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Rank: Alpha

Pack: Skylight

Age: 19 years old

Name: Alarice Petit (Alarice is a french girl name meaning rules all)

Nickname: Aly

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Date Of Birth: 3rd of May


Alarice new this day would come but she didn't expect it so soon. Alpha... the title haunted her dreams and sent waves of panick through her. Her father was teaching her how to be the perfect leader and they were both enjoying themselves. Each day they went through the same rutine and gruelling excercises and each day Alarice started cherishing each moment with her Father.

That was until her life came crashing down and the title Alpha was litterally thrown upon her head. She was there and yet didn't even lift a finger to help her own flesh and blood. She saw the flicker in the shadows and noticed the dark unnerving waves that pulsed around her in a hum, She saw the glint of fangs and saw it tear her fathers throat out and yet she didn't move.

A vampire slaughtered her father, her Alpha and it strangely didn't do the same to her. She had carried the burden of telling her pack the gruesome news and they howled with rage and misery. Alarice would have joined in with their chorus only if she hadn't felt responsible for her fathers death.

She refused to be Alpha and said her mother should have the honours but the next day she vanished in thin air and everyone suspected the worst, suspected the rogues where behind this. I on the other hand took my rightful place as Alpha and I silently vowed I would kill the vermin that destroyed my world....

Alarice has led the Skylight pack for three years and has earnt all her pack mates respect and together they fight for freedom. Freedom against the filth. Freedom against Rogues and Vampires alike. As they are the ones who ruined her packs world and sent Alarice's own dreams crumbling down.

Goals: To kill the Vampire who murdered her father and destroy the rogues. She would also like to lead her pack to glory.

Personality: Alarice is very cheerful and enjoys to go hunting with her pack. Although her cheerful demeaner can come crashing down when she is insulted and that's when her wicked side takes empowers her. Although she can have a nsaty attitude at times she is generraly calm and collected. Aly has a strong will for revenge and believes that all rogues and vampires are hers to tourture as she sees them as the destroyer of her childhood. When she has the time she helps the younger pack members and has a wild sense for adventure.



Wolf Form


Human Form

Weaknesses: Seeing her packmates die by the hands of her enemies and she has a strong dislike for Fire as she hunts best in the shadows, using stealth as her guide.

Strengths The shadows are Alarice's best friend. She finds hunting her prey easier within the closure of darkness. She has a strong grip in Wolf form and uses strategies to annihilate her foes.

Family: Her mother dissapeared and her father is dead. She has a little sister and her Aunt cares for her and whenever Alarice can help she offers a hand.

Extra: Alarice is 18yrs old, she loves eating sheep, cows and rabbits. In human form she likes to lie on the grass and watch the clouds. She is fascinated by the sky and loves exploring new areas with her pack.

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Rank: Alpha
Pack: Moonlight
Name: Lyra Christalle
Age: 16
Date of Brith: 4th December
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Distinguishable Markings; Has two silver lines on the forehead (only wolf form)

Personality:Most of the time Lyra is a pretty relaxed,not very talkative person who is good at listening and observing others but of course she has a few triggers like everyone,especially when it concerns her family and pack's safety.She is pretty straight forward and stubborn. When she wants something,she will definitely make sure she will have it in the end. It takes a lot to make her mad, but when she does get mad she goes off. And yes,she is very vengeful. If something bad happens to her family or someone from her pack, she will make them pay for it and she will make sure to make it happen even it cost her,her own life.

She's not cruel or sadistic, but she does have a ruthless side. If she has a task to do and she is committed to it,. She doesn't like to hurt anyone,except vampires,but if the situation calls for it, well you can say.. she is a master at it.

Goals: To annihilate the vampire race

History : Lyra was born as the second child of her family. She had an elder sister whom she look up to other than her father. Her mother died when she was 3 years old due to a vampire attack. If her father didn't come on time she would be dead too.
Since she wasn't the next alpha,she led a very careless life. Everyone in her pack coddled her and loved her. She had her first kiss when she was 13 with Alex but when she went back to her pack after having the kiss,what she saw changed her entire life. Her entire family was killed and the pack was killed,by a vampire? She wasn't sure but she could feel her blood thrumming in her veins and for the first time she transformed. She transformed in to her wolf form watching her loved ones lying on the ground dead and smelling their blood.
Lyra didn't wait a second to moan at the loss,no she went looking for the remaining members of her pack. She only has one thought in her head...."revenge", that's what kept her moving while looking for her pack. Then she found them...and they cried when they saw her but she didn't shed any tears,"tears and moaning can wait" she thought,so she cut her palm infront of her pack and swore an oath,a blood oath,that she will definitely find whoever did this to their families...that she won't kill them quickly....that she will make sure they will suffer until they beg to die,until they beg her mercy,their mercy and that she will savor every minute of that.
The girl who always had a smile on her face was no longer to be found. In her place stood a girl,no...a woman who swore to have their revenge...a woman who is now the Alpha of the Moonlight pack.

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Rank: Alpha's Sister
Pack: Starlight
Name: Victoria
Nickname: Tori (Vicky by ONLY her best friend)
Age: 16
Date of Brith: April 1st
Gender: Female

Appearance: (Wolf) and
(Human form):Blue Eyes, brown hair tan skin 5'4 ( )

Distinguishable Markings(if any): a small streak of gold on the top of her fur (Wolf form)

Personality: Sarcastic, brave Victoria is a direct descendent of Victor. She like's her hair in a bun and doesn't put up with crap. She spend's most of her time reading (She wears glasses: she's a full-time fangirl. Victoria hates going on trip's and despises pack meetings. Victoria doesn't really like venturing out that much. You probably wouldn't pin Tori as the ruthless type but when it comes to rogues think again.....
Strengths: Lipstick
Weaknesses: the world without books
Goals: Find a mate who is a nerd.

History: Victoria hates rogues with a pure passion. They murdered her aunt Josie and left her body naked and splattered with blood at the gate. Josie was her favorite Aunt she allowed only Victoria to call her Sia, Josie always said Tori was her pride and joy almost like the child she never had. When victoria was born, the second youngest her mother was busy mending the pieces of the pack getting everything organized and stuff so, she put Tori in Josie's arms and said: "I need you to take care of Tori while I handle Bussiness with my husband." Smiling she left little Victoria with Josie for a freaking 5 YEARS. Josie became like the mother of Victoria, bathing her, clothing her, feeding her everything she needed Josie gave it to her. When she 5 her mother came and said: "I'm here to take my daughter back." Well, Josie wasn't having it, she said a plain old no. Josie had lost her mate at eighteen leaving her scarred for life so when Cora placed Tori in Josie's arms it was like Josie had given birth to her and Tori was Josie's child. Cora took her child back and still allowed Tori to sleepover and visit Josie but Josie was still heartbroken and went into the forest one night to visit her mate grave. The next day Tori found her body at the gate with a note nailed to her saying: Rouges. Tori was never the same after that. Victoria had no-one to confide in now that Josie was gone, so she confided in books.
In Josie's memory, she goes out every night and looks at the moon. Because Josie loved the moon.

Mother: Cora
Father: Brian
Brother(s): Magnus, Gus, Manny (Triplets) and the oldest Alexander
Sister(s): Addie, Lark, Diana
Other Relatives: Grama Pea grampa Jo, Aunt Anna Uncle Joseph

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Pack: Starlight
Territory: Nerlond
Rank: Beta
Age: 21
Name: Ignacia Khanin
Nickname: Iggy or Iggs (often she’ll punch the person who says either of those)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Date of Birth: October 14th
Scent: Coffee and Cinnamon.
Appearance: descriptiondescription
Distinguishable Markings: Golden eyes along with red and black fur (wolf form.) She has a tattoo on inner right forearm that says "Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel." And a tattoo on her inner left forearm that says "Trust breeds Betrayal." (human form.)
Personality: Ignacia is very fiery, passionate, and full of rage. When around her friends and loved ones, she is very mild mannered and happy, but that can change in an instant. When someone disrespects, insults, or hurts her or her friends, make no mistake, they will regret it.
Goals: Annihilate the Vampires and Rogues.
History: >>When she was a young girl, she lived in a house in a small village on the edge of The Trakuland Mountain Ranges with her parents and her 5 brothers and sisters. She was the oldest of 6 children and she was in charge more often than she should have ever had to be. So whenever she got some alone time, she would play in the forest. This went on from the time she was 9 until she was 12. To others, she had an obsession with it, but to her, it was calming… Not only that, but she had a secret.
>>>>>>>>Ignacia went to the forest to see a friend she had made -- a rogue. When she was with the rogue, she was comfortable, she felt understood. She felt that they had a connection, that they clicked. She didn’t care that he was 4 years older, nor did she care what people thought. What a young and foolish girl she was. For she, at her young age, had not yet had the hatred for Rogues, nor the understanding of their hatred for them, instilled into her.
>>>>>>>>The rogue, Korrick, asked her to run away with him, and she agreed. As she snuck out with a packed bag, she was too blinded by her love to notice the small groups of Rogues sneaking into her village. When she realized Korrick was not coming, was about the time that she heard the screams. When she finally got back, she came upon piles and piles of bodies. Amongst the gore, she could only find her cousin Damon, who was 5 years older than her. She vowed from that point on that she would destroy the Rogues for massacring her village, the Vampires so the Werewolves could live in peace, and anyone that got in her way.
>>>>>>>>After that, Damon took her to Nerlond, to train her, as he was already a warrior in Balmor. The only reason he was able to be there for her is because he was going to claim the position of Assassin in the Moonlight pack. After a 7 years of training Ignacia started to kill/manipulate/intimidate to push herself up the ladder toward a higher position of power. Now, she is the beta of the Starlight Pack, and is happy with her position. She doesn’t have a want or need to overthrow her alpha, as he is one of the few people who has earned her respect.
Weaknesses: Ignacia’s weaknesses include her temper, the fact that she’d do anything for the people she loves and respects, she has PTSD, and she has trust issues. Another weakness is that she often blurs the line between justice and vengeance.
Strengths: She is strong willed, determined, passionate, and is more practiced in manipulation and intimidation than most other Werewolves.
Family: Her mother, father, and 5 younger siblings are dead, killed in the Rogue massacre.
Extra: Things that calm Ignacia are music, books, and her cousin Damon. Without them she would have been broken a long time ago. Silas is her mate, they just aren’t looking for each other yet.

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Pack: Starlight
Rank: Alpha
Name: Alexander
Nickname(if any): Xander or Alex
Age: 20
Date of Brith: August 4th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: (Wolf) (human form)
Grey eyes, dark hair, 6'0

Distinguishable Markings(if any): A white star on his back (In wolf form)

Personality: Alex wouldn't say he's ruthless, but he's not actually kind to Vampires or Rouges or anyone he doesn't know for that matter. And yes he is an overprotective bastard (Learned that from his dad). He likes hunting and enjoys watching tv and spying on his sisters.

Strengths: (He doesn't have a mate yet BUT that will be his strength if anyone would like to make his mate...)
Weaknesses: Nothing really
Goals: Find a mate before 21

History: Alex was born in June, making him a summer baby and wolf. His father and mother are very strict and protective parents, and so when Alex was young he wasn't an outdoor baby (he didn't go out alone until he hit 10 years old). Alex enjoyed being with his mom more than his father when he was younger. His favorite activity with her was cooking (which he still enjoys doing as an older wolf).
Alex is very overprotective of his family and his pack members. His training began when he was 11 (a very early, but necessary age). As a soon to be the leader of the Starlight pack, his father thought it necessary to train him excessively; so that he'd never be unprepared, or afraid of anything. As a result, Alex developed a lengthy and powerful skill set that allowed him to be the best of the best.
After hitting 14 years of age, his father began to take him out on the border to experience what it was like to truly fight and kill rogues, vampires, and other creatures that threaten the lives of his pack. His fearlessness made him a serious threat, and his talent caused him to gain admiration amongst other packs. The Starlight pack gained strength and numbers, because of Alex's leadership and partnership with his father (who he began to become close with) at the young age of 17.
Both parents taught him that the union between the Alpha and his mate is sacred and precious; which caused Alex to respect mating pairs... and (occasionally) other females.

Mother: Cora
Father: Brian
Brother(s): Magnus, Manny, and Gus
Sister(s): Addie, Diana, Lark and Victoria
Other Relatives: Grama Pea grampa Jo, Aunt Anna Uncle Joseph

Other: He had his first kiss with Lyra Christalle

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Astraris | 343 comments Pack: Moonlight Pack
Rank: Sentinel
Name: Lykos Agyar
Nickname: Lie
Age: 23 years old
Date of birth: 21st May
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight


Personality: a half-sarcastic man, often taking life lightheartedly. However; since his new role, his outlook has hardened somewhat. He acts like a personal guard, and so his distrusting and over-cautious side reflects this. In all, he's like a big-brother figure, reliable but protective

Strengths: courage in combat, a protective presence

Weaknesses: paranoia when it come to the safety of the alpha. The lack of courage when it comes to his official role in the pack

Goals: As a sentinel, it's his duty to lead the pack should the unspeakable happen. However, he has no desire to lead, and the idea almost terrifies him so he takes a more guard-like role to the alpha and beta, aiding the gammas and warriors and takes a proactive approach to the safety of the top wolves, and the whole pack by extension

History: his parents were both sentinels before him and, being a mated pair, eventually gave birth to Lykos before taking the rank of Elders. Because of their responsibilities, Lykos was largely raised by the Gammas that trained him to be a Warrior

He eventually took the rank of gamma himself after multiple acts of bravery in several years of service. The best time of his life was when he trained the warriors in his care, leading his own group of warriors in the most recent battles, and was away when the alpha was murdered by the vampire

After his daughter became the new alpha, he saw the trauma in her eyes and when the elders named him Sentinel on her behalf, he new he'd focus his efforts on her, his soldier-like attitude taking the best of him. He knew the alpha when they were younger, and knew she was to be alpha one day. Now he has the chance to help her the way he wanted to since he was a child

Mother: Illios Agyar (ex Elder, deceased)
Father: Numen Agyar (ex Elder, deceased)
Siblings: None
Other relatives: None

~✨Catherine✨~ (catherine16078) | 220 comments Pack: Moonlight
Rank: Beta
Name: Letticia Cely
Nickname(if any): Tisha
Age: 16
Date of Brith: June 12th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Wolf Form:
Human Form:

Distinguishable Markings(if any):
A blue diamond on her forehead, and tiny blue gemstones around her eyes. She also has scars on her flank.

Personality: Letticia is a fierce, but kind person. She is always coming up with witty quips and like making people laugh. She is creative and intelligent, and outgoing. She stands up for what she thinks is right, and wants to do meaningful work. Although she can be stubborn, she is has a very liberal way of thinking, and is immensely passionate. She is a hard worker, and never one to shy away from work. She can become very worked up or emotional, though she never lets her emotions take over her logic. She can be unlogical in small decisions, but never on the choices that matter.
Strengths: Outgoing, hard worker, funny, intelligent, liberal, creative. She is also a good fighter, and hunter, and debater.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, emotional, sometimes can be too hot-headed or frank.
Goals: To bring the pack to peace. She doesn't want revenge, since she would not want to inflict the sort of pain she had on even her worst enemy. She also wants to make a lasting impact on her pack.

Letticia was the 3rd child in her family. Her childhood was full of carefree daydreams and playing. She was loved and cared for, but not spoiled. At a young age, she decided that she only wanted peace for her pack, and improve the society around her in any way she could.
At ten years old, her father died due to a disease. Letticia had always loved her father, and was devastated and heartbroken when he died. This only reinforced her idea to improve the society. She believed that it would do no good to wish, she would find a way to solve the problem.
When she was 13, her older brother, was killed in a battle with the rogues. This filled her with hate and rage, but she still stuck to her beliefs of co-existence with the vampires and rogues. She decided not to take revenge, since that would not help anyone, no, she decided to work as hard as she could and make a better life for her younger sisters and someday, for her children. Many people scoffed at her beliefs, but in spite of that, she rose to the rank of beta. She is much loved in the pack, but many believe her to be naive about the vampires and rogues.
When she turned 15, there was a huge battle with the vampires. She fought bravely, but it left her scarred, physically and mentally. She hated all the blood and killing, and never wanted future generations to have to do what she did in the heat of the battle.

Family: Letticia has a very big and loving family. Her father died when she was 10, by the hands of disease. Her eldest brother was killed in a battle with the rogues. She has an older sister (20 years old) who is a respected Gamma in the pack. She has two younger sisters, who are twins. They are both 8 years old, and dream of becoming warriors. Her mother is a Gamma, and her aunt is one of the pack's best warriors.

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Pack: Moonlight
Rank: Sentinel
Name: Clarissa Vantino
Nickname(if any): Lysandra Zenik (Everyone calls her Lysandra no one dares call her by her Vampire name)
Age: 19 yrs old
Date of Brith: 3rd of July
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Wolf and human form
description/> <img src=


Distinguishable Markings(if any): Goldy brown fur in her wolf form. Human form she has bright red hair

Personality: Lysandra has a cunning and fiesty personality. She loves to torment and tourture her enemies as she finds it a fun way to relieve her of her stress. Although when it comes to friendship she is the nicest and most loyalist person you can ever come across. Despite her nasty demeaner she really is a loving person who cares about one thing.... to destroy those who hurt her and also wipe out Vampires

Weaknesses: Afraid of her heritage
Goals: To wreak havoc upon her half Vampire family


Lysandra doesn’t remember her family as they abandoned her in the woods when she was young. A Gamma from the moonlight pack found her wandering around aimlessly and raised Lysandra as her own. Her adoptive mothers name was Cecily Zenik and she named Lysandra after her best friend who was brutally murdered by Rogues. Together Lysandra and her mother hunted together and helped the young ones with training. A few years later Lysandra’s real mother named Tamika came to claim her and accused Cecily of stealing her baby.

Tamika was Rogue and Lysandra hated being overlooked by her pack mates as an outsider. She walked up to Tamika and declared Cecily was her mother and to prove herself she teared Tamika’s throat out. She felt no regrets and she certainly didn’t feel any remorse. Cecily came up to her and cupped Lysandra’s face and kissed her cheek. She announced that Lysandra was definitely Moonlight material and Lysandra was given the position of Sentinel. Her mother whispered that she would always love her no matter what she chooses in life and embraced her daughter tightly.

On Lysandra’s seventeenth birthday her mother took her out to hunt down her first Vampire. She transformed in to her wolf self and blended in to the shadows mimicking their movement. Her eye caught the tiniest flicker of movement and she spotted a Vampire sitting in a tree. Her breathe caught in her throat and she whimpered in shock. Something snapped deep within her and she howled in pain. The Vampire stalked up to her and lovingly whispered “Sister” and disappeared in to the night.

She was left there stunned and overwhelmed as thousands of thoughts flooded into perspective. It explained so much about her that no Elder could understand… well no pure blooded werewolf anyway. She was Rogue… she always knew this but she was more she was half Rogue and half Vampire. She had a brother… and somewhere out there she had another family who had watched over her. She now understood why she was left near the forest, abandoned and alone. It was because her Vampire family was terrified for her.

They didn’t want the other vermin to find out she wasn’t a pure blood, to find out that she wasn’t unholy. She longed to see her brothers face and wished to hear the strangeness of his ancient voice. She waited near the exact spot she met him for three days and she saw him again. She was in her human form looking directly at a Vampire…Her sworn enemy. She fidgeted in her spot and they both started awkwardly at each other, until he finally broke the silence and whispered a name… “Clarissa…” he smiled and muttered “No she named you Lysandra” Lysandra stared unblinking and unmoving and spoke for the first time and asked “Clarissa? Is that my real name?” He nodded once and replied “I’m Sebastian Vantino…. your brother” She gasped for no reason at all and then he slammed his claws in to her. She shrieked in pain and tears swelled from her eyes. She didn’t understand why he was attacking her and then before she knew what she was doing she lunged her teeth into his arm, clamping down hard. He threw her off like a fleck of dust and disappeared in to the night.

Lysandra told her mother of her strange encounter and she coddled her lovingly. From that moment Lysandra swore to herself that she would never be fooled by Vampires again, family or not. She knew deep down that they were cruel sadistic beasts with no feelings what so ever.

Mother: Cecily Zenik (Adopted her)
Father: Unknown
Brother(s): Sebastian Vantino (Vampire she hates)
Sister(s): None
Other Relatives: Unkown

Other: Although of her Vampire/Rogue Heritage no werewolf cares that she is in the pack as she swore in front of the entire moonlight pak that she will eliminate each and everyone that dares cross with her pack... with her family

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Iroh | 118 comments Pack: Moonlight
Rank: Gamma
Name: James Flint
Age: 20
Date of Brith: 17th of March
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight


Wolf form:

Human Form:
Distinguishable Markings: He has a Trinity tattoo on the underside of his lower right arm.

Personality: He is stern but fair when it comes to dealing with people, he can get long with just about anyone. Although his trust is not easily earned if you wanted his trust you would have to earn it regardless of who you are. There have been times when he was just a cold hearted person but through time he grew to be a family oriented person he never puts anything before family.

Strengths: Very protective of those close to him, his combat skills, his ability to adapt to any situation.

Weaknesses: Failing to protect those who are close to him, a strong drink.

Goals: To be the best he can be at anything he tasks himself to do. Avenge the fallen members of his former pack Trinity.

History: James was born in the middle of spring to Martha and Daniel Flint, unfortunately his mother died after she gave birth to him making him an only child. His father was the gamma for the Trinity pack and as james grew older his father made sure he knew how to fight. He proved to be a fast learner when it comes to fighting, his father was impressed on how quickly he learned things it gotten to the point where daniel hired a teacher to train james in more advance fighting tactics. As he grew up he began to take on some of his fathers traits this became obvious to the then pack leader of trinity.

After awhile his father began to feel like retiring from the pack and live a quiet life, but before he could leave the pack they needed someone who could fill his spot. After considering everyone below Daniels rank they eventually came to that no one could match daniels leaderships capabilities until someone suggested that james take the post. After plenty of time for consideration the then alpha and beta of Trinity agreed to have james take his fathers rank. When he received word that he would be given his fathers rank at the age of 14 he felt happy, he was following in his fathers footsteps after he was brought into the pack he got right to work.

After 4 years of being with the pack james was someone any of the members could go to if they had a problem they needed help with. When the Alpha and the Beta were murdered by a group of vampires while they were out for a walk james took over as the new Alpha. He made sure he put the right people in the right spot, he also began to have an instructor train all the members in the same techniques he was trained in. Two years after the deaths of the previous alpha and beta the Trinity pack received some intel saying that some rogues have been spotted in his territory james got a backpack ready and placed some explosives in the backpack along with a pistol. Not wanting to see a rogue invasion happen on his watch james and his pack hurried to the area where the report said the rogues were. When they got there the began searching for the rogues, soon after they heard the yelling from all around them they walked right into an ambush. James and his pack fought like the warriors they trained to be but one by one members of the trinity pack began to fall, the trinity number dwindled to where it was just james and a sentinel. The two knew they wouldn't last much longer so saddened by the lost of the people who he treasure like his own siblings, james ordered a retreat and just as the last two trinity members began to retreat a group of rogues attacked the sentinel james was going to turn and help but the sentinel shouted for him to go. It brought james to tears the people who he grew up with and lived with were all gone, he felt as if he let everyone down but he wasn't going to give up now he continued to run for survival with a couple of rogues on his tail.

Mother: Martha Flint [ Deceased ]

Father: Daniel Flint age-48

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Other Relatives: none

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This is my second Werewolf--
Name: Damon Lyall
Territory: Moonlight
Rank: Assassin
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual (Gay)
Date of Birth: August 19th
Scent: Tobacco, Mint, and Rain.
Distinguishable Markings: Red eyes (wolf form.)
Personality: If you don’t know Damon, he can seem shy to the point of suspicion. He is really just assessing. Once you get to know him, he is very sassy, and (often) inappropriate (he was in the army.) He is stealthy (assassin, duh.) And a huge flirt (with everyone, even though he's gay.) He is often happy when with his pack and loves to laugh. But if you hurt him or someone/something he loves, you are gonna die (or be fatally injured.)
History: When he was 9, his parents abandoned him. His father had tons of health issues. His mother was sick of the fighting and the war, and they were extremely depressed -- thinking that it would never stop. Then his father died of a heart attack, and his mom committed suicide. Damon was sent to Balmor to train as a part of the Alpha King’s army. He trained until he was 16, when he was kicked out. There were two reasons. 1, he was not abrasive enough; He used to slink around, observing rather than training. He observed so much that he learned to assess the weaknesses of others. He also learned the art of meditation and herbal healing (on his own time) as many of the soldiers were irritating, and when he was young, he was full of anger and he got injured more than he’d care to admit. The other reason, was a much worse thing.
>>>>>When he was about 14, he started questioning his sexuality. Damon realized at 15, that he was homosexual (Gay). While many soldiers were drooling over risque photos of women, he was slowly falling in love with a soldier. The soldier, Drodge, found out. And was Bi-Curious. Damon and Drodge had a relationship for a few months… until Drodge realized, he wasn’t enjoying their fun anymore. Drodge went to their commanding officer, and lied that Damon made sexual advances toward him. Damons title as a soldier and his honor were ripped from him, as they whipped him and kicked him out of the army.
>>>>>He wandered for a year. One day, in Nerlond, the scent of carrion and fire carried through the wind from the direction of The Trakuland Mountain Ranges. He ran and ran and stumbled upon his 12 year old cousin, Ignacia. She was sobbing and searching for her family and felt that her villages desolation was her fault. Ignacia was welcoming the concept of death. So Damon brought her back from the brink of madness and assisted her. He trained her and he fought for her for 7 years, until she fought her way to the top. She became the Beta of the Starlight Pack. So he moved on, with the knowledge that she would call if she needed assistance.
>>>>>He wandered for a another year, and met Lyra. She was 13, and her family had just died. She was wild and untamed and needed training. He used his knowledge from to army to train her to get the discipline required as an Alpha. He did this for a two years, and then was appointed as the assassin of the Moonlight Pack. He has spent a year in that position, enjoying the company of his non-judgmental companions.
Goals: To regain his honor and to prove that he didn’t make sexual advances. He also wants to protect Lyra and Ignacia. He wants to eliminate war; whether that is through violence or peace, he doesn’t care.
Weaknesses: He is willing to give anything for the people he loves. He is a bad liar.
Strengths: He is a quick healer. He has lots of support from his cousin and his alpha. He can assess a situation and is able to act quickly.
Family: His father had a heart attack, his mother committed suicide. His cousin Ignacia is a spunky, fiery thing, but they work well together.
Extra: Damon is Ignacia’s cousin. He is very close to Lyra and Ignacia. He loves to read, stargaze, and listen to rock. He'll sometimes smoke. He has a secret that only Ignacia and Lyra know… He loves musicals. Damon is best friends with Silas Hyde. His mate is Kazimir Abernathy (but its a secret, as Kaz is a Rogue.)

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Pack: Moonlight
Name: Silas Hyde
Rank: Assassin
Nickname: Silence.
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight

Wolf appearance:
Human appearance: and

Personality: He is a ruthless murder, who acts on instinct. His father trained him hard starting at the young age of 6, he believes that he will never find a mate giving his family's heritage. He's the currently named the best Assassin and has the most kills at his young age. He is a sarcastic bastard who doesn't give a damn about what anyone says. He has problems with authority, giving how his father treated him and the harsh things he endured at the cabin in the woods.


Silas was born on December 25th. On a chilly night his mother, Abigail, bore Silas to a pure-blooded werewolf. Abi was a rogue (also half vampire, half werewolf – and just had fangs). Silas father was a descendent of Zeus (Silas switched packs in the future). Soon after the birth of Silas, his mother fled; leaving his father to raise him all alone. But not without leaving him a name….. “Silence”. His father tweaked the name a little, to make it into his liking – though some do call Silas ‘Silence’. After years of only living with his crazy father, Silas was 11 when he saw his mother again.
It happened on a day when his father was feeling moody. Once again, he was angry and prowling for someone to hurt. Someone smaller and weaker, of course. He sent Silas out into the edge of their territory to track rogues – female rogues. Only being out there for a few minutes, he caught the scent of two unidentifiable females. After a lengthy chase, he caught one, knocking her down and beating her to the ground when she fought back. Unexpectedly the second female came over, running at lightning speed, and caught his face in her hands. Silas was looking into the eyes of his mother.
She held him close and lowly whispered, “Son?” Silas never believed anyone could love him. Not after the things he’d been through with his father. But after hearing her voice, the inflections of warmth and the tone of motherly affection; after looking into her eyes and seeing them melt towards him, he knew this woman – his mother – loved him. She explained to him why she left, and how she never meant to leave him. Silas’ father wasn’t her mate, she said, and they were never meant to be. She told him she loved him immensely. It would be the last time he’d see her.
At 13 years, Silas killed his own father. Always one to take advantage of the weak his father, Vincent, brought home a young girl. She was kicking and screaming, afraid of all the horrid things this man would do to her. Silas was transported to the short meeting with his mother. How she’d told him, covertly, about what his father had done to her, and how she had to run and hide away. How they were never meant to be. Snapping back into the present, Silas lunged for his father, who was dragging the girl up the stairs. Outraged Vincent growled a warning at him. Silas didn’t back down. Fists flew, and some met their mark, when out of nowhere a knife found its way to Silas abdomen. Crippled with pain, Silas fought to stay conscious. Using all the methods taught to him, he struggled to his feet, and met his father head on. Though the size difference was intimidating, it didn’t stop Silas from punching and kicking his father with all his might. Silas maneuvered around a roundhouse kick his father sent his way, grabbed the bloody knife on the floor, and threw it at his father’s head. It was like Goliath and David all over again. The giant fell, the girl was rescued, and Silas was finally free.
Silas joined the Moonlight. After 6 years, he was head assassin – Silence the Assassin; and no one could penetrate through his emotional walls.

Weakness: Nothing

Strengths: His silence.

Cousin: Arcana Snow
Mother: Abigail
Father: Dead
Half Sister: Murdered.

Extra: He enjoys hunting people. When he is stressed he smokes.
He has a secret Adopted Sister. Silas is pretty powerful.

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@Ash, does Silas have a mate?

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Hey Aubrey wanna rp with Kaz and damon?

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Yes, please!!! Do we do an rp about what happened when Damon was visiting the Mountain Ranges?

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Yay!! Ok, lets do this in the Starlight Territory in the Trakuland Mountain Ranges discussion. :)

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Manon wrote: "Ash ☼I Hear The Wolves Calling Me☼ wrote: "((OOPS))"

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Pack: Skylight

Age: 18

Name: Alexandrina Ryford

Nickname: Xandi (No one calls her Alexandrina. Her uncle used to call her this and so she hates her full name.)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Date Of Birth: 13 March

History: Xandi was born Alexandrina Ryford to loving parents, in a tight-knitted family within the Skylight pack. Her parents and uncle were all warriors for the pack, well-respected by all pack members. However, Xandi’s parents died when she was only two years old, and she was left in the care of her uncle, Drako. As a little girl, Xandi always showed an aptitude for stealth and it was assumed by many in the pack by the time she was 7 that she would make a perfect assassin. Little did the rest of the pack know that something far more sinister was lurking underneath the surface of Xandi’s life. Drako was devoted to her, always bringing her to pack events and celebrations under his wing even when she was very young, complimenting her and calling her “my beautiful niece.” When she was about eight, some members of the pack began to notice various bruises appearing on her face from time to time, but given the intensity of her training to be an assassin, they put aside their worries, ignoring the fact that Xandi was never naturally clumsy.

The truth, which Xandi has never shared with anyone, was that her uncle was attracted to her in a way completely inappropriate given both her age and their relationship. Exploiting her youth and weakness, as well as the pack’s trust in him and his training as a warrior, Drako took advantage of Xandi. From the time she was eight to fifteen, he abused her. At first it was only in the form of a few punches from time to time, but as Xandi became defiant, and more beautiful by the day, Drako began to use her sexually as well. Xandi suffered through all of these horrors in silence, believing that the pack would take the word of Drako over her own.

These events scarred Xandi, and though Drako was a careful man who kept up appearances and never left a mark, psychologically Xandi was very damaged. To keep her from talking about what was going on when she became older, Drako manipulated Xandi and convinced her that it was mostly her fault, that she should be ashamed of what was going on and that if the news got out the rest of the pack would kick her out. Xandi believed him because he was her guardian and role model.

When Drako died in a fight with rogues when Xandi was fifteen and she moved permanently into assassin’s quarters she was incredibly relieved, but also at the same time missed her uncle because of the manipulation he had done to convince her she was not the same without him. As her skill as an assassin increased, Xandi realised that her uncle had been wrong in some ways, and made it her goal to become as strong an assassin as possible so no one could ever do that to her again. However, some of the lies told by her uncle still lurk in Xandi’s mind, and as a result she is often frightened or depressed even though she is extremely skilled and self-sufficient.

Goals: To become strong enough that she’s not reliant on anyone else, and to be able to handle herself so that she can contain her fear and panic attacks.

Personality: Xandi is not shy, but she’s quiet. She tends to use a few words to make her point as effectively as possible. She doesn’t trust anyone, even those she’s known for a long time. In her opinion, people are always ready to turn around and stab you in the back. Her pack’s inability to notice what her uncle was doing means to her that even they cannot be fully trusted. Xandi is generally uncomfortable in human form. Only when in wolf form does she believe she can defend herself properly. However, Xandi doesn’t like to stand out and so she usually stays in the form those around her have taken.

Physically, Xandi has a few outward signs of her traumatic childhood. She always keeps her back to objects, such as a wall or a tree, to make sure no one can sneak up on her. She doesn’t like to talk to more than one person at once, because it makes her feel as if she is outnumbered. Her room is her sanctuary. Anyone who comes in is likely to be given a sharp warning, and then, if they don’t comply, be killed on the spot.


Wolf Form

Human Form

Weaknesses: Flashbacks and panic attacks sometimes caused by physical contact, especially with males. She is usually able to avoid these as her pack knows well enough by now to keep their distance, at least physically, but it is a major weakness since she can be totally incapacitated if taken unaware. She doesn’t have this problem in wolf form.

Strengths: Stealth. This strength was cultivated in her childhood when Xandi tried her best to remain unseen as often as possible. She uses this strength to be an extremely effective assassin. Also, as a side effect of being uncomfortable in human form, Xandi can fight not only in wolf form but also in human form with dozens of short throwing knives which she is adept at using as both range and melee weapons. These are concealed all over her person.

Family: Xandi’s mother and father died in a fight with rogues when she was two years old, so before she can remember. Xandi believes that by not preparing hard enough to fight the rogues and assigning her uncle as her guardian, her parents betrayed her, and she does not plan on ever forgiving them for that. She never had any siblings. She was raised by her uncle, a respected warrior in the pack. He died three years ago. She’s really not very close to anyone else. She is an assassin because it’s a task she can perform alone, and though she feels connected on some level with the pack, the fact that no one noticed her uncle’s continuous abuse has made her deeply resentful of the pack on an emotional level.

Extra: Xandi doesn’t realise how beautiful she is, and staring makes her very uncomfortable. She doesn’t quite understand it, but she is very lonely. She’s been an assassin for several years now, avoiding the company of others. Inside of her there is a deep longing for someone she can trust, but so far she has not met anyone she believes will not turn and hurt her.

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This is awesome!!!!!!

Bookcrazy ~ So what? I'm still a rock star~ | 426 comments Manon wrote: "This is awesome!!!!!!"


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yeah yours... let's rp

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Thanks so much!!! I'm so sorry but I gotta sleep :( I was working to finish her before I had to sleep. I'll be back in approx. 10 hours but I'm so sorry!!! :(

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Bookcrazy ~ So what? I'm still a rock star~ | 426 comments Night!! I'm glad you like her! :)

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When your on post her in the skylight members

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Zero | 180 comments Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon and each time it howls its crying for a love it will never touch

First name~ Angel
Last name~ Nightsblade
Nickname~ Just goes by Angel
Age~ 19 Years old
Date of Birth~ December 5Gender~ Male
Sexuality~ Heterosexual ( straight )

Pack~ Skylight
Rank~ Beta

Appearance_ Human
Eyes~ Icy blue
Hair color~ Brownish blonde
Hair length~ Medium length
Weight~ 135
Height~ 5'8"

Eye color~ Icy Blue
Hair color~ Midnight black
Weight~ 135
Height~ Shortened

Distinguished markings~ None other than people know who he is due to his shortness as a wolf.

Personality~ Angel is a smart ass, he will use jokes whenever he can, Most people he gets on their nerves. However it's part of his charm as well, he brings a fun environment to everyone he can. When the time comes Angel is one of the best to have either by your side or watching your back. Striking fear into the enemies if he can get into their head. A lot of people make fun of him for being short but that's before they know his strength.

~ His trust in others, he believes everyone had a chance of being a good person.
~ He rushes into fights to prove to others that he may be small but he can fight.
~ Afraid of the water

Goals~ To live life to the fullest because he only has one chance at it.

Angel doesn't remember a lot about his past, having bits and pieces of a broken history. During a fight when he was 16 years old, his foe had struck him on the head. If he hadn't of had the power of Lycan healing Angel would probably have been dead. However their are limitations to his healing, it can heal the body but not the spirit or mind. Upon waking up Angel barely even remembered who he was the only thing sparking a remembrance of who he was is the wolf inside him.
During the past few years with the help of his friends and his sense of adventure he has gotten pieces of his memory back. He will either get them through dreams or flashbacks upon seeing an object that has revelance. Even with getting some of the memories back it doesn't mean that the world is being kind. Life doesn't come without its problems and one of those is being short. Angel often gets mistaken for a adolescent teen wolf. Which is particularly true but it doesn't change the fact he will never grow bigger.
To even help to find out the wolf he is, Angel spent 3 months away from home and his pack. Traveling around trying to either find or substitute something inside him. Being away from the pack was hard for him but it was also adrenaline rushing to rely on himself for what his own needs were. But just like the pack life not even solitude of traveling could be peaceful. Angel encountered many foes along the way. Vampire or other beast alike, everything in the wild only has 1 thought and that is to kill.
Coming back to the pack 3 months later Angel returned to his pack, his home, his place of comfort. Greeted with open hands and paws, everyone wanted to know every detail. But their was nothing to tell except for a trio of adrenaline and no knowledge of his past. After 2 and half years Angel had built up to the rank of Beta. Proving his worth not only in battle but to his fellow comrades that he could take care of them. Granted it's not the highest and most important position in the pack but Angel carries himself with pride.

Mother~ Doesn't remember (open to make )
Father~ Doesn't remember (open to make )
Siblings~ Doesn't remember (open to make )
Other relatives~ Counts his pack as family

Other~ Once again don't mistake his smallness for a lack of strength.

The eyes are the windows to my heart

~✨Catherine✨~ (catherine16078) | 220 comments Name: Liam
Nickname: None, he prefers Liam
Pack: Skylight
Rank: Gamma
Age: 21
Date of Birth: July 21st
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight


(Please let the links work!!)

Human Form:

Wolf Form:

Liam had always been a coddled and cosseted child. Being the only boy in his family, his sisters had squealed and fawned over their little brother when he was born. He was adored by aunts and doted on by grandparents. It only intensified when he grew older, Liam was always cheerful and playful, and was always smiling and laughing. Liam was always a little delicate, colds and fevers took him a little longer than usual to fight. He often got sick. At a young age, Liam adored his father and had always looked up to him as a role model. His motto quickly became, when in doubt, do what dad would do.

When Liam was 12, a plague swept through their town. It's victims only survived a week after falling ill. Liam fell ill and it was all the healers could do to keep him breathing. His father fell ill too, a few days after Liam. The healers finally found a plant that might cure the sickness. Only, Liam's condition didn't change, and healers said they didn't have enough of the herb. Liam's father refused to take the herb, and insisted they give it to Liam. Finally, Liam recovered, only to find out that his father was dead.

Liam forever loathed himself for his weakness. He believed that he was the reason his father wasn't alive. He vowed to train as hard as he could to be fit. Everyday, he got up early and went to exercise. He developed new techniques for fighting and speed. After months of hard work, he stopped getting sick so often. He became stronger and faster, often beating his friends in races or mock-fights . His friends began to come to him to learn how to become better fighters. Liam discovered he had a natural talent for teaching. He was patient and often came up with ways to make training fun. Many of the people who came to him improved greatly. At the age of 18, he went from his home to the capital. The alpha had noticed his talent for teaching and made him the Gamma of the pack. He was the youngest Gamma ever. Many thought he was too young for the job, but they quickly changed their minds when they saw his fighting and teaching skills.

The expression 'wearing your heart on your sleeve' perfectly describes Liam. He refuses to cry in public, but feels emotion more strongly than others. He generally does his own thing, and is not subject to peer pressure, but he can sometimes go with the flow. Despite this, he is very popular and has lots of friends, due to his friendly and cheerful nature. He likes to crack jokes and many tell him he is way too trusting. He is stubbornly determined. If he believes in something, he will not give up. The death of his father left him heartbroken, and although he has mended, he has never been quite the same. He is always observant and notices things everyone else passes over.
Strengths: He is very determined and hard-working. He is friendly, cheerful, and patient. Haters rarely get to him, his philosophy is that if he is nice to them, they will eventually stop hating him.
Weakness: He's trusting to a fault. Of course, he isn't stupid, he won't believe every random thing a person says. He also is easy to read. Most people can tell his emotions from a glance.
Goals: Be the best he can in life, pass on all he knows, and make a meaningful contribution.

Mother: Deceased, he never knew her, his sisters were the only mothers he knew
Father: Deceased
Sisters: He has 4 older sisters. Their ages are 42, 39, 35, and 33. They always spoiled him.

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Aspiro (crowleysbxtch) | 4 comments Pack: Moonlight
Rank: Warrior
Name: Luciano Rossi
Nickname(if any): Luce, Lucian
Age: 22
Date of Birth: September 7th, 1994
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Wolf and human form
Distinguishable Markings(if any): Chocolate brown streak across abdomen.

Personality: Luciano can be bull-headed, and that type stubbornness often gets him in trouble (with both his superiors and the people closest to him). He's confident (bordering on cocky), and he likes to make his presence known (in other words - extremely dramatic entrances and exits). He loves playing with little children; he has a soft spot for them because of the death of his siblings (rogues attacked). And he's extremely intelligent - his strong suit is battle tactics, military discipline, and weaponry (hence the warrior status).
Strengths: Battle tactics, military discipline, weaponry, and combat.
Weaknesses: Bull-headed, over-the-top attitude, can be snarky (when challenging his superiors).
Goals: To make a safe environment for his pack. Eradicate all threats. And live a peaceful existence with the people he loves.

History: (At least three paragraphs.)

Luciano was a baby born laughing. His mother and father, Solana and Lorenzo (Solana is French-Haitian, Lorenzo is Italian) , were joined together in a joyous and loving union. And all was well. As the head warriors of their pack, they were constantly facing death. No matter that circumstance, both parents continued to love and cherish each moment they had with one another and their young child.
One fateful day, (when Luciano was 10 years-old), Sheri was struck down during a battle between rogues and the Star Streak Pack. Afraid to face life without her, Lorenzo threw himself into the fray and died alongside her bloody form. Luciano was thus an orphan - and one of the survivors of the devastating attack.
The Star Streak Pack was wiped out; only two children survived thanks to the bravery of a lowly omega. Everything
Luce had ever known was taken from him. The prisoners kept in the pack were freed, and soon the packs land was taken over by rogues. Not knowing where to go, and whom to trust, Luce and his newly adopted little brother ventured into unknown territory.
After weeks of sleeping in small holes, and barely eating and drinking enough to survive, both Luce and Vick stumbled upon rogues. With only small amounts of training provided by his parents, Luce had only his remarkable intelligence and innovation to get both of them out of the confrontation alive.
Using everything he had, he managed to safely hide small Vick in a nearby underbrush, in order to get the rogues to focus only on him. Dodging the kicks and the punches (when they were in human form), and the bites as well, he maneuvered his body to the edge of a deep pit. As one wolf lunged towards him, he jumped into the air with acrobatic precision, and when the other came at him he swerved to his left, causing both wolves to fall to their death.
His body humming with leftover adrenaline, Luce ran over excitedly to Vick. Looking under the underbrush, he saw the ripped and torn body of the little child. Luce screamed and sobbed, just as he'd began to get comfortable and happy, it was ripped away from him. With his triumph crushed, Luce buried the little boy and added a marking to his grave. Dejectedly, he began to walk South, hoping to find somewhere to call home again.
Eventually, after weeks of searching, for somewhere to live, he came upon a cottage, nestled neatly into a wall of stone. Luce fearlessly walked up to the door and knocked. As the door opened cautiously, a girls face appeared, and when she saw him she gasped. Muttering under her breath she ushered him in. And as soon as Luce entered the warm and homely dwelling he was engulfed in a rib-crushing hug. "Luce? Is it really you?" Turns out the girl happened to be a half were half vampire. Who'd been having endless dreams about him. "I'm your half sister Settarra.... We have the same father."
And just like that, Luce was home again.
After several years of living with Setarra, both Luce and she managed to become a part of a pack (the Moonlight Pack). Hiding her heritage, she and Luce rose up the ranks quickly. And thus, Luce is now the head warrior, and Setarra is the head healer.

Mother: Solana Rossi (deceased)
Father: Lorenzo Rossi (deceased)
Brother(s): Benjamin Santucci
Sister(s): Settarra Santucci, Camille Santucci
Other Relatives: Adoptive Mother: Venice Santucci

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