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Rank: Countess
Name: Winter Night
Nickname: Winny
Age: 623
(Sorry for the gore)
Another Pic:

Personality: Winny isn't a very talkative girl, but her sister's are. Evil and cunning, bloodthirsty that's probably the best way to describe her. She not really looking for a mate, in fact, she avoiding whoever he is. Winny isn't a complete rebel but she comes close to one. Law is stupid but it's dangerous to defy it, she is named countess but her mother and father control it all.

History: Winny grew up in Snowdown palace, living high and nice, she was once talkative like her sister's but something made her quiet. Winny and her sister Peri were inseparable. Wherever Peri was Winny was there too. Peri was supposed to be Countess of Snowdown but something happened. One night Winny and Peri decided to sneak out, Peri wanted to go visit her rouge Mate/boyfriend, Winny was hesitant but Kate smiled and she nodded. They left and went through the woods, a boy showed up. He was cute, later she found out his name was Josh (What josh looks like Faceclaim: (Simon Nessman)) He smiled at Peri, and you could see Peri glow, They kissed and she followed at a nice distance. A big wolf suddenly growled shoving Peri back Josh shifted into wolf form. Peri got up running towards Winny shoving Winny into a pile of snow, Peri stood fangs out. The wolf knocked josh down and stalked toward Peri, Peri stood her ground hissing. He lunged Peri dodged, after a while of this he shifted back to human form, an elder stood in the wolfs place, grabbing Peri's hair, he grabbed a knife from the snowy ground, opening her sister's mouth wider he cut her tongue out her sister screamed. Josh whimpered on the ground, the elder looked up at her and smiled, and said: "If you say a word about any of this 'You'll be next'". Josh scrambled to his feet not even bothering with his clothes, He cradled Peri in his arms whispering how she'll be okay he took her back to his house because Peri refused to go back home. No one knows's what happened except Winny. Winny won't say what happened, simply because Peri is alive. Peri is breathing, just not with her tongue. Peri was embarrassed. Winny is silent now afraid something will slip, she talks to no-one.

Mother: Eva
Father: Dave
Brother: Carlos
Cousin: Ruth Rivera
Extra: She likes to visit other villages.

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Rank: Count
Name: Sebastián Vantino
Nickname: Do you have a death wish.... (Sebastian despises being called anything other than Count or Master) (Lyra is an exception and calls him Sebastian or Sebby)
Age: 750 years old
Date Of Birth: Really...
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (has a girlfriend named Lyra who is a.... werewolf...)
Sebastián comes from a powerful Vampire family that can be cruel and sadistict. From the moment who grew his fangs they have pounded the old laws into him...But that never stopped Sebastian from having a weak heart. He knew it was wrong to fall in love with a werewolf but he told himself that it didn’t matter that his family would never know. He thought Lyra was the best thing that ever happened to him in his Ancient withered existence. All those centuries, decades where spent being flogged by his father, he was sick of being taught the old ways and he had no faith or belief that they were right. One day he snapped at his father in front of all the court and in the middle of celebrating his father’s long rule he over threw him. He was sick of being treated horribly so he crushed his father’s neck with his hands. Blood oozed out from him and Sebastian chuckled wickedly. He didn’t care that he had just slain his father, but he looked warily at the court and they cheered with joy. They worshipped him like he was a godly being and he relished the admiration. He smiled in satisfaction and faced his new court.

Those that where loyal to his father were banished and sent to torture chambers. He no longer feared his father finding out about Lyra as he knew if he was Count she would be safe. He ordered his Court to call him either Count or preferably Master…. This was his court they would start and make things fresher…. More new. He also carried a burden a secret that no one knew about…. His sister Clarissa…. Lysandra was in the hands of werewolves and it was obvious to say that she hated him. Sebastian tried to kill her and in return she tried to butcher him. He never whished for her to be out of his world but his father had told him it was for the best. In his fathers’ eyes no half breed belonged in a pure blooded court.

He knew Lysandra’s mother was a full blooded werewolf and his own mother was a Rogue. He had been lucky to have been born to a Halfie is father had called his mother. Sebastian sighed through his nose and shook the painful memories out of his head…. He was count, he didn’t need to have a sister, mother or father all he needed was Lyra by his side and everything would be perfect.

Personality: Sebastian is a sarcastic charming vampire and can be up himself at times. He can have a stubborn attitude and although most of the time he is fun and games he can have a darker mood. When he is having one of those it is best to steer clear as he can have a fiery, deadly temper. He is cunning and enjoys thinking of creative and fun ways of skinning and tourturing is prey.

Image result for vampire guy with black hair

Image result for vampire fangs guy

Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): Clarissa Vantino (Also known as Lysandra Zenik)
Other Relatives: Has a cousin named Saffron Vantino his other familt has dissapeared

Goal(s): To destroy anyone who dares question or challenge him (He hates being told he is wrong)

Other: His girlfriend is Alpha of the moonlight pack (Lyra)

~✨Catherine✨~ (catherine16078) | 220 comments Name: Jessebelle Tato
Rank: Countess
Nicknames: Jessie, Sibel, (She hates being called Bella)
Age: 267

Jessebelle literally clawed her way up to her present rank. Born a duchess, she always enjoyed life's pleasures to the fullest. She loved to torture, not physically, but mentally, dangling something they craved in front of them, but snapping it back when they reached for it. She scorns her parents for not using every resource they had, but she was attached to them anyway, like they were something of sentimental value. When she was 18, werewolves raided the territory and killed her parents. She did not particularly mourn them, but she felt the loss.
When she became Baroness, she became close friends with two other Baronesses, Kali, and Nisha. This happened when they were taken hostage by werewolves. The three decided to plot their escape, even though they were grossly outnumber, 1:7. They faked suicide, and when the werewolves went to investigated they were slaughtered. They each saved each other's lives countless times then. They have no ranking in their group, except for the fact that Jessebelle is a countess. There is no secrets or jealousy in their group, and there never will be. They can even tell what the other are thinking.
Unsatisfied with her rank, she, Nisha, and Kali plotted their Count's assassination. They decided she would get the rank, but she would Nisha and Kali would rule backstage. They disguised themselves as thralls and served the Count his favorite food, roast fish. They cooked it so well, the Count didn't think to check it for poison. When the Count died, other nobles rushed to claim his position, but those who challenged her were slaughtered.

Jessebelle has no sense of shame or regret. She likes to enjoy the full pleasure of being countess. She will do things just because she can. She loves manipulating people she consider beneath her, except a few close friends and people who have earned her respect. She is both feared and coveted, and is wickedly smart. She knows just how to keep her court under tight rule without them rising up against her. She likes to be the leader of all things, but hides it so she can strike just at the right time. You never know her true emotion, unless you are one of her few close friends. She loves to a certain extent. If you are someone she respects, she refrain from harming you when convenient, sometimes go out of her way. Extremely close friends, she will go out of her way for and risk her own life. It takes at least a hundred years of loyalty and shared danger for her to consider you a close friend. She is fiercely loyal to the ones she loves.
She plays dirty.

Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased

Two best friends

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Rank: Baroness
Name: Saffron Vantino
Nickname: Saff
Age: 637
Lives: Moray
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date of birth: 7th of winter....(She can't recall the month)
Saffron was born in to the Gwynneth court and spent her child hood playing with her cousin Sebastian Vantino. Sebastians father was Saffrons uncle and he enjoyed having his relatives staying within his inner cirlce. The inner circle was a cult within the Gwynneth vampires and they believed by bringing back the old rules and ways they where doing a service to their children. When Saffs uncle grew more aggresive and he seemed more distant he started unleashing hell upon Saff and her cousins.

He murdered her three older sisters claiming they where in league with vampires. Sebastian was a few centuries older than her and he had challenged is father saying he was a corrupted spirit. Ferdinand sebastians father and saff's uncle had merely laughed and sank his claws into sebastian's arm nearly tearing it off. Her Aunt had ordered Saff's family were to flee until things calmed down. Ferdinand had overheared what his wife was saying to his brother(Saff's dad) and his wife(Saff's mum). He roared with rage and threatened that if his court... family where to abandon him, he would slaughter them and their children. Saffrons family had relatives in Moray and later that night they fled leaving the corrupted court Gwynneth behind.

Her parents eventually where killed by her Uncle and Saff for the first time in a long time felt truly alone. In moray she became a Baroness and helped out the court, with meetings e.t.c Saffron spent most of day's recoering from all the death that had happened and when she finally got herself together she was 500 years old. Saffron's goal to achieve through her immortal lifetime is to elminate corrupt courts and purge the filth out of their mindless counts as she belives no person no matter if they are vampire or werewolf should have to face their loved ones break and collapse one by one.

Saffron has an enchanting mischevious personality. She likes to be manipulative and has a persuasive demeaner. She uses that to her advantage to get her own way. She hates getting her manicured nails chipped and dislikes getting her messed up. She trys to avoid missions as much as possible and spends her time flirting with court members or shopping. But when her amazing skills are needed she will use anymeans possible to elminate her enemies.



Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Sisters: She had three sisters
Cousins: Sebastian Vantino Count of Gwynneth and Clasrissa Vantino (Lysandra Zenik and Sebastians sister) the half-ling.

Extra: Once a week Saff goes shopping for clothes, shoes, hair accesories, nail polish, makeup e.t.c
Her best friend is Winter Night (Winny)

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Rank: Baroness
Name: Ruth Rivera
Territory: Moray
Age: 412
Nickname: Rue. (River by Winny)
Sexuality: Straight.
Date of birth: August 2d

Personality: Rue has always loved flowers. She likes to shop and hang around her cousin Winny. She is kind but has a sarcastic side. Rue is pretty shy but once she gets to know you she's a bubbly tornado. Rue has a loving family and enjoys to watch the sun come up and sit by the ocean. She is a curious girl and is determined. Rue likes to make new friends. But please don't betray or cross her. She may have a pretty face, but she's got fangs.

Appearance: when she dyes it blonde:
One more for good luck(Natural Hair):

Ruth has enjoyed watching the sun rise since a baby her mother used to take her there when she was wailing and she would calm down. But her mother was killed. They say her mother fell over the bridge and tumbled to her death but if so, why was there a stab wound in her chest? Vampires are not supposed to question the Law but Ruth will do whatever it takes to find out what happened to her mother. Ruth has been friends with Silas Hyde since the day he saved her from his own father. Her aunt is just an old rich woman who is snobby and strict. Her mother Lue, was a wild girl who wanted to be everything a doctor, a florist a servant even a cook! She loved her mother with all her heart. One day when she was watching the sun rise she heard a carriage pull up she turned around only to see a Count! She walked over to him and said: "My mother isn-" He cut her off with a curt nod "Yes, about your mother she's dead. Fell off the bridge." Then he turned around hopped back into the carriage and rode off leaving Rue standing there like an idiot. She fled to the woods and sat on a log she was shocked. After some crying and screaming, she went back home. Only to find an unfamiliar face standing there dressed in beautiful clothes, her aunt. ( Her aunt Eva dragged her back to her big house. Life started, she was supposed to act like a princess and never to embarrass Eva, if she did harsh punishments happened. The upside to life? She met Winny, and Winny became a sister to her. She was not allowed to go to places where Winny was but in the house the played fun games and threw knives at the target. But one night, she watched Winny and Peri sneak out when Winny came back she was crying and peri wasn't with her. The next morning peri was said to be dead. Winny didn't talk to anyone, not even her! So she snuck out one night to be a detective, ended up being captured by an assassin saved by an assassin. Her life wasn't perfect but she had things to live for.

Strengths: Her hair.

Weaknesses: Nails

Mother: Dead
Father: No-one knows who or where he is
Aunt: Eva
Uncle: Dave
Cousin: Winny
Cousin Carlos

~✨Catherine✨~ (catherine16078) | 220 comments Name: Nisha Thisbe
Nickname: None
Age: 298
Birthdate: November 13th
Gender: Female
Rank: Baroness
Sexuality: Straight, but hates the idea of romance
Territory: Sarifal


Personality: Nisha is cold to everyone except close friends. She is always brooding, so you'll never know what wicked ideas she has. She is extremely loyal and stubborn. She sees most everything as a tool, something to be used. Her few friends are the only exceptions. She isn't sadistic, she prefers to kill in the heat of the battle. She is absolutely not interested in males, she never wants to be owned.

Nisha was the youngest of 8 daughters of a baron. Due to her early childhood, she often longs for attention, but never asks for it. She had never liked her sisters, she always thought they were shallow. When her father became old, he couldn't decide who was to be his heir. Nisha made that decision for him. She cleverly tricked her sisters (who had always thought she wasn't interested in power) into marrying people who were below them. She brewed a love potion and fed it to them. The ones she couldn't trick, she killed. She believed they were not fit to rule anyway.

She was taken hostage by werewolves, along with her present best friends (though she didn't know it at the time), Jessebelle, and Kali. They were severely outnumber. They had to cooperate with each other and come up with a plan to fight their way out. They faked commiting suicide and killed the guards that came to investigate. After that, they saved each other's lives countless times. Over the next centuries, they began to trust each other and become good friends. They can even tell what one another is thinking.

The trio decided to murder their count. The plan of poisoning him came from Jessebelle, the distraction came from Kali (who flirted with the count), and Nisha provided the poison. The count didn't suspect a thing. Afterwards, the three killed any other people who wanted to claim the kill. After that, Nisha retreated into the shadows. She hated the politics and power games of the court, she was fine with being Baroness, thank you very much. Once, a lord tried to flirt with her, and she had Jessebelle order to execute him. That taught others to stay away. She is Jessebelle's right hand and takes cares of developing weapons, assasinations, and all that dark stuff.

8 sisters, 5 are dead, 3 are duchesses or ladies.
Mother: Died birthing her
Father: Deceased

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~✨Catherine✨~ (catherine16078) | 220 comments Name: Keir Ezren
Nickname: None, he sees no use in it
Rank: Duke
Age: 437
Birthday: December 17th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Territory: Moray


Keir is deadly serious. He sees no use in jokes or small talk. He takes his responsibility as a Duke very solemnly. He does not have much sense of humor, and most attempts to flirt with him fall flat. You could describe him as unsociable. He is very stealthy and likes to hear what others are saying about him. He does not like to get his hands dirty with torture, he will kill in the heat of the battle. You never can tell what he is thinking. Truthfully, he is actually very lonely.

Keir was raised to be a ruthless, stone cold killer. His father was one, and it had been the family pride. When he was 5, his father's men captured a werewolf. His father ordered Keir to make the werewolf experience as much pain as possible before killing it. 5 year old Keir was mystified by the knife and waved it around. He accidentally cut open the werewolf's belly and blood gushed out. Keir panicked and tried to close the wound. The cut was fatal.
Keir forever after hated torture. He'd much rather just snap someone's neck and be done with it. Many accuse him of having a soft heart. He was so relieved when his father died but was immediately guilty for feeling so. Afterwards, he outlawed torture for all those under his control.
At court one day, there was a party of captured rogues. They were going to be tortured for information. Keir was horrified. That night, he set fire to the dungeon, killing the rogues, and sparing them from torture. He covered his tracks well, no one ever suspected him. Instead, the blame was pushed onto the thrall who was guarding them. The thrall was burned alive. Devastated, Keir vowed to never do anything as stupid again. He would either kill the victims to-be and take the blame, or let them be tortured.

Goals: To survive (he's not the goals type of person)
Strengths: He's stealthy, he can hide his emotions well, and he's good at going undercover.
Weaknesses: He never lets himself get close to people, he doesn't know how to have fun, he's too serious.
Father: Died of old age
Mother: Died of unknown disease when Keir was a newborn
Siblings: None

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