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Being it's constantly raining outside, almost all places people go to are located indoor. The Market being one of them. The market is 4 story's tall and filled with all sorts of things ranking from food all the way to clothing and other necessities.

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Uta walked through the strands of people. Oh, what had he gotten himself into? Humans all over the place. Delicious delectable humans. Pushing up his shade glasses up and stuffing his hands in his pocket. It wasn't best to show humans his true eye color. Wanting to aviod mass hysteria. Why was he so hungry right now? Damn it. Tonto would at least get a pretty decent nightmare for dragging him into a favor like this. Well he could look at the good side. They had a few vendors selling some art supplies he greatly needed as of right now. His studio was becoming a bit to popular. Needing to keep up with the increasing demand he needed more supplies. Well he just might come back if the prices weren't to far out of budget. Turning away from his own arty needs.

Brushing a strand of his ravenous hair back and reciting the intructions he had 'borrowed' from Tonto's memories. He would also need to remind himself to set a stronger block on Tonto's mind for Orion's sake. Stopping just before a vendor reading the sign and nodding. Alright he was here. A seemenly innocent candle shop. Walking in and getting a simply. "How can I help you?" Uta merely took of his sunglasses and shown his red and black eyes. He wasn't hard to miss. A knod of acknowledging before he was led back to a private door.

It seemed many things like these could be hidden in the plane eye. How did Tonto even know about this stuff? Hell, what would Orion think when he found out about this? Descending through a dim hallway before entering the show room. The colors were nice. Reds,blacks and wine red. He must hand it to the designer it was lovely admiring the works one last time as he sat at a table mid way from the stage. Awaiting and remembering the description he had been told. Well all now was to wait.

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Why the hell did she have to look like some damn bride? With a soft little sigh escaping her lips Raijin sat in the back room, a small little closet space really just off to the side of the main floor, hardly big enough for all the girls there. She was busy checking her appearance for the hundredth time even though she looked perfectly acceptable each time she checked. Her skin was free of makeup but seemed luminance in its paleness. Her soft grey eyes were bright and sober; her long dark brown hair loose and slightly wavy, silky to the touch. She was a healthy weight and was clean and smelled nice, like roses and rain and metal. Her lip were full and bright, her lashes dark and thick. The only issue was that she wore a plain white dress, going down to her knees and halfway down her arms ending at her elbows.

It had a decent square neckline and did have a nice flowing skirt she guessed but otherwise she looked too much like a bride in her estimation. She also wore plain white flats on her feet. Further expressing a ‘bride’ theme about her, maybe even a cultist’s bride? But white was just her colour. You see her current owner was well known in the slave trade. He designated colours for his girls to represent their purpose. Black was for apprentices and assassins. Red was for prostitutes and masseuses. Pink for love, yellow for friends, orange for athletes, blue for artists and white for housekeepers and so on and so forth. It was just organized that way when it came to the bidding. However whether after being sold the girls were ‘used’ for their purpose Raijin didn’t know. In fact that was why her mood was so… Bizarre. Besides the whole bride thing going on Raijin was debating if or when she should try and run.

She supposed her owner thought her brainwashed because she’d only tried escaping twice and never again, always returning to the building where he kept his slaves in training but honestly? Raijin’s mind was very much her own still. She had been playing along for her benefit this whole entire time and would escape if need be but… What would life have in store for her then? Living on the streets again? Or worse? Raijin knew now that she’d been extremely lucky. She knew she’d gotten a second chance so to speak but…

Her freedom was something so much more precious than safety… Wasn’t it? With another sigh Raijin glanced over to Haraku. She was designated for love. Like, someone to buy intending you’d fall in love. Crazy concept but hey, that’s how her owner worked so… There was surely a method to his madness? Either way Raijin suddenly smiled. Haraku was so excited about today, about the prospect of being sold. She wanted what awaited her. Did Raijin? Looking away from her friend Raijin took a deep breath and closed her eyes, centering herself. The bidding would start soon. Like… Opening her eyes Raijin glanced back to the door as did everyone else. Her current owner was beckoning the girls to hurry and make their way to the stage. It was time then. With a last glance at the mirror and still as confused as ever Raijin pursed her lips and stood, making her way along with the other girls out and towards the stage. ”Oh wow… Such a big crowd…”

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Uta sat at his table alone lit by a few dim candles. Looking for any people he may know. Seeing none. Well was a compromising position. A favor to fill and not even a soul to talk to. Gently he tapped his black nails on the table top as he scanned more of the crowd with a blank stare. Looking for victims one might say with the Kaweko. Finding a few targets and noting them and he would further hunt them later when this little favor had been filled.

Uta wishing about now he had brough his pencils and current sketch pad to merely pass the time. He could of already drawn a few busts if he had truly wanted to. A quiet sight from the undead spirit. Leaning back in his chair as he took a complementary drink. Knowing he would pay for it later but taking it to be kind. Sipping slowly enjoying the taste. Though he set it down about half way through the liquid in his glass.

Soon enough his boredom was surpassed as he heard scuttling behind the stage and a few shadows from under the curtain. Well they must be starting now. Time to focus and begin analyzing. Watching the Curtains draw back and reveal a lovely set of maidans. Scanning them and waiting the place his bid. Practically feeling the antsy vibes of old men and straight up sinners. Uta wishing to simply crush their minds for he had no intentions of his Kaweko senses to pick up on such feelings. He was a ghost not a succubis.

Watching until his gaze fell on one in particular. He had found her. She matched the description he had been given from Tonto. Pretty she was and he would have to work some Kaweko voodoo on his contestants. Getting up the undead spirit moved about brushing past a mere touch all he needed to be let in. Messing with their minds and twisting them. It may be the last time they preyed on their slaves either. Chuckling as others began to get reluctant. He had just barely scratched the surface. Sitting back down before he placed his bid.

"One thousand. Final offer." Uta throwing in his own funds just to match the price. House workers often didnt go for much but that's why they went quickly. Uta then smiled at the auctioner and his eyes shifted darkly. The Auctioner seeming a bit nervous knowing a Kaweko was within the bidders. "The Lovely Maiden in white. The girl, Elan Halcyon." It wasn't hard to get into her head eithor.

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Holy shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Biting her lip Raijin was more than nervous as she stood amongst her fellow slaves up on the stage. Oddly enough the walk up had been alright, but the moment the curtain had lifted and Raijin had seen the big crowd from the glance she’d stolen she panicked. She hadn’t been expecting so many people! Standing very last in the row of girls, all belonging to the same owner, Raijin spied the crowd as best she could without lifting her head as her master had instructed her. Only when called out would she lift her head up high for the crowd and potential owners to inspect. That was the way her current owner did things. He designated colours to each division of slave; he would then present the girls, each by name and give a slight bio on their particular talents whilst the called out girl raised her head and did a twirl so they could be inspected properly. Otherwise they were to keep their heads down.

There were fifteen girls present today belonging to Master Ochu, Raijin’s owner. Seven of them wore red, the prostitutes. Only one was dressed in black, an apprentice or assassin. Two wore green, gardeners whilst only one was in pink. A slave intended for love. The last three wore white, housekeepers. The rest of the girls Master Ochu had were either already bought via private dealings, ill and hence could not come or simply were not yet ready, still needing training. Heart beating wildly, Raijin scanned the crowd properly as it was finally her turn to lift her head and do her twirl. Dear Kyonshi! It looked like there were a lot of perverts in the room. Swallowing hard Raijin’s eyes subtly landed on Haraku, hoping beyond hope that whoever bought her treated her like gold. The girl was really dense but she was such a sweetheart. She truly wanted to be a slave. Truly wanted her master to fall in love with her and make her his wife, his lifelong companion, just like purpose designated her to be.

But things didn’t always go as planned… Raijin knew that better than anyone as she let out a heavy breath. Then lowering her head, the bidding started. And by the time it was Raijin’s turn she felt like passing out. She was allowed to lift her head again and had just finished wondering how long the bidding would last for, how much she would garner, when someone immediately called out a thousand and that it was his final offer. Raijin couldn’t see who the bidder was but she knew his general location and that he was a male from his voice. She didn’t know what to think about that despite having guessed she’d be bought by a man. Glancing at her owner then Raijin noted heavy whispering to the auctioneer, causing Raijin to frown. They seemed to be talking hastily and both seemed very nervous. A moment later the auctioneer bellowed, “SOLD!” Slamming his little hammer down for good final measure Raijin was left utterly stunned and confused to say the least.

She knew that her owner had wanted at least three thousand for her from her eavesdropping on him. To some it was outrageous but to him not so much. Raijin might have been demure in stature but she was strong healthy and fit, worked exceptionally well and was obedient without complaints. She didn’t need much keeping up and as far as anyone knew, loyal without having any backbone to attempt an escape. Not to mention she was a natural beauty as an added bonus. However when the auctioneer added a “Congratulations to the Kawako at table 27” Raijin suddenly knew why her owner had settled for less. She also realized what that heavy feeling on her brain was. Looking over to table 27 Raijin spotted her new master easily. She offered him a small, kind smile whilst simultaneously lifting the shields to her mind in place, effectively blocking him out. Just like Sasha had showed her to do when dealing with a Kawako. Swallowing hard again Raijin felt her nerves peak. She didn't want anyone besides herself in her head. She had too many secrets that needed to be kept and besides, it just made her feel violated. A rocky start then.

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Oh my. I guess a force of my hand must be made. Uta looked about the crowd. These people were rich. Probably Nobles or friends of them. Much wealthier than he but he could fix that. What should he start with? Fear or head straight into their malice deeds? Why not both? The Kaweko was inconspicuous in rising. He just needed to find one victim weak enough for him to faze into their minds and dig around in their fears to create his own illusions. Maybe note where they lived to further make looking for prey easier when he got to deprived of the very thing that kept him on this state of reality.

It took a moment of looking but Uta with out the notice of others worked his abilties and simply disappeared from sight. Like a ghost that he mostly was. Taking into a weaker beings mind. Unsurprised of all the grey matter he found as he toyed with the man's head. One may say it was a headache other than a ghost in their head. Though when Uta heard those thoughts he grew slightly offended and with pleasure tore afear apart. Forming it to a full on illusion. Shrouded the weaker Yokai's mind in the agony. Tsk tsk tsk. A wife and kids? What would they think of you purchasing such pretty faces behind their back.? Being that nagging voice most people might hear in these moments of right, wrong, and fear. Feeding on the fear before moving onto the next weaker mind.

It as all to easy to mess with these mortal minds. Filling them with fear, regret, and worry. Having his fun while his victim's thought it was the guilt of their actions catching up to them after so long. Setting about fifteen people on the verge of quickly leaving and leaving the auction for as long as they may live.

Uta having fazed out of the minds of the weak and now sitting at a table closer to the stage. Slowly swirling a untouched glass of burban in his hand. Watching the liquid swirl before placing his bid. He often didn't like these things but Tonto had insisted he do this for Orion. Unable to truly say no to the younger. Having a stare face with the auctioner. His blank expression the most unerving part about him. Blazing ghostly eyes that reflected the fears of another. Almost smiling when his bid won. Almost. Rising from his seat to head back stage and collect the Lovely maidan. With no intentions of love or pleasure. Just with intent of filling the favor he needed to complete. Letting all things of owner ship be handed over. Placing his hand on her shoulder. Her white outfit a bit to bright for his tastes and to conspicuous. A mere illusion had the white out fit in modest clothes of a t-shirt, jeans and converse. "Do Forgive me but white has never been a very good color with me." He leaving out why. He was in a mental institution prevois to his death and everthing was white.

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And then it was over. Raijin and the other girls went backstage where their former owner spoke briefly and quickly with each girl in turn as the auctioneer said a few more words to the crowd and then informed the new proud owners of where to collect their ‘prizes’. Just as Master Ochu finished handing over Raijin’s suitcase she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning around with a gasp before blinking. It took her a moment to realize who it was but when she did she smiled, instantly bowing her head and half her body. “Greetings Master. Please do not apologize. I am merely happy to fulfill your wish.” Raijin spoke pleasantly, just like she’d been taught. Her former Master beaming with pride at the sight. “Do make sure you treat my Elan here well Kawako. Here, the key to her collar, rightfully yours now.”

With those words Master Ochu handed over a beautiful gleaming black key seemingly with silver dust woven in. Every slave had a collar. Depending on their owner it took the form of either a bracelet, ankle charm or necklace. In Raijin’s case her ‘collar’ which deemed her a slave came in the form of a necklace, tightly wrapped around her neck. Three strings of black pearl connected to a marvelous white quartz scarab with sapphires for eyes. A little luxurious but Master Ochu was in the high end slave business and often bestowed grand collars to his girls. However the items were not just mere jewelry. No. Instead there was some machinery located behind the silver plating the scarab was sitting on, plating pressed right against Raijin’s neck.

With this, a single verbal command from her master could paralyze, electrocute or poison Raijin into compliance or death. When a slave earned or was granted their freedom, their masters would hand over the keys to their collars as a sign. Master Ochu smiled pleasantly as he waited for the Kawako to take Raijin’s key whilst Raijin eyed it secretly. If she wanted her freedom she had to take back that key. There was no other way to take her collar off, at least not without it killing her. A little ‘default’ setting if you will was planted in every collar, much to Raijin’s chagrin. It wasn’t all bad though. Her master had given her good and kind parting words along with a single suitcase filled with all her belongings she’d accumulated and even a pretty silver wallet with a hundred stashed inside just for Raijin. A parting gift all Master Ochu’s slaves received once they were sold. So yes, it wasn’t all bad…

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Uta knew he had choosen well. She was a very pretty girl. A lovely brunette that would be tiny compared to Orion. Ample hips and lithe figure. Though by digging through her thoughts Uta had nailed the personality stipulations. She would be the perfect maidan to care for Orion when he neglected himself. Perfect for the workaholic yokai that was the complete opposite of his younger sibling. If this was beneficial then his part of the favor would be fulfilled.

"Please do not infer as such. I am merely here on the favor of a friend." Uta seeming kind except for his expression never changed. It may be unnerving but he was with out malice intention or ill manors. He removing his Jacket and putting it around her shoulders for outside was a bit chilly do to the constant Rain. He no longer affected by tempature. More so he affected it. Standing around him it was always a few degrees colder. "Your true new employer will be reveiled shortly." Uta flicking his shades open and placing them back over his eyes. Just about ready to leave. Just a few things and they were out of here.

Letting the older mortal approuch to hand such little items over. "She will be in good hands. Though it would be best not to call a Kaweko for what they are. It can be set as a threat more than something of acknowledging." Uta turning as he took the key and unlocked the collar. Handing it back to the former owner. "Where see is going this would be the death of her it stay here." Uta pulling his shades down before pushing them back up to hide his frightening eyes. Walking to the exit. Giving a soft hand motion for Elan to follow. Though Elan? Well then.

Once in the open hair of the mall the Kaweko brushed a hand through his hair and then put his hands in his pocket. "I am not your official master but by a favor I am held to tell you some things before I take you to your knew residency."

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Blinking in surprise it didn’t take long before Raijin bowed again. “My apologies Senpai. I understand now.” She said smoothly, sounding if she meant every word. Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t, Raijin herself wasn’t aware. She wasn’t brainwashed per say but her training was rather… Engraved. It was what made Raijin nervous when the Kawako handed over his jacket, her eyes widening a little bit but Raijin said nothing, her training acting up again for if a master did something kind for their servant it was to be taken without question. Once again Master Ochu beamed with pride as Raijin merely bowed her hand in a silent thank you. Speaking of Master Ochu the older and heavier man laughed in good humor at the Kawako’s words.

However he did incline his head respectfully. “My apologies good Sir! I meant no disrespect of course, usually I do not deal with many of your kind hence my lack of knowledge.” He said in kind tone, a tone that said he was being honest and he was. Usually Kawako’s had no use for housekeepers or any other form of slave so it was a rare day indeed when Master Ochu had dealings with one. However a problem arose. With wide eyes and a wild heart Raijin watched as her new mas- as the Kawako charged with her purchase unlocked her collar.

Then handing both key and necklace back to Master Ochu. Instantly the man frowned and despite motioning for her to join him Raijin stayed where she was as Master Ochu cleared his throat. “Pardon me Sir but I cannot allow this.” He said as he replaced the collar around Raijin’s neck. “The law is clear. She is a slave, bought and sold right out of her trainer’s pocket. You yourself have said that you are not her true owner. Only her valid owner can unlock her collar and by the act of unlocking it you automatically set her free.” Master Ochu said as he snapped the collar back in place. Raijin looking from Ochu to the Kawako with a neutral face but her eyes were scared. She was elated at her moment of freedom but feared it too when it was not rightly given. Hopefully the Kawako would understand, she would die without the collar and hence it had to remain on her neck.

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Uta rose his brow at the mention of being a Senpai. He brushing it off lightly. "Call me Uta. It is my name after all." A very slight smile reaching the kaweko's face. The girl seemed so polite. Orion would love her within the first days if she kept up such nice kind demeanor. Hearing the other mortal chuckling and laughing was a bit heart. He may have been a pleasent man if it weren't for his source of income. Selling Maidans to the rich and wealthy

"It is just mere advice. Alot of my kin just don't like being reminded or merely do not know." Leaving it at that not speaking anymore of it. They were spirits that stayed after voilent and painful unspeakable deaths. Nobody would blame them not wanting to be referred or acknowledged by what they trully are now. Uta handing over the check to Raijin's former master. There paid in full an no debt to owe. Uta clicking the color undone. He despised them. They looked like the things he had been forced to wear in the institute where jolted him over and over again. Needles in his skin to numb him then start all over. The air around him a few dagrees colder.

Pulling from those memories quickly noticing how his form was nearly transparent taking in more energy to stabilise in heightened stress levels. Hiding it quickly. "Deactivate it then. It just needs to be seen to know her rank. She can be safe the collor just needs to be visible." A wavoring tone. Still not to keen on what he felt being projected onto another. Not wanting to bear it he merely gave a placent. "Nevermind." Telling Raijin to follow him so they could leave after collecting what was needed. Into the market as they passed through the exit. "I apologize if I scared you back there. I have bad memories involved with such items of torture if one is acting out of the norm."

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Raijin forced her expression to remain blank, staying silent as her former Master looked like he’d been placed between a rock and a hard spot, which he had been of course and only bowed her head again, growing weary of the amount of apologies she was issuing, “My apologies again, Uta.“ Of course Raijin wasn’t the only one issuing apologies. “My apologies but I cannot… I am no longer her master, only her current and valid master can deactivate it, it is preprogrammed and self aware that way.” Master Ochu explained as to how the collar worked, looking immensely relieved a moment later when the Kawako, Uta, said to just leave it. With a small smile Master Ochu bowed his head at both him and Raijin, with a final parting ‘good luck’ as he saw her off to which Raijin bowed respectfully. Honestly? Raijin was usually kind and sort of timid it was just, without the collar she had this side to her personality where some could call her ‘a little spitfire’.

Where she was blunt, rude, opinionated and wasn’t afraid to throw a punch if you deserved it. Like growing weary of apologizing for example. She did it to remain polite but was honestly irked by now, would have said as much too but she couldn’t so she didn’t. But it didn’t irk her half as much as it would have before, Raijin’s training did have its bonuses that way. And then they were off with Raijin avidly looking around as she trailed after Uta.

A moment later he spoke and she blinked. “There is no need to apologize Sen- Uta. My feelings are of no consequence… Though I’ve never thought about it in that way…” Raijin’s voice trailed off, her own surprise surprising her when it came to the truth about her collar. Of course Raijin had always known what it could do it was just… She didn’t associate it with ‘torture’ because it had never been used on her. The two escape attempts had been met with her being locked in her room for a three months, not allowed outside, any books, television, radio or anything ‘entertaining’. She wasn’t allowed visitors except Haraku and only briefly when she brought Raijin her meals. She had her own bathroom so hygiene wasn’t an issue. And of course her room had been a regular room so… Nothing untoward had happened to her. Raijin had believed ever since. So this new line of thinking made Raijin frown but she kept her pace regardless.

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Uta was glad to be out of that place. It wasn't like he wasn't often like that. Nor was he like that directly affected by his past like so. He guessing just being in proximity of such a device had just set him off. Glad he true nature hadn't thought it was a good idea to step forth. He ofyen kept it under lock and key unless he was getting ready to hunt or dig into a fresh kill. He'd Need a snack after this when he got back to his studio or lovely home. Preferable a drink to to calm himsellf and gain further mrntal relaxation as he once had previously.

No matter if the girl was a fiesty "Spitfire." Most Okami and Gozu loved and respected woman that could hold a fair fight and fight back. Orion equally was half and half of the two species so Raijin would be the perfect girl for him. Uta seeming to pull into her thoughts momentarily. Though he could not help it much. Her thoughts were quite loud.

"It is good to see we are on mutual terms then." Chuckling softly as she heard her correcting herself on what to call him. "The Man you'll work for may be a bit of a stoic type but call him that you may be the one owning him instead." He teased lightly. Meaning good intent as they walked. Sending a message upon his phone to Tonto to tell of the good news and to finally break it to Orion. "We'll take the train and into the seasonal district and I'll take you to your new residancy." Uta Chuckling. It was a convenience the station was only a blocks walk and alot of store conapies could keep them dry as they walked.

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With her brow furrowing in confusion Raijin just stared at Uta’s back considering she was walking behind him a little ways. She didn’t understand what he meant, until she felt that all too familiar pressure on her brain again. Scowling, actually scowling, she said nothing but shoved up her shields so fast it might make this stupid perverted peeking Kawako’s head spin. You see? Spitfire. However Raijin calmed a moment later as she heard Uta describe her new owner. Then abruptly she stiffened with her cheeks reddening soon after. “Senpai…” She whispered through gritted teeth. Okay maybe a little bit brainwashed but honestly her father had taught her excellent manners as well, and Raijin just honestly not feeling comfortable being informal with Uta. However she forgot her discomfort at his light teasing when he spoke of the seasonal district. Raijin hadn’t been expecting that. The move from districts I mean. “Yes Uta.” She said behind him, struggling a little bit to keep up with her heavy suitcase but she would not dare complain or ask for any aid. Besides, she had it. And the exercise would do her good. It was his fault anyways what with his stupid long male strides. But again Raijin kept quiet, admiring her surroundings instead and even enjoying the brief moments she was rained on. She wondered when or even if she would see this fine district again.

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Uta shivered when Raijin finally shoved him out. "I was wondering when you were going to notice. Though you think really abruptly and loudly. It was a bit hard to ignore." Uta didn't need to look back to see her scowl out at him. "I can easily pick up on your mood and must I admit your giving me quite the energy spike." He teased light heartedly. It wasn't his fault his kind feed off of off the bad vibes another being. "I don't see much that is truly intresting to my tastes." Uta leading the way to the train station. Exiting the Market onto the rainy streets. Not actually minding the rain as it fell to the ground. It was quite comforting in all honesty. "The man you will serve is named Orion. A man of royal the gaurd. A skilled fighter but he often gets to caught in his work to take care of himself. Not in a elderly or perverted way. He just needs that one person to remind himself and take care of him. Meals and such. I know you want to be married to a loving Master yes? Just happily dote on him and he'll be head over heels. That was what I was told to tell." Uta held the door to her to the sation before turning in their tickets to the man behind on the counter. Well here they were. He respectfully taking her heaviest bag and taking it onto the train. Managing to get two seats and begin the half hour journey.

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”Shit!” Raijin’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head when she realized her mistakes. Not only did Uta note her shoving him out but he knew she was moody too. Still walking Raijin shoved her body forward in a more than respectful bow. “My apologies Senpai!” She all but shouted before straightening back up, her blushing cheeks pinking even further. If someone could have shot her it would have been a convenient time to have it done. Lowering her head Raijin snapped a lock on both her emotions and thoughts, keeping her shields up as they walked. However Raijin couldn’t keep her composure a moment later. It had started off simply enough with Senpai Uta telling her a bit more of her master. Raijin sadly reminded of her father before…

Balking Raijin gaped. “What?! No! I don’t want to be married! I’m designated as a maid! That’s why I am dressed in white! Pink is for lifelong companions! You have me mistaken with Haraku Senpai!” Raijin spoke loudly, her heart thumping as she explained to Uta the situation. Married?! She’d barely turned twenty so no thank you sir! Shaking her head, trying to quell her heart Raijin bowed her head in thanks when Uta took her bags, climbing willingly onto the train after he had handed their tickets over. Sitting down in her seat Raijin was once again wondering about escape. If this guy wanted a wife then it was looking all the more likely. But Uta had also said someone who forgot himself, who needed meals, attention. Someone so much like her father… Raijin, understandably looking very thoughtful as she sat quietly with her hands in her lap, staring sightlessly before her the whole journey by train. And all too soon it was over and they had arrived in the seasonal district.

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