to approach such a mysteriously terrifying character.

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Dimaria had been following someone for a while now. No, she wasn't stalking them, she had just found their actions to be quite suspicious. She had an amused look on her face, as they didn't even realize. Or so she thought. They suddenly took off in a sprint, and ran into a building. She sighed, and turned into an alleyway, thinking that it was an actual street in between the two buildings. She stepped in to the alley way, and looked at the person already there. She put her left hand on her hip, and looked them up and down. "It seems that this isn't an actual street." She said to herself.

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Ivy stopped as a woman appeared quite a ways in front of her and looked her up and down from the shadows of her hood and her lips curled slightly in amusement at her statement. Of course it was an alleyway, though Ivy could understand the confusion she may have had. Deciding not to speak, she stood her ground. Something told her that no good would come of telling this girl who she was.

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Dimaria had a feeling someone would be here. She looked at Ivy. "Hello, who are you?" She asked, being very blunt. She seemed incredibly relaxed, but she really wasn't. She felt sort of giddy, due to that fact that she had a bad feeling being there with the girl. She let both of her arms hang by her sides, as she waited.

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Ivy grinned, her pearly whites showing, and not in welcome at that "I'm not sure any good will come to the both of us from sharing that information" she chuckled, her voice silky smooth, however her body language was casually sinister, taking slow steps toward her, her boots kicking up gravel. She had not intent to fight, but she was bored and this girl seemed to be a small amusement for now.

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Dimaria, who didn't look very smart, was. She had by now assumed that this girl was up to no good. Whether her conclusion was right or wrong, she didn't care. She smiled back, and watched her walk over. Dimaria felt nothing close to intimidated, she actually felt a bit excited.

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She stopped two meters from her and it became easier to see how petite she was as compared to the other woman. The only reason they matched height was because of the shoes Ivy wore and her legs and arms were long and quite skinny it seemed "Tell me" she began in that same velvety tone "what brings you to these allies? Surely you nothing but Evil lurks here" she smiled and licked her lips slightly.

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Dimaria looked down at her, and smirked slightly. "Are you implying that you're evil?" She asked her, in a sort of mocking tone. She stepped past the girl, and turned her head to looked at her. Dimaria was not the one closest to the end of the alley. "And nothing at all brings me to these alleys," she said, answering her question sort of honestly.

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Ivy shrugged "You decide" she countered easily and let her step past her and decided to remove her jacket as she began feeling the heat, revealing a black tightly fitting crop top with straps across her back, failing to conceal her tattoo. She was well known in these parts for her tattoo. It was the only way people recognised her when she did the bidding of evil as she usually wore a mask concealing her face. And the only way the Good warriors could identify the slippery villain that always seemed to evade their grasp. A half face mask had been hanging around her neck, and she took this opportunity to pull it up to her nose.

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Dimaria looked in her direction, and her eyes landed on the tattoo. "Ah, wow." Was all she said. "So you're her." She remarked, and looked at the mask. "I've already seen your face y'know." She said, refraining from snickering at the mask. She never understood the point of them, but didn't say anything more.

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Ivy looked over her shoulder and smiled under her mask "I don't think seeing someone's nose and lips makes a face" she chuckled and brushed her hair over her shoulder and beginning to walk away, though she was sure that this woman wouldn't let her, considering how wanted she was by Good for the killings, raids and kidnappings she'd led.

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Dimaria rolled her eyes slightly. Before that. She thought, and noticed she was leaving. "Oi, do you think I'd just let you leave?" She asked, and took a step towards her. She didn't really care if the girl escaped, Dimaria just wanted something to make her..un bored.

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Ivy spun on her heel and launched a disk of magic at her feet and looked her up and down "You had better let me if you know what's good for you" she sighed. The woman was interesting, but her time had come to return to her post. Punishment wouldn't come with being late, however Ivy hated not being on time and punctual.

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Dimaria moved out of it's way. "How interesting." She muttered. "You don't know who I am then? Oh, that makes me happy." She added, and gave her a toothy grin. "I doubt this will be the last time you see me." She said, implying she could leaved.

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"You had better hope so" she sighed and continued to walk, swinging her jacket over her shoulder and running her fingers through her hair "Next time I won't be as nice" she smirked and her heels clicked away at a purposeful pace as she returned to her post, careful that Dimira didn't follow.

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Dimaria scoffed slightly, but stayed in the alleyway. "I'll have to report her later.." She mumbled with a yawn. She started walking again, looking for the mysterious person she had been following earlier. She doubted she'd find him, but it was something to do.

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(( Do you want to continue after a time skip? ^-^ ))

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((Sure ^^))

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(( How big a timeskip did you have in mind? ))

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((Maybe a day or two? I'm not sure, sorry! ^^"))

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(( No that's totally fine! Two days sounds good. Whereabouts? ))

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((Alright! Hm, maybe they just happen to find each other in town?))

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(( Sounds good, I cam start if you'd like! ))

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((Alright, thanks!))

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((Thank you again =D))

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