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This is the Snow Park located in the Ice District. The snow park is just a normal park, only covered in snow. It's filled with few lights and even fewer toys, only 2 swings and one old metal slide that's frozen solid. But, it's fun to sit around on the swings and just chat with some friends. The park is pretty empty most of the time.

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Misaki blinks faintly at the guy's actions. He faintly smiles. This guy was indeed weird, but Misaki liked it. He never met an individual quite like him. He actually liked it. He faintly smiles, approaching the snow pile and tilts his head curiously,"Finn? Where'd you go?"

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“Right… Here!” Finn says cheerily, suddenly appearing as he bolted upright. ‘Bbbrring’ Finn wrapped his arms around his chest as he shoved, quite literally, his way out of the thick pile of snow, shuddering for once somewhat as he did so. But he would be okay as soon as he got out of the snow pile, still he laughed. “Man that was a bit dumb! I didn’t know which way was up! It didn’t help I went ass over head!” Laughing merrily Finn finally heaved himself free of the snow pile before rubbing his arms. A moment he dropped his hands and pinked right up. “Either way that was fun although I might take a bit before making a snow angel. Did you know? I’ve never made one before! That’s why I decided to stay a bit longer than necessary. I like taking in the sights of wherever I am before I move on again.” Grinning Finn made his way over to a frozen over bench and sat down. He patted the seat next to him, indicating Misaki should sit. Then, as Finn did as he seemed to usually do, he asked, “Have you ever made a snow angel before?” Finn tilting his head rather cutely as he asked.

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((Alrighty, cya!!))

Misaki blinks faintly, smiling as he watches,"Would you like your jacket back? Surely you need it now more than I do." He then blinks, hesitating and sits beside him,"You're.. Going to leave?" He questions softly, not yet answering his question. The thought of Finn leaving was rather sad. He glances up towards him.

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Laughing again Finn shook his head in the negative. Holding up a hand he said firmly, “No I’m alright. I’m just a bit chilled but that’s because I went plowing right into the snow. No I’ll be fine in a minute. You keep it, you need it more.” He made himself clear before shrugging at Misaki once he came and joined him. He found the question odd and had a feeling Misaki was being naïve again but didn’t say anything in regards to this; instead he smiled ruefully, “Eventually.” Finn then looked ahead of him, out and around at the world drenched in white.

It made one forget about the perpetual darkness. It even made one believe that the sun was just over the horizon, waiting to rise as soon as the moon had its fill of being seen. But the sun wouldn’t rise. The Goddess had been missing for years now. Hundreds even. Finn doubted that the infamous Amaterasu would just suddenly appear again. “I’m in town for about two weeks, maybe less or maybe more, depending on how well my meeting goes which is in a few hours."

"The owner agreed to meet me bright and early, around four in the morning. The time his factory usually starts up and begins making those dazzling little figurines that I’m after. He even offered me a tour so hopefully he’s nice and in a deal making mood. I’d hate to have come all this way for nothing.” Quiet a moment Finn suddenly gave a bark of laughter. “What am I saying? Deal or no deal I’m glad to have come. Travelling is my other passion. That’s why I’m staying for as long as I am, to make sure I can soak as much of the Ice District as possible before heading out again.” He turned to Misaki with a smile. “Why, would you miss me already babe?” He winked shamelessly.

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((I'm working on finishing up my Nepra now then I'll make my new guy too and we can see how he acts around both of them lol))

Misaki remains quiet, following his gaze to look out at the snow. He couldn't believe he ruled over a kingdom as beautiful as this. It always looked so peaceful. The only bad thing was, snow could easily get dirty, because it was white. If someone were killed, the snow would eventually all begin turning red. If this world was as bad as everyone claimed it was, he wondered just how long the beautiful, pure snow would remain this color.

Misaki blinks, snapping out of his thoughts and looks towards Finn quietly. Only a few weeks? That wasn't very long. But then again, Misaki couldn't blame him. They had just met, and surely Finn would see more exciting things out there than he would if he stayed here.

Misaki smiles faintly,"I.. Hope your meeting goes well.. When it happens." He looks back out at the snow, not answering his last question,"Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it here. And i'll happily give you a tour, if you wish, before you leave. After your meeting, of course." He nods lightly.

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Stretching his arms Finn shamelessly brought the arm closest to Misaki down and around his shoulders before pulling him close. Looking down at the feminine male Finn smiled at him. “Sounds great babe, I’d love that. In fact why don’t we finish up here and I take you out for some hot chocolate?” Finn winked at him again before standing up, heading over to an open patch of snow before allowing his weight to go slack, Finn subsequently falling clean over. “Right after I make my snow angel of course!” He shouts while moving his arms and legs up and down. A moment later Finn stands up and admires his work before producing a small camera from his shorts’ pocket.

Using that camera Finn then shoots a pic of the snow angel before lifting the camera up high, taking a selfie of himself and the snow angel in the background. Finn’s lips comically pulled in an outrageously huge smile while holding two fingers up against his cheek. Once he was done taking pictures Finn returned the camera to his pocket and then returned to Misaki’s side. Grinning he said, “We can go now if you want to. I don’t think you’d be harassed by your subjects cause my coat has a hoodie. No one would know it’s you. Unless you have somewhere to be or can’t go to a regular store?” Finn’s smile faded somewhat at that, wondering for the first time if Misaki could just go somewhere, like in town, to a store or whatever. It would be a shame if he couldn’t.

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Misaki blinks faintly when pulled close, glancing up at him. He tenses when he sees Finn fall, but before he can say anything, he realizes what Finn was doing which put a small smile on his face. He was much like a child. It was sort of adorable, actually. He hugs the coat closer, continuing to watch him as he took the pictures.

Misaki blinks faintly at Finn's words, smiling,"Yeah, hot chocolate sounds nice right now." He stands up and pulls the hood up, smiling softly,"And I can go to town, don't worry. I'm new anyways, so I am unsure if people will recognize me right away."

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“Awesome!” Finn all but shouts, looking genuinely pleased that Misaki could accompany him. Chuckling somewhat Finn once again crowds into Misaki’s personal space, draping a arm over the other males’ shoulder before making sure that the hood was pulled up over Misaki’s head well enough. “Well better safe than sorry.” He winks at Misaki, once again wondering at his naivety. But then again Finn didn’t know that Misaki was only the former Queens’ nephew and not her son, that as such he would not have grown up in the royal spotlight all that much but even so surely some would recognize him.

Especially now that he was king. But again Finn kept that to himself. His innocence was adorable after all and even if Finn wanted to point things out to him it was only in concern and not meant to be rude. I mean Finn didn’t think Misaki was an idiot, just naïve and as such wouldn’t dream to insult him purposely. Then again Finn rarely insulted people purposely. Jokingly yes, purposely no. Not unless they deserved it. Moving the two in the direction they’d come Finn suddenly stopped and looked down at Misaki, laughing nervously before rubbing the back of his neck. “I have no idea which way to go.” He admits with more nervous laughter, embarrassed to admit he was lost.

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((Sorry, just realized I was using the wrong name XD))

Misaki blinks, eyeing him before faintly smiling. He looks around in thought quietly. It always looked like night here. Then again, it was technically, but he wondered what the light would look like. What the snow would look like as it glistened in the sun. How warm the sun rays would feel against there soft, pale skin. He wondered too if he would get a sun burn. He read about that somewhere before and heard it was painful, but why was he eagerly hoping to feel the pain of one some day in the future?

Misaki blinks at Finn's words, lightly laughing. He had always come here, even as a kid, so he knew his way around. He smiles, pointing ahead,"Continue straight and we'll get their within 15 minutes." He calculates, just loud enough for Finn to hear but still in a whisper.

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
Grinning Finn winked at him. “Look at you, already showing me around. My own personal map, compact and utterly adorable!” Leaning in Finn placed a single chaste kiss to Misaki’s cheek before starting to walk the two straight ahead, whistling a silly tune under his breath. Ahh his skin was soft. Finn had suspected as much. Feeling a sudden tightness in his very loose shorts Finn found himself saddened once again that Misaki was taken. He would have loved to kiss the male on the lips even if it was just once. Finn suspected that delectable mouth of his would be even softer than his skin. But Misaki was taken and so Finn would never go so far. He wouldn’t even steal a quick peck no matter how short. Damn this kid is actually getting him kind of horny though. Man Finn needed to get laid. It had been ages since his last squeeze. And yes I do mean ages. Finn might not be a virgin and flirted with everyone but that didn’t make him a whore. Finn had sex like… Twice a year? If even that. Usually his forte was making out or various ‘jobs’ if you get my drift. He seldom went further. No Finn believed for that something more was required. Mutual feelings and not just ‘oh hey you’re cute let’s fuck’ you know? Sighing Finn glanced down at Misaki, serious. “Have you ever been in love?” He asked softly.

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Miyuki blinks, though doesn't mention anything about the kiss, continuing to lead him. His eyes remained on the snowy path, continuing to walk. So, he was only staying a few weeks then, huh? He blinks, snapping out of thought at the question. His lavender eyes looked up at Finn,"I'm.. Not sure exactly." He looks back ahead, faintly smiling,"I heard it's wonderful though. Usually people stayed distant from me when they learned my gender.. Hmm.. I am married now.. He's a good guy, so I'm hoping to know more about him when he gets some free time." He smiles lightly,"I'll let you know if it ever happens." He glances up as they approach the cafe.

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