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Place your Rogue characters once they have been approved

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Pack: Darkmoon
Rank: Alpha
Name: Leonardo Adrian
Nickname(if any): Leon
Age: 20
Date of Brith: 14th April
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight


Distinguishable Markings(if any): Silver color crescent moon shaped marking on his forehead (wolf appearance)

Personality:Leon's personality is.....well you can say he is the type who can make a woman pregnant just by looking....yes he is a bad-ass playboy blessed with good-looks...good-brains. If he wants something he use whatever methods to make sure he has it in the end.
For all his arrogance...he will do anything for his pack. He loves them and care for them....loves hunting with them.
Leon is manipulative....he listen to what others have to say the end....he will make them agree to his own terms and that's what makes him a great Alpha but what makes him deadly is his fighting style....such power...such blood one wants get in to his bad terrifying he can be?......his enemy's body.....well he will make sure no one can identify it anymore...a ruthless killer.

Goals:Life is a game for him, play it to the fullest

History: Leon doesn't know anything about his parents. He was founded by Alejandro (previous Alpha) when he was crying alone in the Traklund mountain. He asked about his parents once but Alex didn't know about them. He didn't want Alex to think he doesn't think of them as a family so he never asked about his real parents. Why would he? They abandoned him and left alone in a mountain and he was only 05 years old.
When he was a child he was often bullied by other kids but he never told Alex about it. One day when those kids started making fun of little Zoe (Alex's daughter),his little sister,he finally snapped and beat them to the death. After that incident he became the leader among the boys and the boy I-want-to-have-my-first-kiss-with among the girls of pack.
He started training when he was 10 years old and he never slacked. He never wanted to see Alex's disappointed face so trained hard. He went hunting with Alex and the pack and he always loved the feeling of it. Every time he was with a girl,Alex will raise his eyebrows dramatically and Leon will give him a smirk and say "I won't get her pregnant old man". He knows his parents might not be rouges but he didn't care,because to him this is his family,the place where he belongs.
When Alex died in a battle...he tracked all the killers and killed them. After that incident he became the Alpha of the Darkmoon pack and got a title added to his name...."The Ruthless Killer"

Foster Father: Alejandro Alonso (Alex)
Sister(s): Camilia Zoe

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Name: Letitia Rzewski
Nickname: Lea
Rouge Pack name: Darkmoon
Rouge Rank: Beta
Age: 19 yrs old
Date of Birth: 3rd of September
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Distinguishable Markings(if any): Bright Blue Icy eyes Dark black fur (wolf Form)

Personality: Letita has a cheerful, bubbly personality and is a very open caring person. She can be flirtatious at times and Letitia enjoys joking around. She loves anything to do with beauty and every four weeks she gets a manicure.

Strengths: She enjoys hunting and ever since her fathers brutal killing she has found ways to give her enemies a tourtourous death.

Weaknesses: Failing her pack mates. She let her father down by not training properly when she was young and he paid the price. Ever since then she hates to fail and doesn't like seeing her packmates hurt even a little bit.

Goals: To exterminate the Vampires

Letitia grew up with family surrounding her. From the moment she could walk her father had trained her how to stalk and slaughter prey. It was challenging for her as she hated the taste of death upon her mouth and gaged at the sight of a freshly slain creature. Deep down she felt guilty for tearing out a rabbit’s throat and stealing a fawn from its distressed mother. After each hunt she would punish herself by refusing to eat, her mother knowing her distaste for eating the innocent pulled her aside and gave her berries and dried bits of meat. In the end her means to harm herself never seemed to work as her mother would always win their silent battles just by raising an elegant eyebrow.
When winter came her mother and father journeyed with her to teach her how to hunt in the cold.

She grew icier by the minute and didn’t seem to notice the unnerving stillness of the forest. She told her parents they should split up and her mother shook her head and barked once in protest. Upset at the refusal she stalked over to a bush and sulked as the cold wind nipped at her fur. A few minutes passed and Letitia grew more aware of her surroundings. She sniffed the air twice and whined as a thorn dug into her paw. Her father came up behind her startling Letitia and yanked the thorn free. That’s when a clawed hand gripped her father’s neck and blood burst from his throat. She screamed and the hand released its brutal grip only to gouge her father’s eyes from his sockets. She tried to help but something snaked across her body holding her firmly.

Her cheeks where tear stained and her father whispered… well gurgled “I love you Lea…” all the while choking on his own blood. She started sobbing as her heart felt numb with so much pain and despair. Her attacker traced her throat with a bone chilling finger and howled in outrage as something tore him away from her. Letitia stared in shock as she watched her mother take down each monster with her teeth and paws. She marvelled in the sheer beauty of their death and joined her mother, all the while welcoming the taste of death upon her lips. She wreaked havoc to the woods and avenged her father’s death. When they arrived home her mother told her the monsters that butchered her dad where Vampires and she hated the way the words rolled of her tongue sending pure rage shattering through her.

Each day Letitia trained side by side with her two brothers and no longer feared killing. She was no longer scared of being an unstoppable machine of death. She relished the taste of Vampire blood and longed to exterminate more of them. Letitia knew no ten-year-old girl should have to see their father murdered in cold blood and vowed to protect her pack from the vampires. It has been exactly eleven years since her father’s death and Letitia is now a woman, no longer afraid. She is a butterfly hatched from its cocoon, ready to embrace the world and put the monsters in their place.

Apperance:Wolf and Human
descritpion description

Family: She has two older brothers who are very protective of her as she is the youngest child in her family. She witnessed her fathers death by Vampires and was sure she would perish too but her mother saved her life. Her mother keeps a look out of Letitia and her brothers and once in a while cries over lost husband.

Extra: Her boyfriend is the Alpha of the Nightstone pack (Korrick)

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Weird And Odd Name: Acelin
Rouge Pack Name: Darkmoon
Rouge Rank: Assassin
Age: 15
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual

History: Acelin was born into the Darkmoon pack with both of her parents being warriors. She loved her parents, but they were always violent towards her and the other pack members, even if it wasn't deadly or serious. She was raised to be an assassin, not having the prestige to be a warrior. She was trained to be silent, and now doe it out of habit and without thinking. She has deadly aims with her throwing knives, and can hit any unsuspecting target, moving or not.
She didn't particularly like their morals growing up, and hated the fighting, which they did a lot, both with the enemies and with each other. When she was 12 her parents died in battle, and she left the pack. She had nothing left to stay there for, so she packed up everything in a black backpack and left. She loves the woods and the fact that she's not getting hit for every small mistake.
Acelin is a complex person, but very few people know her as well as she knows herself. She is shy, and rarely talks to anyone unless it's crucial for her to help them, or harm them. She usually does solitary activities, and avoids social gatherings like a swarm of angry hornets. Because of her social disadvantage, she often has a hard time conversing with people without being misunderstood, or having her point completely missed altogether. She usually just gets ignored, and doesn't talk at all.

Personality: Acelin is kind, gentle, caring, and easily concerns herself with other peoples well being. She will go out of her way to help others, whether it be solving a puzzle, or getting them something. She has sympathy galore, and can understand people's difficult situation. She works hard, and is patient with those who need help, doing her best to help people grow and develop as humans, and overcome weaknesses. If she knows she can do something to help, she will do her best to do it, and she wont stop until she is finished.
Acelin is also ruthless. If you attack any innocent, she will make sure you pay. She has made sure she has perfected a deadly aim with her knives, and she will not tolerate needless violence. She will protect her allies with her life, even if that means bringing herself to the brink of death. IF you so much as even say something suspicious she will monitor everything you say and do, making it very hard to hide any true evil intentions. She will hunt down anyone that threatens her friends' livelihoods, or those that they care about. She isn't afraid to get bloody, and she also isn't afraid to follow them down to Hell if need be.
Acelin also loves reading, solving puzzles, and overall intellectual work. If you put a puzzle in front of her she wont stop or take a break until it's done. If it's an impossible puzzle, then she will either solve it, or figure out it's impossible and make it to where it is possible. She likes 'reading' people, figuring out aspects of their life through their physical and verbal cues. If she is faced with a problem or fact, she will solve the problem and fact check. Often she doesn't believe something for a long period of time until she can make 100% sure it is right.

Wolf Appearance:
Human Appearance:

Parents: Dead
Siblings: None

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Pack: Darkmoon
Rank: Gamma
Name: Camilia Zoe
Nickname(if any): Mili (only by Leon)
Age: 18
Date of Brith: 31st December
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight


Camilia is anything but innocent and she is what you call a party-girl, she likes to meet new people and try new things. She doesn't like a monotonous life, she enjoys every day of her life to the fullest. She is a beauty,she knows that and she takes advantage of her beauty all the time.
When it comes to fighting and killing she doesn't like to get dirty, so she always end things before it gets messy,do you think it makes her less fervent?....then you are one dares to bat an eye when they are with her

Strengths: Excels in martial arts

Weaknesses: Can't keep her cool when someone she love is in danger

Goals:Protect what are important to her

Camilia was a easy going and energetic girl even when she was a child. Everyone loved her, coddled her and spoiled her. Her mother died when she was 02 years old so can't remember her very well.
After a year from her mom's death her dad introduced her to a boy saying he is going stay with them from now on.He was covered in mud and his eyes were puffed from crying. She took his arm and led him to the bathroom, she gave him new clothes and even let him sleep next to her. She was happy to have a brother.
When she was 10 Leon beat all the boys who picked on her and at that point her feelings changed, she felt in love with him, but she kept her thoughts to herself. She trained hard with him and became a fierce warrior.
After her father's death she told Leon,he should be Alpha because she is more suited to be the Gamma and she took over her new role as the Gamma of the Darkmoon pack.

Mother: Alicia Icidora (dead)
Father: Alejandro Alonso (dead)
Brother(s): Leonardo Adrian (foster brother)

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Name: Kazimir Abernathy
Rouge Pack name: Nightfall
Nickname: Kaz
Rouge Rank: Assassin
Age: 18
Date Of Birth: 6th of May
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Kazimir comes from a long line of successors and his family is greatly respected and from the moment he was born his family was known for their excellence. His child hood was mostly him adventuring with his older sister Aleena who is one year older than Kaz. Together they played in their luxurious farm house and day by day their older sister Cassidy grew more distant and her personality was icy and razor. Kaz had never felt the brother and sister bond between himself and Cassidy and he knew it was because she was wicked inside and out. He knew one thing for certain and that was that him and Aleena where the best of friends and where close. Their bond was not one to be trifled with and there sister Cassidy learnt that the hard way.

One day Kazimir was walking into the house and he heard his sisters’ cries for help and he raced towards her sniffing out her scent. He snuck up on Cassidy like a shadow and plunged his canines into arm piercing her soft flesh. He had then growled and pulled her arm away from Aleena’s throat and had basked in the noise when Cassidy’s arm teared from her socket. Her screams pierced through the walls and she burst out crying. Sobbing over and over again of how sorry she was. Kaz had seen the shock on Aleena’s face and the sadness that pooled through her brown eyes. It was on instinct and Kaz knew he shouldn’t have done that. As he later lost his home filled with childhood memories and he lost everything he held dear, which included his friends. He hadn’t liked Cassidy but felt a prick of sadness as he pictured the mercy in her eyes.

It took Kaz a little longer than Aleena to fit in with their new pack but he eventually adapted. The Abernathy family once again held the keys of respect and his parents were proud of their children as Aleena became Beta and Kaz became an assassin for the nightfall pack and was a proud spy.

Kazimir comes across as a morbid and mysterious guy and when he approaches you it is usually to give you a quick but painful death. Most wolves and vamps alike take one look at Kaz's menacing demeaner and run for the hills. Underneath Kaz's layer of utter hatrid and disgust is a really caring flamboyant male who enjoys having a good laugh. He might come across as a prickly thorn but that is only because he doesn't know you. Once you get to know Kazimir for who he is his shield fades and you'll see him for who he really is. He comes across as brooding because he hates having people close to him as he is afraid he'll end up hurting them in some way.

Goals: To be the only assassin the Alpha turns to for important stealthy missions and to protect his sister from harm

Strenghts: HIs stealthiness and ability to walk without being seen or heard.

Weaknesses: Afraid of putting those he loves and cares about in harms way

Image result for guy with brown hair
Image result for brown wolf

Mother: Alexandria Abernathy
Father: Kyan Abernathy
Sister: Aleena Abernathy, Cassidy went missing or is deceased
Brother: None

Extra: Kaz always wears a silver chain that has a ring attached to it. It was given to him when he was born and he has always worn it.

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Thanks wanna see his sister?

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Name: Aleena Abernathy
Rouge Pack name: Nightfall
Nickname: Le
Rouge Rank: Beta
Age: 19
Date Of Birth: 7th of December
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Life has been good to Aleena from the moment she was born she was surrounded around a loving family an always the centre of attenion. She has an older sister named Cassidy and a younger brother named Kazimir. She grew up on a farm and enjoyed helping her parents round up the animals in her wolf form. Her brother Kazimir and Aleena grew up together and spent ost of their child hood chasing eachother around. Aleena is a year older than Kazimir but that never stopped the both of them from going on make belief adventures, when they where younger.

Cassidy was more isolated and never cared much for Aleena or Kaz the moment those two came into the world Cassidys came crashing down. One day Cassidy cracked and tried to strangle Aleena for being more beautiful and smarter than herself. Kazimir heard Aleena's cry for help and he leapt on to Cassidy clenching his jaw into her arm tearing it out of her socket. Cassidy ran away screaming and begging for her family's forgiveness but she was never heard from again.

Aleena's family decided to move away from the farm house and leave their current pack. They later joined the nightfall pack and the Abernathy family became highly respected. Aleena ascended to being a Beta and Kazimir chose to be an assassin as he found a sweet delight in getting stealthy missions.

Aleena is a bubbly person and doesn't care much for political affairs. Aleena was born to serve her Alpha and that is what she plans on doing no matter who takes over. She is a loyal indivisual and she can come across as a charismatic, towards people. Although most of the time Aleena is adorable and heart warming she can have a dark side when it comes to those she loves and cares about are in danger.
Wolf Appearance:

Image result for brown wolf

Human Appearance:

Goals: To be the best she can be

Strengths: Her beauty

Weaknesses: Seeing others hurt or msierable

Mother: Alexandria Abernathy
Father: Kyan Abernathy
Sister: Cassidy Abernathy went missing or has passed away
Brother: Kazimir Abernathy

Extra: one of her closest friends is Elias Mourgent alph of the daylight pack

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aww thanks :) I've now officially finished seven characters!!

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Name: Tallulah Monroe Hyde
Age: 16
Nickname: Tallie (By Silas)
Rank: None
Pack: None (Rogue)
Sexuality: Straight
Date of birth: June 2d

Personality: Tallie is a wild girl, she loves running around and acting like a child. She doesn't really like the ideas of packs, in her opinion there creepy, with everyone obeying one person preposterous. I guess you would say she's a snarky person. Tallie would like to be a doctor when she's older. She is ashamed of the fact that her mother was a Vampire. And that she shares the same abilities with her mother, but is grateful she is able to transform into a wolf. (Her wolf is pretty small though and her fangs are pretty sharp)

Wolf appearance:

Tallie was left in the woods at the age of ten. She just sat there waiting for her parents to come back. She suspected that they'd just left her there to find something to heal the cut on her shoulder. About 5 hours later a boy came around the corner limping with blood and dried blood on his shirt. Her parents were doctors and they had been training her to be one, suddenly she stood and walked over to him. He looked down at her and asked: 'Where are your parents', Responding with a shrug she grabbed the only bag her parents left her with. Tallie took him to a pond washed his wound and bandaged it with one of her shirts. He asked her once more 'Where are your parents?' she told him the story. She wasn't supposed to be in mom and dads doctoring room but she was curious so she stepped into it. Tallie saw tools and medicine she wanted it all, just to put it in a bag and run to her room to see how these tools work. She stole bandages and medicine that she knew how to use. She walked out a happy girl, but she was quickly caught her mamma noticed something was missing and promised harsh punishment against that person who had stolen these things not knowing it was her own daughter. Tallie was scared what if they find out it's me? She walked downstairs to put it back but her mother walked out. Tallie's heart stopped in one moment, she'd been caught! Her mamma looked from the tools in Tallie's hands to the tears on Tallie's face and said: "Go pack,". Tallie smiled as she walked back up the stairs she was forgiven! And she was going on a trip! What more could she ask for? She returned downstairs packed and ready, her mother picked up the stolen tools, bandages, medicine and handed them back to Tallie, Tallie grinned and shoved them back into the bag she had packed. Her mother took her out to the woods, sat her on a log and walked away. Tallie started to cry this was her punishment they were going to leave her here for a few hours and then come back? After she had told this little boy everything he frowned at her and said: "They're not coming back," Tallie nodded and said, "I know,". He asked her what her name was, she asked him what his was. They exchanged names. Silas looked at her, saying "Well I can't leave you here so, do you wanna be my new sister?" She nodded really hard and fast and smiled at him. From then on they were brother and sister.

Weakness: Haven't found one.

Strengths: Knives

Mother: Doesn't remember her name.
Father: Carl Monroe
Adoptive Brother: Silas Hyde
Adoptive Grandma: Gi

Extra: Her mother was a vampire and her father was a werewolf. So she has both powers. She speaks french, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Romanian

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