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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul Jr. (paulgbensjr) | 6 comments Hello all:

I'm very much into South Korean movies and television in general, but especially horror based. I didn't see a thread like this; so I thought I would start one.

Two of the very best horror films I have seen this year have come from south Korea.

THE WAILING: Is intense, suspenseful and with amazing performances. It plays with all the cliches of horror and manages to really reinvigorate the south Korean horror genre. It isn't getting quite the attention of the next film I will mention, but to me (while both are great), The Wailing is far more inventive and challenging. It is currently available on VOD and EST through most platforms. I can not recommend this one enough. If you want a very in-depth reviews (with spoilers), here's a link to my full review:


TRAIN TO BUSAN: Yeah, I know...zombies...overdone...but this one never forgets the *people* and it gets everything right in my book. Great fun with tense moments, but it never forgets that zombie films are about people; not zombies. Unfortuately, it is such a massive hit both in South Korea and here, that an ill-advised sequel is planned.

Again, a longer review (relatively spoiler free):


Train to Busan is still in theaters and a VOD/EST date has not yet been set.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Jr. (paulgbensjr) | 6 comments I forgot to mention the South Korean film "The Devotion of Suspect X" which is also known by the name "Perfect Number."

This film is not really horror, but it is dark mystery that is really, really good. It is based on Japans author Keigo Higashino's novel The Devotion of Suspect X which is a very good book.

Here's a comparison of the Japanese book to the South Korean movie, but do not read it if you have not seen the movie or read the book as the review is filled with massive spoilers for both.


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