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message 1: by Katherine, Camp Director (new)

Katherine Kitwood (SweetestCupcake) | 96 comments Mod
This is your Lavatory, girls. Note: You shouldn't be caught wandering in Boys Lavatory. There'll be a detention for that.
Now, to Infirmary. Follow me.

message 2: by Hildegard, Activities Director (new)

Hildegard Zillions (HildegardTheBest) | 39 comments Mod
*brushes teeth*

*washes face*

*Wears the camp t-shirt and pants*

*tie hair in ponytail*

message 3: by Hildegard, Activities Director (new)

Hildegard Zillions (HildegardTheBest) | 39 comments Mod
"I'm going to Training Ground # 2." She smiled. "First period is of Foot Racing, don't you remember? I want to see who the teacher will be, if there will be one at all."

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna | 94 comments Alex comes rushing in "Hey guys!" Alex said out of breath while she shoved her legs down the legs of her jean shorts. Then messily put her hair in s bun then pulled her camp shirt on and began to brush her teeth.

message 5: by Hildegard, Activities Director (last edited Oct 29, 2016 10:02AM) (new)

Hildegard Zillions (HildegardTheBest) | 39 comments Mod
Hildegard came in the lavatory again, tired. Foot Racing was very tiring thing. She opened up the tap and washed all the sweat off her face. "And now, sword arena. I hope it'll go all right." She muttered before heading towards the door of lavatory.

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