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Stantheman Interested. But it's impossible to find or read now, merely a few years later.

It's quite a shame when a book such as this is released and then just vanishes. If the author was moving on from publishing books, they could at least release it into the public domain.

Also, let me just add that if the author believed the book to be true, they probably wouldn't behave this way. If you know it's true and you know it's your calling to publish it, then why quit? If it was just a failed business venture though then the behavior makes more sense.

If anyone has copies, let me know and I'll buy them. And hopefully if the author reads this one day, he'll consider living for what he believes in instead of whatever is most comfortable. Publishing is hard and the best books are guaranteed to be commercial failures. But if you have something to contribute to the world, then just fucking do it.

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