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Put only male characters here.

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☩ n a m e ☩ kyle blackwell
☩ n i c k n a m e ☩ ky
☩ b i r t h d a y ☩ january 14
☩ a g e ☩ 22
☩ g o o d , e v i l ☩ evil

☩ a p p e a r a n c e ☩ Ky has short, dark brown hair which falls just above his eyes. He has a strong form, and sharp cheekbones, and is often told that he looks rather handsome. His skin isn't tan nor pale; more a combination between the two.


☩ c l o t h i n g ☩ Ky doesn't have to steady a clothing style, but almost everything in his wardrobe is of semi-formal style and tends to fall under the dark side of the neutral color scheme.

(view spoiler)

☩ s c a r s / m a r k i n g s ☩ He has a tattoo of a triangle with a swirl inside it on his neck.

☩ p e r s o n a l i t y ☩ While he did start out sweet and innocent, Ky's thoughts now are corrupted with darkness and cruelty. He now longer cares for anyone's safety, and tends to act like he's just done with life. He's also slightly over protective and easily triggered.

☩ a b i l i t i e s☩ Teleportation- he can teleport himself easily, but to do so with other objects is harder and requires much more focus and concentration. When he teleports, he basically disappears in a cloud of whatever color his clothes were when he teleported (so typically black).


☩ w a r r i o r / c i t i z e n ☩ Warrior

☩ s o n g ☩ Mama- EXO

☩ deadly things to know ☩ He can kill a person in a second by teleporting a sharp object inside their heart, but it requires a lot of focus for him to move objects other than himself, and they'd need to be completely motionless for it to hit them, as it requires a lot of effort.

☩ f a c t s ☩
- he has a fear of beetles
- he likes artichokes
- his sister killed herself after she was checked into a mental hospital


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Thanks :D

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QUEEN | 14 comments .

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Approved :)

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Weird And Odd Wanna rp? :D

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Okay, imma be honest, I have no characters in this group atm XD
So, I'll make one as soon as I can okay?

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QUEEN | 14 comments who r u talking to @weird

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Oh, snap, @Weird I thought you were talking to me XD Ima go now

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Weird And Odd Yikes mate I'm hella confusing I honestly don't care I'm just bored and open

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QUEEN | 14 comments send me the link to ur character weird

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 6 comments https://media1.giphy.com/media/RQig4T...
"Do you know pain?" (More coming soon)

☩Name☩ Kiriko Muriko

☩Nickname☩ Kiriko~kun or Ghost

☩Birthday☩ Jan 1

☩Age☩ 16

☩Good, Evil☩ Neutral

Mid long white hair with spikey bits here and there. White like blue eyes. Tall, muscular and skinny. Black nails and cold lifeless eyes. Mostly looks emotionless.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 145


☩Clothing Style☩
Black like hoodie, shorts or jeans and sneakers. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5565/1...

☩Scars or Markings☩
Quiet, nice, smart, funny , caring, little cocky and flirty
Ghoul like powers
☩Warrior or Normal Human?☩
☩Song☩ Breaking the habit
☩Deadly Things to Know☩
His anger and evil side
Not to here of him
(more coming)
(coming soon)
His ghoul eyes:https://67.media.tumblr.com/f4262d042...
Ghoul powers: http://data3.whicdn.com/images/137800...
Lightning: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-4X...
"Know pain"

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Could you add more description?

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 6 comments ~Potato Fairy~ wrote: "Could you add more description?"

Aye! sir!

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Yis yis

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*is still a female*

Happy the cat right

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 6 comments ~Potato Fairy~ wrote: "*is still a female*

Happy the cat right"

which description

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The appearance

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 6 comments ~Potato Fairy~ wrote: "The appearance"

is that good?

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Weird And Odd ((Pst I am the frairy goodreads mother an dI am here to help! If you put a link imbetween <.img src="(link)"/.> (minus the periods) Your pictures will show up!))

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((if you're on a computer, at the top of the box you're typing in, it says (some html is ok) and if you click on that it gives you all the codes. I don't know if its the same for phones but... :) ))

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Weird And Odd ((It's not))

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((since the you can make things bold, italicized, and underlined :D ))

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Weird And Odd You must be wow descript very life such long

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 6 comments ~Potato Fairy~ wrote: "Moreeeeee"

but i cant think of more to write

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Weird And Odd Describe what his skin and face look like, how tall is he and how much does he way. Because of his appearance what do people view him as?

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And the personality needs to be more in depth, also there are no ghouls in this rp

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QUEEN | 14 comments can you guys clear out the spam here please? its hard to navigate plus i dont have much space on my device :/

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(◕‿◕✿) q υ є є η wrote: "can you guys clear out the spam here please? its hard to navigate plus i dont have much space on my device :/"

They're helping Jake with his character. It isn't so much as spam, but critique. When he's done and reads it, I'll clear it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Approved! lol sorry;-;

Lys: the adorkable kitten Your worst mistake was thinking that I am one of your sheep

☩Name☩ Seto Galbraith
☩Nickname☩ Seto

☩Birthday☩ December 1

☩Age☩ 22

☩Good, Evil☩ Neutral

(Picture and description)

EYES: His eyes, when looked at are so enchanting its almost impossible to not get entranced into the ice cold blue of his irises, appearing so dangerous and yet so beautifully mysterious. But do not be fooled by the beauty in those ice cold blue irises because they will be the last thing you will see, before he destroys you

HAIR: his hair is so unique its almost impossible to describe. But his hair is a glittering pale white kept long until it barely reaches past his shoulders, his hair is obviously layered from the top where some hairs will be sticking out and always looking amazing, and going down layer after layer appears and ends just barely past his shoulders, the bangs almost completely cover his left ice cold blue iris, but one layered hairs curve away from his eye and lands beside the right half of his nose.

BODY: In general he is a really tall intimidating man, with heightened broad shoulders, long muscular arms, and rough large hands, his biceps are hard and powerful, the hard well deserved highlight of his body is the abs that are rumored to even bend a sword if he so much as flexed. But whether that is true is still unknown. His long legs are thick and yet sleek with muscle, so powerful and would supposedly be his weakness in battle, but it is not even with all his muscle weighing him down he is still quick enough to outrun a cheetah or a horse. Armor covers his body and is the highlight of his triumphs and victories, each layered plantium peice of his armor was made by him himself and the prize he always claimes from all the battles he's won, a cape is attached to his armor just to show how wrong you all were to mess with him.

HEIGHT: He is exactly six feet and seven inches tall, his height advantage over others is something he doesnt really care about, whether his oppenent is small, average, or as tall or taller then he is, he will still fight for his honor of bloodlust and the safety of those select few he cares about.

☩Scars or Markings☩
This marking is no tattoo, every time a new child is born this marking will appear on the males left cheek and for the female the right cheek for the Galbraith family.

description A mark located where the heart would be, and only appears if the child is a true warrior

☩Personality☩ Seto is an accomplished warrior, and he does not like to brag about it. He hates people who think that they are stronger or more beautiful than others. His will is so great he will keep fighting until the day he dies, but he is a cold hearted man with a somewhat emtionless composure and stature. He is NOT merciful, and he will ignore your begging and pleas, and destroy you quickly. Another thing, he does not talk much, its a rare occasion when he actually speaks and when he does speak his voice is so deep his sympathic tone will almost appear like hes sneering at you, but hes not.

☩ Abilities☩ Seto is blessed with the power to control elemental power but there is a side effect of this "blessing" his life will slowly drain away if he uses his powers too often or too little. So whether he likes it or not eventually his "blessed curse" will end his life, and it will be a lot sooner than he thought, because he is human just like everyone else.

These wind type abilities help him live his life to the fullest, as long as possible.
☩ Aeroportation - teleport using air/wind currents
☩ Lung Adaptation - breathe anywhere.


These abilities are mostly only used on his training, nothing else
☩ Golem Creation - make golems out of inanimate materials like rocks, wood, plants, magma, etc.
☩ Terrakinesis - control, manipulate and alter/reshape the surrounding terrain and landscape at will.


Fire abilties naturally come to the Galbraith family because of there dragon blood
☩ Hell-Fire Manipulation - Generate and control flames of hell.
☩ Holy Fire Manipulation - Generate and control flames of Heaven.
☩Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
☩Heliokinesis - manipulate and control the sun and sunlight
☩Pyroportation - teleport or move though fire


This is a very dangerous element for him to control and he uses the light to ward off the corruption from the abilities of the darkness
☩ Sacred Darkness - create holy darkness
☩Shadow Camouflage - be unseen in shadows.
☩Umbrakinesis - can manipulate and control darkness or shadows.


Used only to protect his family when they are in danger.
☩ Force-Field Generation - create protective shields of solid photons.
☩ Evil Banish - banish all spirits of evil and black magic.


this ability is one he doesnt exaclty toy with, but still practices on enemies anyway, since these drain his energy
☩ Electric Mimicry - transform entire body into a lightning-like being of pure electrical energy.
☩ Quintessence Force - generates whitish-blue lightning that also contains pure life energy.


Also an ability that comes easily to the Galbraith family, but he does not choose to use these abilities.
☩Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control liquid water and mold it into any desired shape or form.
☩Hydroportation - teleport across short or long distances through liquid water.
☩Water Generation - generate water.
☩Holy Water Manipulation - create, manipulate and control graceful waters.

☩Warrior or Normal Human?☩ Warrior

Save yourself:My Darkest days

☩Deadly Things to Know☩
☩ Fear, a cursed sign of weakness, the clear mention of the despised word irritates Seto, to the point where he will stop battling you and show you the true terrors of fear. And you will wish and beg that he slaughter you quickly, and he will worslessly do so with ease
☩ His patience for people is at an all time low, and even though some would consider him a child of darkness, others see him as the child of light. But his patience for ignorance, arrogance, and cockiness reaches a dangerous point of his patience. And he will coldly show you the sins of your own ignorance, arrogance, and cockiness that will leave you wishing you did not test the capabilities of powers of his actions.
☩ He has high agililty, stamina, and strength, but his main key is the inability to feel pain coursing through his from attacks or scratches, not so much as a wince escapes his lips.

☩ He is not anything but a mortal man, he is no god, nor would he ever consider himself one. He has weaknesses like any other man, but he maskes his weaknesses so well it is barely detectable if he shows any signs of pain whatsoever.
☩ His family are the select few he actually cares about, and for there protection and constant moaning of protest, he does not show any mercy when he trains his younger brothers and sisters. He claims its for there own good, and if they protest even once or miss a training course, he triples there hours until they are almost near death.
☩ Dont be afraid to approach him, if he senses that you are no threat to his families life, he will allow for the smallest of moments to speak with him, but the only actual actions youd get from the man are grunts, smirks, frowns, and if you even manage to surprise him the briefest widening of the eyes or the narrowing of his eyes and eyebrows. If by some miracle you make him laugh or happy he will slightly lift the corners of his pale pink lips for an instant and slip back into a frown or smirk. He never laughs, he doesnt even know the meaning of the word.


YUMI: A dedicated mother who both loves her children and hates her children for one day becoming stronger then she will ever be. But that doesnt stop her from fighting beside her husband.

SOICHIRO: Tall, with a unique white color hair for a man so young and handsome, he's actually thirty two and the father of all eight of his warrior children. But like his daughter he prefers to stay alone with the exception of Yumi and Seto.

AYAME: smart and beautiful she is too free spirted for her own good and the oldest twin from Ayane. She is always found laughing and riding her trojan horse through the woods or training.

AYANE: Smart, beautiful, dark, and dangerous. Ayane is Ayame's fiercer twin with the bloodlust to do whatever it is she wants to do. Nobody dares to stop her, and nobody ever will as long as she lives.

AYUMI: Sweet, overall kind and gentle, and never looses her temper, she's the type of girl many people want to get to know or talk to, or possibly envy

AYAKO: The oldest of the sisters she is the one with the most troublesome past and keeps only to herself, she trusts no one and listens to no one. Preferring to be on her own, every where she goes.

SOUSAKE: the youngest of the his three elder brother and four elder sisters  at fourteen. He is the most spoiled out of the entire family and he doesn't even know it, since he's busy trying to become like Seto.

CHISTOSE and KAZUYA: The black haired twin with the dark purple eyes is the older of the twins, Chitose. And the brown haired twin with the beaming red eyes is Kazuya. These two are known as the deadly dragons because they work best when they fight side by side. Two fearsome warriors with a serious fighting fearsome spirit.

Why do i succeed?
I succeed because i am willing to do the things you are not.
I will fight against the odds. I will sacrifice.
I am not shackled by fear, insecurity or doubt.
I feel those emotions...drink them in and then swallow them away to the blackness of hell.
I am motivated by accomplishment, not pride.
Pride consumes the weak...kills their hearts from within
If i fall... i will get up. If i am beaten... I will return.
That is why i succeed.

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Kehl | 62 comments Mod
"Your mind is a canvas and your every thought emotion and memory are the vibrant paints, and I am merely a skilled artist"-Yume
"I don't need stupid quotes to be cool."-Core
Name: Yume/Core
Nickname: The artisan of the mind/Core of war
Birthday: April 13
Age: 20
Good/Evil: Good(But does not fight)/Good(sort of)
Appearance: Yume has deep blueish purple eyes. He wears a robe which is often purple(It's his favorite color). He has his jet black hair in a pony tail./Core has fiery golden red eyes and prefers to wear armor no matter the occasion. Other than that the two of them look the same.

Clothing style:
Yume: light robes that tend to be purple or blue.
Core: Armor that he prefers to be gold or red.
Scars or markings: None
Yume: Calm and very perceptive. He tends to be kind to those who he leads but otherwise is not very emotional. He is not mean or rude, he just doesn't feel much. He is a very calculating person who notices everything.
Core: Core is the polar opposite of Yume. He is very emotional and aggressive. He is extremely open with his emotions and opinions. He is not very clever but he has amazing battle instincts.
Yume: Yume has soul and mental magic. His main weapon is illusions that he uses to scare or distract his opponents as well as hide his kingdom. When in combat Yume will look through the thoughts and memories of his enemy to find anything to use against them. He can also influence the mind and emotions of people.
Core: Core has fire and strength based magic. He has incredible strength and agility unlike Yume who is very frail. When he is agitated he gives off a great amount of heat and his physical attributes are increased.
Warrior or normal human:
Yume: Leader and strategist
Core: Warrior and head knight of his kingdom
Song: What does this mean?
Deadly things to know:
Yume: Although he is very powerful, physically he is actually weaker than a normal human. If he were to not use his magic almost anyone could take him out.
Core: Core is not very bright. Use mind games and trickery to take him out.
Facts: Yume and Core are two souls that share the same body. They sometimes fight for control of their body but their environment greatly influences who is in control. In a library Yume will certainly come out. On a battle field Core will definitely appear. Yume and Core are the twin leaders of the Unseen Kingdom.
Other: They carry a wooden staff that they both use in different ways. Core uses it as a weapon. It is enchanted to be indestructible because most weapons break from Core heat and strength after a few uses. Yume uses it to help him direct his magic as well as for minor self defense.

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Approved, song means like, what song would go well with his character, for example, a character who strives to be great, etc, his song could be "Hall of Fame".

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Kehl | 62 comments Mod
{[KoMiKo♡]} wrote: "Approved, song means like, what song would go well with his character, for example, a character who strives to be great, etc, his song could be "Hall of Fame"."

Aaahhh. Alright I'll think of that later.

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "Run, run, as fast as you can. But only I can catch the Gingerbread Man."

Finious Doxi

Insidious Fox

August 13


☩Good, Evil☩

Fox is tall and has ash gray skin. He is taller than the average man. He has gold eyes, dotted with amber. He has pitch black hair that naturally goes back at a slight upward angle. He has long, slender fingers. He always carries a gun in his inside coat pocket. It is a silver revolver pistol, loaded. He has small knives up his sleeves that he can slide out in a fight. And throwing knives hidden in his outfit.

(http://www.kotokatana.com/media/catal...) Red handle and has four

☩Clothing Style☩
Fox wears black pants and matching dress coat. He has a red vest with a white/black dress shirt under it. He wears black shoes that have some red on it. He has cuff-links in the shape of gingerbread men. He might ditch the coat or change the color but he always has a white/black/red on. Red tie.


☩Scars or Markings☩
Has a fox tattoo on his back, can be seen above the collar a little.

(http://orig00.deviantart.net/086d/f/2...) On its hind legs, reaching up

Fox is sly and cunning as a fox. Go figure. He knows several languages: German, French, Russian, Spanish, Cuban, Egyptian, Greek (older and new), Arabic just to name a few. He loves the idea of strife and hates peace. He is an assassin but not really of the body. More like an assassin of the mind. His victims go mad before he kills them and he enjoys killing them.

Fox - He can become a red fox
Fire and Heat - If it involves heat or fire he can control it. Can even create fire automatically. And rise the heat in the room.
Fire Fox - No not the Internet one. His fox form made out of fire
Immunity - He has an immunity to:
-Magic weapons
-Powers that manipulate the body (blood, bone, vision, brain, etc.)
Silent Night - When he walks he is silent, sounds like a mouse
Wit - Like a fox
Languages - He knows languages just my listening to someone speak as well as an accent
Healing - Like Wolverine
Nightmares - Like Pitch Black, the Bogeyman

☩Warrior or Normal Human?☩

In The Dark of The Night - Jonathon Young (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmEGO...) When others tick him off.
Be Prepared - Disney (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkU23...) He is Scar and this is his view of others.
Friends On the Other Side - Disney (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZAY-...) Him and his tricks.
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

☩Deadly Things to Know☩
Only one thing can permanently hurt him. I won't put it here since no one knows. You can cut him, shoot him, and do whatever but he will heal quickly and won't die.

Assassin of the mind (then body)
Impossible to kill
Loves to play games
Right now trying to make Silver lose it

Voice Claim: Jude Law

"Tick, tock goes the clock."

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) I'll finish it hopefully tomorrow.

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I think the immunity to all powers is to over powered, but other than that, approved!

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Well, you can say certain powers, but not all of them!

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) How's that? I am just trying to make him really, really hard to kill.

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Perfect! And lol, he's approved!

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