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This is the Strip Club located in the Crime District. Not only is it full of girl strippers, but it has male ones as well. Along with bar tenders who serve you alcohol and any food that is on there menu for the day. Its a great place to come relax. The lights are usually light blue and pink and much like the Nightclub, the music blasts so loud you can barely hear other's speak. However, when sexy males and females are on stage and serving you as much alcohol as your heart desires, who cares about talking to other's, right?

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments A girl with white hair and greyish blue eyes as well as pale skin was up on the stage,her eyes closed as she danced around and on the pole,her outfit although completely white consisted of nothing but a skimpy looking white bra with a pair of skimpy white panties and a see through short skirt,the girl's name was Weiss.However not many people knew why she worked there,the reason why she worked there was due to the merchant who was trying to sell her so he figured this was the best way to do so and by having her work at this club he made her earn her keep until she would be sold to whoever wanted to buy her.Weiss had a secret though and not even she truly knew what it was.She continued to dance which caught the eyes of quite a few men and some women but she didn't stop dancing,hell she wouldn't until it was time for her to get off the stage and serve drinks until her shift was over.

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Bloody… Dammit. Sighing heavily Mikael weaved his way through the crowd of people in hot pursuit. Only ten seconds earlier he’d been minding his own damn business and politely going about his day without bugging anyone else when all of a sudden a kid bumped into him. That would have been fine, had the little shit maybe stopped and apologized. Hell even if he did only keep on running that was fine too, what really bugged Mikael however was that the little shit was a gawd damn thief! He’d felt the difference near instantly, his wallet was gone out of his back pocket and it didn’t take him long to figure out who it was considering he was watching the kid in the bright green shirt running off, clearly with his own bright red wallet in his tiny grubby dirty little hand. The little shit!

Now Mikael was running after him, easily keeping up even as he dodged people walking along the sidewalk as he went. But just Mikael’s luck, as soon as he got close enough to near snag the brat with his hand he ducked into a building. Mikael instantly followed and was instantly lost in a sea of people. Music was booming, drinks were flowing and scantily clad women were walking. Eyes widening Mikael looked around bewildered for a sign which would indicate where in Izanami’s name he’d ended up. He groaned though when he found it. “A strip club? For fucking real?” He muttered under his breath. With another heavy sigh Mikael set his jaw and squared his shoulders, ignoring the women and the stage, eyes open and alert for a small dirty dark haired brat with olive skin in a bright green shirt who was currently in possession of a bright red wallet which sure as hell did not belong to him. Ugh when he got his hands on him!

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The dark haired boy who had stolen a bright red wallet upon seeing the man he had stolen the wallet from had hopped up on the stage and ran past Weiss knocking her over which caused her to yelp softly out of surprise and a little bit of fear but then when that settled her attitude changed and she got up brushing herself off.After a moment she went backstage only to find the boy in her dressing room and she played with her hair thoughtfully for a moment then she walked over to the boy and picked him up by his throat"Now,little boy what do you think you're doing in a place like this?"her tone was soft and seductive in a sense but this was part of Wess's secret,her darker more twisted side,when the boy didn't reply she said"How about we play a little game?"she was still holding the boy as she reached for something near him but then she returned to normal and set the boy down who had dropped the wallet and ran,fearful for his life,Weiss being her normal usual sweet self picked up the wallet after throwing on a pullover and she wondered who it belonged to.Weiss didn't even recall picking up the boy,she only remembered being knocked over on stage and now she was in her room?She shook her head confused then she sat down in her chair in the corner of the room,she had some time to kill before she had to go serve drinks.She sighed then started to sing softly.

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So intent on avoiding the stage and instead searching around the club Mikael hardly noticed the commotion up on the stage, instead he remained focused and keeping his eyes peeled open for bright green. However by the time he’d gone completely around the club he sighed heavily, running a hand through his short spiky blonde hair. Fuck his life. Honestly just fuck it. He’d covered near every inch of this place and nothing, zero, zilch, nada. The little brat must have snuck past him and back out again while he kept his nose to the ground. Standing near the entrance Mikael crossed his arms over his chest, just about to hang his head when a flash of bright green came blurring past his eye. Fully alert Mikael wasted no time in charging after the kid, this time grabbing the back of his shirt just as his foot touched the pavement of the road, the boy about to run across the street with cars still speeding by.

“Dammit kid are you a thief and stupid?!” But the boy looked terrified which had Mikael step back and set him down and still holding onto his shirt, crouch down to his level. “Hey what’s with you?” The boy was shaking and looking like he’d seen a ghost. With a trembling hand he pointed back towards the club. “She’s fucking crazy!” He shouted. His words surprised Mikael so much he let the kid go, frowning. “Who?”

The boy shook his head. “She grabbed me and picked me up by the neck! Like it was nothing! She was gonna kill me the crazy bitch! I dropped my prize too!” Eyes flashing dangerously Mikael new instantly what the boy meant by ‘prize’. Shaking his head he stood to his full height. “Listen kid for one you shouldn’t be stealing other people’s shit. Second watch your mouth. What are you? Eight? You’re vocabulary is disgusting and third-“ Mikael never got the chance to speak cause in the next instant the kid was the one acting crazy. He pushed at Mikael’s knees and succeeding in sending the older boy toppling over. Letting out a yelp Mikael watched helpless as the boy took off again. However this time he didn’t bother following. He’d said it himself, he’d dropped the wallet back in the strip club. With a heavy irritated sigh Mikael shoved back to his feet, dusted himself off and reluctantly went back inside with the intent of getting his wallet back. Ugh now which girl was the boy referring to?

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments As the boy ran off frightened he had said something about the bitch having white hair,which not a lot of the girl had in the club.Weiss by this time was behind the bar but she had brought the wallet with her,she had planned to find who it belonged to so she could return it.She looked around the room as she got a tray of drinks ready for the men and women in the club.Weiss sighed because she didn't like working here but she didn't really have a choice until someone bought her from the merchant who made her work here.

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With one big scowling frown on his face Mikael certainly didn’t look like he belonged in a strip joint. Or at the very least he didn’t appear to be having too much fun whilst inside. That was because he wasn’t to be perfectly honest with you. He hated strippers and whores. Well he didn’t hate them he just disliked them. He hated the idea of selling yourself out. It was a strange sentiment for a male but what could he say? His momma taught him right and besides if Nera, Izanami forbid, ever ended up in a place like this he’d be freak. So imagining your reaction to your sister working in a place like this had done wonders for Mikael’s moral compass. After all, every woman in here was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a niece or an aunt. He just couldn’t enjoy the show without seeing the family behind the girls.

Knowing he’d hate it if his kid or sister was out there either selling themselves or showing every man and woman in the town what she looked like in her damn birthday suit. Raking his hand through his spiky hair hastily Mikael looked like a lost lamb as he kept fumbling about, trying to determine what it was the boy had said while his eyes roamed over the club. He’d said something ‘white’ as he’d ran but for the life of him Mikael couldn’t decipher the boy’s hastily called sentence. It certainly didn’t help that at the moment the boy had yelled it out a bus had passed, further obscuring the child’s voice. With a heavy sigh Mikael gave up of sorts and headed over to the bar, sitting down at one of the empty chairs. He placed his elbows on the table and rested his head in his hands, wondering if he’d see his stupid wallet again. He’d even chosen the damn colour because it was easy to recognize and shit. Dammit could his day suck any worse?!

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Weiss was sitting off in the corner taking a break and she was twirling the red wallet in her hands,she wanted to find the owner and give it back but she wasn't sure who it belonged to.In the strip joint though she was the only one with white hair and her eyes scanned the room,she hated it here but she knew if she didn't earn her keep until she was sold the merchant might hurt her so it was that fear that made her do something she had never wanted to do.What she wanted was a nice happy family of her own but she doubted that would ever happen because all the men and people she knew were quite direspectful and treated people like her like they were trash.Weiss eventually got up,red wallet in hand and looked around the room once more.

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Ugh fuck his luck already. With another heavy sigh Mikael looked up to address the waitress speaking to him. She was asking if he wanted a drink to which Mikael shook his head no. He then asked her if someone in the club was named ‘White’ or had something ‘White’ in their names to which she shook her head no. However she looked thoughtful for a moment before saying that one of the dancers had white hair. Mikael, without any other option, asked who that someone was and if they were still here. The girl smiled and said the other girls’ name was Weiss and after looking around, pointed and told Mikael she was right over there. Sure enough Mikael spotted the only white haired girl in the club. After thanking the waitress Mikael hopped off of his chair and headed over to her. But before reaching her his eye caught something very familiar in her hand. “My wallet!”

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments Weiss was about to walk away from where she stood when she heard someone to which she turned and looked around again a bit confused,her shift was almost over so she then shrugged not seeing where the voice came from and she started to make her way to the back,she had decided before she went back 'home' to the place the merchant kept her she would try to find the owner of the red wallet.After a bit Weiss walked past a blonde male which caught her eye but she didn't dare say anything.Weiss then walked in to the back and towards her room.

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
Oh. My. Homura! This was so frustrating! Clearly Mikael had yelled to get the girls’ attention but still she didn’t see him! And of course he got stuck in this perverted crowd and by the time he’d reached where she’d been the girl was gone! Cursing under his breath Mikael spent the next ten minutes going around in damn circles trying to locate the girl again but she had gone and vanished on him completely! Then he saw her again! Finally! But another crowd slowed his progress yet again! And AGAIN by the time he’d reached the point where she had JUST been standing, she was gone. Utterly irritated and tired from running around Mikael walked over to the bar, telling the same waitress from before that he kept missing the white haired girl, asking the waitress to please go and get her for him. Tiffany, the waitress, chuckled and said a carefree ‘sure’ before heading in back. “Hey Weiss! Some cutie is looking for you!” She called out as she searched.

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments Weiss blinked then she turned and looked at Tiffany and smiled a small smile"alright"she came out from the back then she walked over to the bar and waited wondering who exactly was looking for her.She still had the red wallet in hand and she hopped up onto one of the seats and sat down,her left leg draped over her right leg.

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Grinning wildly Tiffany winked at Weiss. “Better hurry girl he’s utterly drool worthy!” She quipped before turning lightly on her heel, heading back to man the bar. Passing Mikael on the way though Tiffany made sure to tell him that Weiss was coming, sighing in relief Mikael thanked her before waiting. A few minutes later he noted a girl with white hair coming out and after a moment taking a seat. He easily spotted his damn red wallet in her hand. Walking up to her he tapped her shoulder, waiting for her to acknowledge him before giving her a tense smile. “Pardon me but you have my wallet. Some kid stole it and I chased him in here. He said he dropped it and someone with white hair picked it up. I think that’s you.” He informed the girl, waiting for her to reply as he stood there tense and awkwardly.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments She smiled and then handed to him and said"I'm sorry I planned on finding the owner of it after my shift but it looks like the owner is aready here for it"she laughed softly then she got up and bowed sleightly"My name is weiss and I do beg your pardon for earlier"she then stood up straight but as she did so she saw the merchant and her eyes widened and she said softly"is there anything I can do for you Sir?"she said to Mikael as the merchant walked by.weiss appeared to be trembling a bit.She then took Mikael by the hand after muttering an apology for this then she took him into the back into her room so as to appear busy so the merchant wouldn't touch her,once in the room she said"I'm sorry about that..I truly am"

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Loosening up a bit as Mikael laughed he shook his head at the girl. “Hey no worries and technically you still fulfilled your wish. Thanks again for keeping I t safe for me.” Mikael replied, his voice deep and clearly audible even with the music playing in the background. However Mikael frowned when the girl became a bit… Weird. Suddenly so formal and even looking… Scared? Just about to ask what was wrong she took him by his hand, his rough hand, before leading him in back. Mikael wanted to protest but something told him not to. Once in back the girl apologized again. Mikael, with a frown rubbed the back of his neck, looking unsure. “Um… It’s okay? I mean is it? What was that all about?” He asked her. Not about to leave without knowing what the heck just happened either.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments weiss didn't know how to explain it but she said"the man that walked past us is the merchant who has been trying to sell me and he makes me work here to earn my keep until someone buys me"she then sat down in a chair and looked at the floor.

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To say that Mikael was a wee bit shell shocked would be an understatement. He blinked a few times before turning to stare at the girl now sitting down in a chair. Crossing his arms over his chest he debated on what to say, what to do. “You’re a slave?” He had to ask even if her previous words had made that pretty clear. Mikael hated slaves. Well he didn’t hate slaves he hated slavery to be more specific and had never owned one himself, ever, nor did he associate with people who did even if they were some of the nicest people on Kuro and treated their slaves like gold. Just the fact that they owned another…

It grated Mikael’s nerves regardless to say the least. I mean to him being a slave was like being a stripper. Both degrading and just… Ugh. He waited for the girl to answer him, wondering what he’d do. Obvious she was a stranger and they had just met, and hardly at that because he still didn’t know her name but even before all of this started he knew if anyone had returned his wallet to him he’d owe that person a favour and she’d returned his wallet hadn’t she? Taking a peek at it now everything was still inside and it was his. Returning it to his back pocket Mikael already knew what he had to do even if he hadn’t yet fully realised it. It might have been a bit much in more ways than one but it would be the right thing to do. And that was everything that Mikael was about.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments weiss nodded and said softly almost silently"Yes I am a slave"she then looked at the floor afraid of what might happen.She then looked at him her blue-grey eyes looking directly into his but only for a moment before she looked away"My name is weiss rune schnee.."she said giving him her full name"but should you wish to you may call me weiss or rune"

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
Nothing happened. Mikael just stared at her for the longest time, easily meeting and holding her own gaze until she looked away. When she introduced herself Mikael still had not looked elsewhere only now he showed some life in him, nodding his head before clearing his throat, holding out his hand for her to shake if she wanted to, just being proper and polite. “Mikael. The name’s Mikael Hunter Caron but you can call me Mika or Hunter, either or, I don’t mind. It’s really only my sister that calls me Mika however. Pleasure to meet you, Weiss.” Mikael said, his tone like he always sounds, clear and deep. There was also no malice or disgust in his eyes when he looked at Weiss. Pity perhaps but nothing negative. Like I said Mikael didn’t hate prostitutes or strippers he just hated what they did. Especially if forced. One shouldn’t have to go around dancing in their birthday suits just to have food in their stomach or the heaven’s forbid, because someone made them do it.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments weiss took Mikael's hand and offered a small smile"It is nice to meet you Mikael"she then grabbed his hand lightly before letting go and looking away again,she then stood up and looked at him,her eyes studying him,almost as if she were wondering if she could trust him but one couldn't fault her for that especially due to what she has been through.

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
Mikael shook the girl’s hand, thinking about what a weak grip she had. His father taught him from a young age that the strength of someone’s handshake said a lot about them. His own sister had a strong handshake and while Mikael had one too he usually held back when shaking hands with a female, fearing he may hurt them. She had pretty eyes though. Mikael blinked at that thought but still noted quickly how she seemed to be observing him. Truth was he was doing the same thing. After a moment of some silence, before it got too awkward Mikael cleared his throat. “Can I buy you a drink? To thank you of course.” He asked both out of politeness and wanting to make sure if he bought her a drink that her ‘owner’ wouldn’t mind. Surely he wouldn’t right? He’d think Mikael was a customer. As much as that thought sent bile rising in Mikael’s throat he’d go along with it. He wanted to know more about Weiss and her predicament. Maybe he could help her, if she'd let him.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments weiss smiled a bit"Sure,if you would like to"she had some time to kill before the merchant who wanted to sell her would come to take her home,the thought of going back to that place made her tremble a bit but after a moment her eyes softened a bit,so that she was still observing him but she appeared more relaxed,she noticed Mikael's eyes and she thought they were lovely and she then said"Mikael..I am sorry if I have caused you any trouble"

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She said one thing but looked another Mikael realised when Weiss agreed verbally to his offer but then a few seconds later trembled slightly. He was about to inform her that if she were uncomfortable she didn’t have too but kept silent, noting curiously that she was still observing him. Then the girl managed to surprise him by relaxing again and even apologizing to him. Blinking again Mikael reached up his hand and rubbed the back of his neck, unsure about this whole thing and even Weiss herself. “No you haven’t caused me anything really, except to return my wallet safely to me just as I’d been left it so to speak. No I want to buy you a drink to say thanks. Or even dinner if you’d rather have something to eat. Or a token or just some money in return you know? I feel like a mere ‘thank you’ isn’t enough. But if you feel uncomfortable and would prefer if I left I’d understand.” Mika told her, dropping his hand back down to his side and returning her intent gaze.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments weiss shook her head and stepped towards him"Mikael...I'm not uncomfortable with it...it's just..."her voice trailed off for a moment then she said softly"you're the first person who has been kind to me and not wanted anything.."she then looked at him,her eyes gazed into his"I don't want to go back to that man.."she admitted then said"I'm happy with whatever you decide" she then backed away only to then walk behind a curtain and she changed into a less revealing outfit,it was a light blue dress,then she came back from behind the curtain and walked over to him.

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Mikael might appear insensitive, just staying quiet like he did but he wasn’t. He was just allowing Weiss the chance to say her peace, waiting and listening. However when it was clear she was done speaking before Mikael could inquire further Weiss stepped behind a curtain. Mikael was even about to stupidly follow after her when he stopped, realizing that she might be changing. He blushed slightly and stepped back, letting out a sigh and running his hand through his spiky blonde hair awkwardly, saying nothing as he thought for a moment. His eyebrows going from low to high and everything in between as Weiss had spoken and as Mikael had stood silently, debating something’s. When Weiss reappeared her gave her a smile and perhaps awkward smile. “Did you want to have that drink here or perhaps somewhere else?” He asked, wanting to have a conversation with her about this ‘merchant’ she kept mentioning and learning more about her and her circumstances.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments She nodded and smiled"I would like to have a drink with you elsewhere",she then picked up her white hoodie off of the back of a chair and she smiled at him,it wasn't a small smile either it was a semi-happy smile.for the time being things might appear awkward but she seemed better than she had been earlier"So where shall we go Mikael?"

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
Interesting answer but one Mikael had been expecting. He noted her collection of her jacket and the state of her smile before nodding his head, seemingly to himself. “Well there’s this market place over on main. There’s this little stall there that sells food and sodas. Maybe we could take a walk and grab something there? There is a bench right next to it so we don’t have to stand either. That is if you don’t mind the walk? I left my car at my place since I have the day off of… Work. Figured I’d take a walk through the town before my damn wallet got looted.” Mika had looked nervous and unsure when mentioning ‘work’ but definitely grew more confident when he spoke of the whole ‘my wallet got stolen thing’. It still irked him though. He then looked at Weiss and waited for her to reply, wondering if she would even go along with him considering they’d just met. She appeared skittish and even if Mika’s intentions were pure of heart she didn’t know that for sure. But it was ‘elsewhere’ and not terribly far. Main Avenue was main avenue for a reason.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments "I don't mind"weiss said softly then she smiled again"besides a walk sounds nice,especially after being stuck here all day"She continued to observe him but after a moment she stopped,she felt like she could trust him a bit and she hoped to get to know him and hopefully make a friend or something.

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
For once Mikael showed some friendliness and even eased up a bit, laughing and pulling a smile at Weiss’s words. He nodded his head and said merrily, “Yeah I can just imagine. I mean it can get stuffy in a club especially if there are smokers in between the patrons. But good, if there isn’t anything else then, let’s get out of here.” Mikael noted Weiss had stopped staring at him. He admired her for taking her time sizing him up. Usually females could be so naïve when it came to cute guys. Not that Mikael thought himself cute or even attractive but he’d been told he was so, he was mainly going off of that. Mika being a real male who for once wasn’t vain or egotistical like that. Maybe it came from him knowing firsthand what was really important in life, how precious and short it was. He’d been too busy fighting for his life and taking care not to end up in hospital by overtaxing his already weak heart to worry about looks or girls or fighting other guys for girls. Mika turning slightly now and holding out his arm, offering it to Weiss to take like a true gentleman would, if she wanted it of course, and if she was done and all so they could head on out towards the marketplace. Hopefully it wasn’t too busy.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 101 comments Weiss smiled and took Mikael's arm then she said softly "lead the way" she seemed more relaxed due to her thinking he wasn't after anything and she then said"thank you by the way...for doing this"

☯ DαякєηRнαℓ  ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜   (darkhearteternal)
Smiling down at Weiss, Mikael secured her arm through his by placing his hand on her arm, like the posture usually went, and nodded his head before saying softly, “Alrighty then.” He noted she seemed way more relaxed then before and was relieved that she was. I mean why would anyone want someone to be tense around them? Unless of course they were evil or criminals and needed the bad reputation and enjoyed the fear they inspired in others but Mikael wasn’t like that. Leading Weiss out of the club he turned to her when she spoke up again, offering her another small but genuine smile. “No need to thank me. I’m the one who should be thanking you remember? I mean, this is just a small token of my appreciation for keeping my wallet safe. People these days have no scruples but everything I had was still inside it. I mean… I feel like a simple thank you is just not enough so.” Mikael offered Weiss another smile with a little shrug, looking ruggedly cute as he looked away from her and proceeded to lead her out and away from the club, down the street and then one or two blocks and turns towards the market. The walk quiet.

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This was not at all what Cyra had expected at when he had gooten a transfer. He was unhappy as he was irrated. Men grabbing his ear and what was up with this skimpy outfit? It showed to much skin. He was not one of the strippers dancing on a pole. He was a mere waiter trying to earn money while men sat on their asses and watched naked women jump around like they were hit with a brick. Tugging the skirt front down the hide more skin. A few whistles only further irritated him. Grabbing his serving tray and order form booklet.

Starting with a table with one he hadn't quite seen around here quite yet. Hoping at least this one had some sort of manors and wasn't trying to drag him to the back rooms against his will. Sighing softly. "Welcome is there anything I could get you before the show begins?"

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando sat in normal clothes for once, being no one knew what he looked like outside of it. He still had a firearm on him a a long knife on his thigh but other than that and the glare he looked at everyone with he seemed normal. When the waitress came up to him he actually smiled a little as she wasn't what he usually would go home with but he was a bit pressed for options. He did find the red stitches curiously intriguing "Whisky, strongest you have and interesting stitches" he said to her, cracking his neck loudly.

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Cyra jotted the order down on his little notepad and a soft smile met his lips. "Thank you." He spoke before he left to have the bartender fill out suck an order. He unfazed by this new stranger's hardy appreance and glare. Cyra had seen scarier and had even slain even scarier people under the order of his former master. Taking a few moments to wait for the bartender to create the order. Once Cyrus had the order he set the few orders on his serving tray. He served the unknown stranger first handing him his drink before Served the rest of the ordered drinks to their designated owners. His hips having a elegant sway as he walked. Catching the eyes of many with out really meaning to. Cyra ignoring it for the majority of the time duration until his break.

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando nodded as the girl left with a small smile, he waited for his drink, absentmindedly looking at the servers and dancers as nothing really took his notice in here save the one with plenty of stitches. When she came back to him with the drink he doused it down, not even feeling any effects as usual because of his healing. "Another if you please" he said before the girl left.

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Cyra was half tempted to laugh as so many gazed at him like fresh meat. Should he mention he was really a guy or guyish? Alot of stuff had happened when he was younger etc. etc. "Of course." He wasn't the one to tell any such customer yes and no when it came to their drinks. Picking up the empty glass to have it refilled for this stranger. He seemed polite enough despite his appreance. Contemplating if he should introduce himself or not. Cyra was all bubbly and happy but almost seemed a bit shy underneath. He'd wait till his break and then see what this man would do.

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Cegando sipped this one down slower, still not feeling anything though he had an odd feeling about this waitress as some of her aspects seems alike a males but he shook it off as he dissecting the girl like a target. He waited a bit longer before he figured she was on break.

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Cyra took his break and decided it be best he just check out for right now. He had worked long hard days and was caught up as far as rent and necessities came. Heading back to the changing rooms and unable to find his bag. It had most likely been stolen. Cyra huffed. Should he ask somebody for a coat or something to borrow? Possibly walk him home being all his knives were in that bag except for the smallest one hidden in his red corset.

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Cegando watched the crowd, his senses sensing the smell from earlier with the waitress but he didn't see her, only some work guy from the back with a bag that obviously wasn't his. He growled as he hated thieves so he got up and before the guy could make the door he was grabbed and picked up by his collar "I don't think that is yours, kid" he said with a scowl, ready to pull his knife on him.

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Cyra looked around some more until he spotted his bag on one of his co-workers shoulder. They must have gotten their bags mixed up again. They had similair marking and all. Cyra then seeing the man from earlier springing into action. His poor coworker seeming like a fish out of water. Cyra stepping between the too. Turning to his co worker. "Jeremiah you grabbed my bag by accident again." Cyra getting his bag back in a mere second. Cyra then turned to the other older man. "Thanks but it was just a accidental mix up. If you would like to wait for me to change you can walk me home instead of scaring my coworker to death." Cyra wasn't blind he had known this one had been watching him and Cyra would admit he had been watching the other to.

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando was about to use the blade as intimidation but then Cyra came back and interrupted him saying it was a mistake though he didn't really buy that as his senses said otherwise. "I don't mind waiting" he said with a nod, taking a seat now.

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Cyra hadn't been blind. This man had been gazing him over while he had waited tables. Cyra wouldn't admit it much either but he had done just the same. Heading back to the changing rooms to get changed into some normal clothes before returning to the other but not before downing a very specail green vial. Now that'd be a surprise for later. Cyra's bag already slung over his shoulder. "I'm ready to go. Ready to take me home?" Cyra hummed in a suggestive tone.

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Cegando smiled as he sat and waited, pulling out his knife and tossing it up and having it flip before he caught it again, noting that he was seeing a lull in the amount of people here. "Of course" he said in an equally suggestive tone.

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Cyra didn't often play such a small game with strangers. Pretending to be little and weak to be with a person even if it be for just a night. Though it had it's perks. Equally finding the looks upon people's faces when they found out he wasn't quite what he appeared to be. Morning afters seemed particularly fun as well. Cyra softly hooking his arm with this stranger appearing the tiniest bit more cute and feminine. "Thank you. I should give you my name after all. I'm Cyra." He almost purred as they walked out the door.

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando had a feeling this woman was stronger then she was letting on but he let it drop anyway. He soon let her lead a bit since he didn't know where she lived after all, nodding at her giving him her name "Cegando is mine" he replied wandering how far she was from the club.

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Cyra led the way. Walking at the side of the taller being next to him. Enjoying how the other was warmer than his own cool tempered skin. Cyra tucking his jacket closer to his tiny frame. Already noticing the elixer he had drank was working its charm. Cyra had to be ever more careful and tedois these days when appealing to men. Sighing mentally. "I like it." Cyra said sincerely.

{{After your post here I'll post on Cyra's apartment and we can continue there.}}

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"Seems your a bit cold" he said with a look at her, his nose sensing the change in her pheromones and scent. He took off his own coat and put it over her shoulders as his powers helped him deal with extreme temperatures. "Thank you, most fear my name" he said with a slight chuckle at the fact.

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