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Winter (winter9) | 4597 comments This is the discussion thread for Little Women Chapter 26-36

Trix Wilkins (marchandlaurence) | 8 comments OK, I'm just going to come out and say it:
Is anybody else really bothered by the following things that happen in this section...?!
- That conversation between Amy and Jo when they're out making calls and Amy tells Jo off about being friendly to the poor guy and snobbing the rich guy?
- What Jo says to Laurie during The Big DTR talk?

Mindy Jones (mindyrecycles) Yes, that conversation bothered me. But I think it was to demonstrate Amy's growth by the end of the book?

Is the DTR talk chapter 35? Jo said a lot...which comment are you referring to?

Imbunche | 156 comments Yes, that conversation between Jo and Amy was kind of uncomfortable to read, but I think it was meant to show how Amy grows up from a girl who only looks to marry for money to a woman who knows to look for more.

I didn't find anything that Jo said to Laurie particulary bothersome, but I was generally dissappointed in how that relationship turned out. It was the only couple that actually made sense to me in the book and I was really rooting for Jo to change her mind about Laurie when she was away.

Trix Wilkins (marchandlaurence) | 8 comments I'm not thoroughly convinced by Amy's character growth in this area to be honest... I guess at the end of the book she does end up choosing the poorer out of her two suitors, but he is still incredibly rich (like choosing a duke over a prince). She does talk about philanthropy, and desiring to do more with her life than to be a socialite and a hostess, but this is only when she has the financial luxury to do so. I am OK with giving her the benefit of the doubt that she had a change of heart - but I don't get the impression that she actually sees the poor as social equals like Jo does, even if she does show more concern for their welfare.

Yes, Chapter 35... Oh my. I do agree with Jo's reply to Laurie's question, but not the reasons she gave for her answer - or at least, these particular reasons: "Our quick tempers" - that's something one ought to work on mastering, self control, whether single or not or whoever one's partner ends up being. "Our strong wills" - this a desirable character trait, to be a person of conviction, and even better for both partners to possess this. "You'd hate my scribbling" - didn't he just tell her, "shan't we be proud of our authoress," "your stories are works of Shakespeare," "hurrah Jo March, the celebrated American authoress"?

But the reason that agitated me most was, "You're a great deal too good for me" - maybe agitation doesn't really express it. Heartbreaking, would be a more apt description - I feel a twist inside me every time I read it, because it feels that in the middle of all the 'reasons' that she gave, this was the real one.

Cassandra | 5832 comments Amy is the most one-sided character from my perspective, and I agree that her "transformation" didn't feel believable. It seems like she's still playing at Pilgrim's Progress rather than actually internalizing the lessons.

I'm sad about Jo and Laurie too - and I kind of resent the fact that Marmee thinks that because they are both strong-willed they couldn't possibly be happy in a marriage. They're already spending basically all day together and arguing and staying best friends.

I do agree, though, that Jo shouldn't feel forced to marry him (or anyone else) if she doesn't feel any romantic feelings.

Zoë Neo | 214 comments I'm with you on being disappointed about Jo and Laurie's relationship. The kind of friendship they had seemed like it would perfectly blossom into them being a couple who were also best friends, but if she felt nothing for him then I can't blame her for making that decision.

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Becky | 131 comments I was also very disappointed in the Laurie and Jo relationship. I was hoping it would develop and bloom even though she went away. I think they would be good for each other....I still holding out hope for them.

I'm so sad for Beth and her trip with Jo. Although it's beautiful the way she has accepted things it is also so sad.

Trix Wilkins (marchandlaurence) | 8 comments Hi Becky, I completely agree... I was discussing this with a reader who also loves Little Women, and she recommended I read LMA's An Old fashioned Girl ;) (LMA's Rose in bloom is good too)

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