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message 1: by Brookelyn (new)

Brookelyn | 22 comments Has anyone noticed the huge ties between The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices? Like how Will's curse-to love is to destroy-is actually Jace's motto? And how Alec and Izzy's middle names are Sophie and Gideon? And how Clary has Henry's red hair and Charlotte's shortness? And Henry helped invent the portal that Clary can now make on her own? And how Alec and Izzy have the blue eyes of Cecily and the black hair of Gideon and Gabriel? And Jace went all old-timey and looks like Will's father? And so many more!! Thoughts?

message 2: by Niamh (new)

Niamh | 36 comments I hadn't thought so much into it but now that I see how many ties there are... OMG TIM and TID are so well thought out that it is incredible!!!

message 3: by Brookelyn (new)

Brookelyn | 22 comments Cassandra Clare is honestly brilliant. I can't wait for the other series because just think how many ties there will be between all three. I can't wait!!!!!

message 4: by Niamh (new)

Niamh | 36 comments Lets hope that there are may more series to come!

message 5: by Brookelyn (new)

Brookelyn | 22 comments I can't help but hope there is another TMI book! I need to know what happens with Jace and Clary, but I think that is touched on in Lord of Shadows coming out.

message 6: by BooksAreLife (new)

BooksAreLife Yeah, I really love the way she is able to interweave the books like that. That's the shadowhunter chronicles are best read in order of publication rather than one series at once, otherwise you can miss out on alot of simple but meaningful moments

message 7: by Brookelyn (new)

Brookelyn | 22 comments I swear the Shadow World is real. What other explanation is there for this geniusy? Lol:)

message 8: by BooksAreLife (new)

BooksAreLife Haha, minus valentine and other evil people, I wish it was

message 9: by Brookelyn (new)

Brookelyn | 22 comments Don't we all?

message 10: by BooksAreLife (new)

BooksAreLife True :-)

message 11: by Brookelyn (new)

Brookelyn | 22 comments Maybe it is and we all just don't have the Sight:D Wouldn't that be great!!

message 12: by BooksAreLife (new)

BooksAreLife Haha, wishful thinking :-)

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