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This forest is one of the most peaceful places in the Ice District. Its always quiet, calm and beautiful. The snow here is usually 6 to 8 feet deep. It's cold like the rest of the Ice District, but its beauty makes you forget about it. It's more commonly that you'll find wolves or forest animals that are adapted to the snow here, but even then its rare. Usually they stay clear of people or prefer staying safely in there warm den.

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) The frigid air seemed as lifeless as usual. Hardly anything made a move in the iced glazed atmosphere. Nothing stirred although the piercing golden sight within one of the cold shadows seemed to be glaring about. With a gentle but swift motion, the canine had slicked forth, raising its muzzle high and inhaled deeply. Upon doing so, its stare had suddenly charged to its left as it bolted, lunging towards a shadow. A loud yell could be heard as the few birds in the area had taken off in panic at the shrill noise, "Get off of me! Help!"

Despite what a passerby might have heard, if any were present, the wolf had pinned down a laughing child that tried to push it away to stop the wolf from licking him. He patted its head, still giggling before replying, "See? You're becoming a better hunter already. You just need more fluff to live out here." While the two seemed fine at first glance in the deep woods, the child was shivering in attempt to keep himself warm though seemed completely oblivious to it. Quickly, the young man stood up with a wide smile, "Though ill make sure you don't catch me this time!" The canine snorted and flinched as a small handful of snow was pitched at his face. Though by the time it shook it off, the child was gone.

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Crunching could be heard underneath a figure's feet as he quietly walked through the snowy forest. It was obvious by first glance that he was around no younger than 14. He had black hair and matching black eyes, wearing a red jacket and black pants. The figure kept quiet, but they were pale, looking rather exhausted, weak, and even hungry. He looked like someone who shouldn't be messed with. He looked calm, but his aura felt off, like he wasn't what it looked like. He ignored the yell, or perhaps he didn't hear it. He holds his arms as he quietly walks, his black eyes glued on the snow bellow. White. It was disgusting. White could get easily dirty. White could turn yellow from pee, or black from dirt. Or it could turn red from blood. Oh yes, blood. Blood was a much prettier liquid than snow. Or was it a solid? Blood was probably a better solid as well. The figure, Sev, sneezes and grunts,"Fucking Ice District.." He continues walking.

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) The wolf had started searching again around the area, picking up the scent of a stranger and walking closer. Though as it did, it began to snarl at the New figure uneasily. Abel had come it of hiding and asked," Whats wro-" though he stopped falling dead silent upon seeing the stranger as well, perhaps a year or two older then him.

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Sev glances up quietly at the wolf. He was too tired and weak to fight back, but he would if provoked. He then glances at the kid. Another Kawako. He could sense it. He mumbles quietly,"Hold back your dog before I chop it up and feed it to the Kitsunes." He hisses.

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) the young man seemed to completely ignore his threat and walked closer eagerly with a smile and holding his hand out to him. the wolf watched warily, keeping on edge.

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Sev eyes it though does nothing, narrowing his eyes,"What is it you want me to do with your hand?" He asks as if he's never heard of a handshake before.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He blinked, "Aww come on! Please? You have to know how to shake hands!" The young man nodded a few times with a bright smile, "Or maybe some other greeting?"

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Sev eyes him,"Greeting? Why is it you're greeting me? And what other greeting would there be?" He questions, holding onto his arms tighter, his black eyes looking over the small boy suspiciously.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He smiled, "Well... mother always said it was rude to not introduce yourself to others, so im trying not to be rude. And you look a little sad."

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Sev scoffs, looking away,"Yeah fucking right." He mumbles,"And put your hand down before it gets a cramp. Tell me your name and I shall tell you mine."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Abel stared at him for a good few seconds before whispering, "That's a bad word... Cursing is a sin." After a brief pause, he livened up again and smiled," The people here just call me abel."

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Sev mumbles,"As if I care if I sin or not, I do so all the time." He sighs,"You can call me Sev, kid." He eyes him more,"Are there more of you?" He questions.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He frowned at his response, "But i heard its bad. It gets people hurt..." The young man looked down quietly, not answering as a few thoughts crossed his mind. He simply just gave a soft shrug and looked behind him, noticing the wolf he was playing with earlier had left.

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Sev sighs,"I guess sometimes it can hurt people, but I don't care." He follows his gaze,"Do you live out here, kid?" He questions. He didn't care if the wolf stayed or not, or if the kid did for that matter, he just wanted to go get someplace warm but didn't want to leave the kid out here if he had nowhere to go. Again, Sev couldn't care less, but since Abel was the same species as Sev, he thought he'd at least try seeming like he cared.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Abel had looked back in the direction of seven and said quietly, "I dunno. I just go wherever. I stayed out here because that wolfy was lonely. Nobody wants to play in the snow with him."

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Sev sighs,"No wonder, it's fucking freezing out here. You must be cold, aren't you?" He asks, rubbing his arms. Sure, he had his red jacket on, but it was thin, so he was still freezing.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "No?" he replied in slight confusion, "I can't feel it at least?" Despite still displaying small tremors, he seemed at least a little better off with his thick cloak covering him.

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Sev sighs,"Stupid kid. I'm leaving, you and your mutt can come if you wish." He begins to continue walking.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "S-stupid....?" He asked, becoming a bit teary eyed at the insult, despite how light of one it was. Abel sulked in the spot and whimpered, "I cant help it if im stupid. Im sorry for being stupid."

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Device suddenly tenses,"Shit dude, calm down. I didn't mean anything by it. It's not always a bad thing to call people stupid." He mumbles.

((XD such a bad influence))

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He kept his face covered while sobbing and sniffling quietly, "Im sorry... I don't want to be stupid sevy..." Abel had glanced back up with him with a few tears still running down his face. During the time, a ball of snow had hit seven from behind followed by childish laughing.

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Sev blinks, going to answer before he grunts and glares back,"More friends of yours, Abel?" He sighs,"Come on kid I don't know why you're even crying about this!"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) As he looked back, another one was pelted right at his face followed by more giggling. Once the snow cleared, one could see that abel was behind him as well as in front of him at the same time, which was an obvious illusion. The one that had been crying had vanished from sight as the one laughing smiled, "For someone who calls others kid, you act like one yourself."

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Sev eyes him,"The old crying trick.. How nice.." He pulls out scissors,"Very well, I'll gladly cut through you all until I get to the real you." He mumbles harshly, his eyes now a red color.

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He smiled, "Go ahead. I don't mind. I used to let a friend do the same every time he got angry." Abel seemed unusually calm even when being threatened, almost as if he was used to it. He tilted his head looking at sev as his eyes turned red and though, 'how oddly similar...'

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((I know, I hate this phone XD))

Sev growls, swinging the scissors around to cut through the illusion,"FUCKING BRAT HOLD STILL!"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Abel blinked standing in the spot, quite still as watched as the dual blades sliced rigidly across his small torso. Blood began to gush from the wound, although slower then it would normally flow due to the cold. Despite the aching pain from the cut, he remained calm and pointed to his neck, "Maybe try here next time. I've heard its a lot more satisfying."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He had shrugged and said quietly, "Well my brother got to me first. Take it up with him. I can't control it." Abel stared at him, frowning and said, "You're cursing again..."

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Sev pants angrilly, glaring harshly at him as his eyes glow a brighter red,"Is your brother dead?! HE WILL BE WHEN I FINISH HIM OFF FOR FUCKING KILLING YOU!" He snaps.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "Seven..." he said quietly, "Seven bad words. That's a lot of sin." He stared away and mumbled, "You couldn't... He would easily overpower and kill you."

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Sev narrows his eyes,"Guess that's why they call me Seven.." He growls,"And I will kill him.. Because he can die, I can't.."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "But you can be imprisoned, " he pointed out, "Im pretty sure he knows how to handle our kin better then you think."

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Sev narrows his eyes,"I don't give a fuck. I know powerful people too." He mumbles.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "Eight." He stated blankly, still counting.

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Sev narrows his eyes,"I'll fucking kill you, child. I'll bury you alive if I have to." He sighs, turning his back to him and gazes around in thought.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Abel rolled his eyes, "Nine." He shook his head and said quietly, "You just said how you were upset that you couldn't kill me. Any reason you're sad kawakos cant pass on?"

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Sev tenses, glancing away,"We're stuck here. Forever. Some of us remember our past.. But some of us do not.." He whispers quietly,"We're suffering, and no one fucking cares.."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He blinked at that, walking closer and said quietly, "If no one cared, we wouldn't be here. If anything, being like this is more so a blessing." Abel looked up at the dark sky, "The divines have faith in us. They made sure we weren't just thrown away without living as much as we could. Some might think its suffering, but that's because they have yet to discover their purpose in this form." The young man looked down and said after a brief pause, "If i did what you wanted to do and killed my brother, what would that accomplish? I would just feel like a jerk. If anything, I just... miss him." His breath was a little shaky at his last few sentences as he had rapidly turned away. Despite his act earlier, his actual crying was near silent, almost as if he was embarrassed of doing it in front of another being.

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Sev sighs,"I don't know who I am.. I have no recolonization of who I was in the past, or who I am now. I don't know my purpose. I do not think I have one. I'm just living alone every day of my life, when I should be dead.."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "But you do have one. You just need to find it, "He said quietly and began to take a few steps away to sit down. His hand lightly grazed over the scar across his chest that had continued to bleed although not as much as previously.

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Sev eyes him, sighing,"It's been 18 years.. I have yet to find one." He glances away,"Where'd your mutt go?" He asks, changing the subject.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He shrugged, "It was probably too cold for him. He left."

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Sev eyes him,"It's too cold for us and yet we continue standing here like fools talking. He at least has fir." He mumbles.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Abel looked at him and said quietly, "It isn't that bad. You can use this if you want." He had unlatched his cloak and took it off, stepping closer to him and putting it on. Like he had said, it was a lot warmer then one would expect, even if it was short on him. The young man's eyes widened and smiled, "And it looks good on you too!"

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Sev blinks and watches, sighing,"You need this more than I do, don't you?" He questions.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He shook his head lightly with a frown, "No, im ok. I promise." Abel was already shivering and said quietly, "You wanted to go somewhere warm anyway right?"

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Sev eyes him before he sighs and opens the cloak, wrapping part of it around Abel before he nods,"Let's go."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He blinked as he did though smiled widely, leaning against him and following after.

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