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Weird And Odd Acelin was walking on the sidewalk aimlessly, but keeping her guard up. It was currently dark out, and she had nothing better to do.

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Lyra skipped merrily down the sidewalks, her eyes closed and humming a tune. Her hammer was at her side like always.

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Weird And Odd Acelin heard this skipping, humming girl directly behind her, and moved off the to side to let her pass.

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Lyra's hammer thunked against the small plate of armor on her skirt, she payed no attention and continued humming. Lyra opened her eyes and adjusted it, so it wouldn't thunk again, she smiled to herself and continued to walk. It had recently rained so there were many small puddles that Lyra wanted to jump in.

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Weird And Odd Acelin continued on her way, behind the girl.

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Rainshadow (Rainshadow390) | 33 comments I walk around the streets of Hikari at night and keep my bow and dagger by my side, if I see any villains.

There was a few people out on the streets at this time. I look at the beautiful night sky and smile sadly, this was mother’s favorite time of day. Night. The beautiful indigo sky was one of her favorites, she knew all the constellations, she knew everything about the stars.

I sigh and continue walking, I hum a song that my mother always sang to me when I was little.

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((Please go to the rp request and request an rp before posting!))

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Rainshadow (Rainshadow390) | 33 comments (Okay, sorry about this!!)

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Rainshadow wrote: "(Okay, sorry about this!!)"

(It's fine!)

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Ivy sighed as she walked casually through the streets, now lit my the lampposts and lighting of different store displays. A small black mask was in place and she pulled her cream scarf higher before pushing her hands in the pockets of her beige trench coat. It was chillier than usual and soon she passed the warm shops and began to walk into the shadows. She was coming back after leading another covet mission with the objective to assess the enemy's assets. How many troops they had and so forth. However they were caught and had to separate and at the moment, she was doing her best to blend in.

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Dimaria talked to a concerned looking civilian, with a bored look. She usually had an amused expression, but they had been talking for almost thirty minutes. "So what are you up to now?!" They asked, as she spaced out. She snapped out of it and looked up at them. "Talking. To. You." Dimaria replied, trying to get them to notice she didn't want to talk at all. She crossed her arms, as her robotic one shined a bit under the lamppost.

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Up ahead, Ivy saw the woman from a few days ago. The one she'd confronted in the alleyways. She knew that this time the hero wouldn't let her go. At least, not without a fight. Detouring now from her path would make it too obvious. Instead she continued to walk. She was wearing normal civilian clothing and prayed the sharp eyed woman wouldn't zero in on her, but as she got closer, she realised that possibility was slim.

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Dimaria sighed as the civilian was incredibly oblivious. She glanced to the side, and noticed someone. "Hm.." She hummed. "Hold that thought, okay?" She said, cutting off the person. She turned towards Ivy, now looking amused. "You stick out like a sore thumb." She said, her voice low, so nobody would look in their general direction.

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(( Killing stalking has me so shook and on edge rn I honestly can't deal ))

Ivy sighed, not surprised she was picked out so easily. Stopping a bit after her, she clicked her tongue and smirked "I apologise, but I have made a bit of a mess of myself and really need to clean up" she shrugged, and began to walk a bit faster, sure that she wasn't going to be let off, especially since she was just coming back from a mission and probably had information on her.

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((Omg when I read it I felt the same way))

Dimaria furrowed her brows a little, slightly irritated, though she quickly brushed it off. She casually began to follow Ivy, and soon caught up with her. "What have you been up to?" She asked, acting as if they were close friends. She noticed that there were some other light warriors, so she tried her best to be discreet, as to not let them follow her and the girl.

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(( Chapter 19 at the end though! what a cliffhanger >-< ))

Ivy looked her up and down with a raised eyebrow as she acted all friendly with her, and even more so when she kept other light warriors away "You act like you're not going to kill me when you get the chance" she laughed in disbelief and kept walking.

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