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Crystal Pacific (BookLover227) | 188 comments Mod
1x1 roleplay is when two people roleplay without anyone else.

On Quotev, we do one on one roleplay by playing our character as well as the other person's crush or some they wanted to interact with.

That's the way I'd like to do it in this group, please and thank you.

Here's an example.

Sally's post:
*Sally's character

*The person Billy's interacting with or Billy's crush.

Billy's post:
*Billy's character

*The person Sally's interacting with or Sally's crush.

message 2: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Pacific (BookLover227) | 188 comments Mod
There is no limit to how many replies you do a day. You don't have to do it at a certain time. Just whenever you happen to be on and you see the other person's replied.
I got a message, not naming names, and that person did not know how rping works. I'm trying to explain it a little more to y'all.
Hope you hear from you guys soon.

-- Crystal

message 3: by lorien (new)

lorien My character thread is free if anyone wants to rp. :D

message 4: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Pacific (BookLover227) | 188 comments Mod
I'll rp with you if you want, Lorien.

message 5: by lorien (new)

lorien Yes please. That'd be great!

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Crystal Pacific (BookLover227) | 188 comments Mod

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Umm where do i post my character creation

message 9: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Pacific (BookLover227) | 188 comments Mod
Under the "Character Forms" topic, under the "General" folder.

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Thanks it just seemed like people chatting there so i was confused lol

message 11: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Pacific (BookLover227) | 188 comments Mod
Yeah. It can get a little confusing. Sorry.

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its ok

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Can you approve my character

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DarkForest5 | 2 comments Is this RP still open?

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