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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary, H and h are sex therapists that work together, second chance romance. [s]

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Carola (grungebetty) | 68 comments Hi all,

I need help with a title that's a second chance romance.

H and h met when she was a teenager and had sex. He was a student at University working on a project related to sexuality and she was in high school (I think). He was watching porn when she walks in on him. They have sex. She was a virgin. That same night, her mom tries to kill her little brother. So h disappears of H's life. She is busy taking care of her brother and working.

Years later, h starts working at a sex therapy program at some university and H works there as well. H is famous as a sexual therapist and got a little bit of a big head. He had many issues and his mentor had to get him this job. Here, he is like a superstar and they let him get away with anything.

H and h are immediately attracted to each other. h's brother is gay but finds himself in a relationship with a girl (not sure about this). h has to shadow H for a few weeks.
There's a female supervisor that tries to get on their way and as a result, H quits because h is more important to him than the job.

That's all I remember. More things happened, but the main thing was that H and h worked with people that had issues regarding sex.

Many thanks!!

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Spockles | 199 comments Maybe Off the Clock by Roni Loren?

message 3: by Carola (new)

Carola (grungebetty) | 68 comments That's the one!! Thank you!!! Can't believe it was so fast!!

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