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This is the Nightclub in the Crime District. It's usually loud and filled with drunks and bad dancers. Some, however, are good at it. The music is always loud, so loud you can barely hear other's speak. Though, it's a good place to go to when you want to have some fun. The lights are as bright as the city lights and created the same way. This is one of the few lit up places.

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Takumi smiled at a young lady accross the bar and gave her a small bow "Would this fine young woman care to order a drink?" he asked in a husky voice, surprisingly well heard over the bass boosted club music. She looked at him lovestruck and ordered a martini. He gave her one last smile after serving her before resuming a relaxed expression as he carried a few drinks to the private rooms that the escort service hired for buisness. He passed a few before he got to the one where his friend was escorting a few young women. Takumi knocked and his friend opened the door and gave him a cheeky grin "Coming down to get in on the fun eh?" he prodded at Takumi and Takumi just rolled his eyes and smiled "No just here to help these ladies get intoxicated so they aren't dissapointed when you strip". Leaving a roasted friend at the door, he bowed to the ladies and offered them their drinks with a smile.

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Back in the main area of the night club and sitting alone in the back where it was a little bit darker than anywhere else, sat a female figure slightly hunched over. She wore black boots, black jeans and a black tank top with a white, black and grey checkered flannel shirt like a jacket over that with a long and heavy dark trench coat going down to her knees. Otherwise a black scarf was wrapped around her neck, partially covering her mouth but leaving her deep ocher eyes revealed. Her hair was short, hanging loose with its edges hardly touching her shoulders. Several silver or platinum rings adorned her fingers but one was a little stranger than most. It was black with seemingly glowing blue stones, located on her thumb.

A thumb that was busy stroking a lone glass of whiskey wrapped around her small long fingered hands. She seemed to be deep in thought or downright depressed which these days Nera Thalia Caron was both. Then reaching into a pocket with one hand Nera took out a pack of smokes and a single large silver and engraved lighter. Taking a smoke out of the pack Nera popped it in between her slightly parted lips before flicking the lighter to light up her smoke. After Nera replaced both packet and lighter back into her pocket, took a single, long drag of her smoke and then sat even more hunched, holding the smoke recklessly and seemingly with an air of boredom between two fingers as she stared at nothing in front of her. Knowing almost instinctively that her target wasn’t far away, that it was nearly their time. Little else seemed to be on Nera's mind. Not the music, not the dancing patrons, not even the booze sitting on the table right in front of her, her mind fixed on the job she had before her.

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After offering his friend's customers their drinks, he politely excused himself from the room. As soon as the door closed behind him he let go of his smile with a relaxed sigh. He hated having to fake emotions around people, but unfortunately that's what this job required of him. To don a mask and trick people into believing he felt the way he did. As he walked out of the private bar quarters, Takumi glanced at the work roster for the escort service out of the corner of his eye. He groaned as he realised his shift was soon and briskly exited to the dance floor, pulsing with music and uncoordinated dancers. Agile as a deer, he wove his way efficiently back to his bar with an empty tray, dodging drunken men and ignoring girls wanting his number. As he neared the counter, he spotted a woman in the corner of the bar, in the shadows who seemed to be taking a smoke. For a reason, just the sight of her made Takumi curious as to what intentions she had. She wasn't dancing. Or making any sultry moves on anyone. Not even touching her perfectly good glass of whiskey. Takumi diverted toward her table and as he neared, he gave her the compulsory bartender's half-bow "Is the whiskey not to your liking ma'am?" he asked with a smile, simply doing his job, though he had other intentions.

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Time, so much, and yet so little. That was the part that always fascinated Nera the most. She was fairly competent at reaping, having even accomplished moving into active field duty a little earlier than expected but otherwise she had a hard time turning off her newfound ability, her newfound eyes. She often couldn’t help it, couldn’t not see how much time people had left. Even now without looking up she just knew how much time the people sweating and gyrating around her had left. It was sad really, when it came to some, to those whose young lives would soon end. In the beginning Nera had thought it so unfair, how they could live and waste their lives with such trivial shit when she was dead, when Mikael was dead. Nera had accepted her choice but Mikael… He’d deserved more, so much more.

But soon enough, through her training, Nera realized that she was wrong, that she could not envy these people and the time they had left. Instead she should be happy for them and their amazing gift even if some of them hardly deserved it, knowingly throwing it away. At the end of the day it was not her place to judge, only to be there in the end for them, to take their records and make sure they didn’t end up as ghosts. To offer them a kindness in death they might not have known in life. Still, it grated her nerves some days, like now, how people could so easily waste their time away doing… Doing what? They weren’t doing anything useful, purposeful. They were just throwing their bodies around, getting hot and heavy, no doubt working their way up to a sex frenzy later. Disgusting. Then again maybe Nera’s dark feelings about it were just because she couldn’t dance, couldn’t partake, couldn’t live like these people were… Like I said, some days it still got to her.

Lowering her gaze even further Nera was about to check the gold pocket watch she had in her inner coat pocket when movement caught her eye. Resisting the urge to turn her head Nera caught with her peripheral vision a dark haired young man, a waiter, appear by her side and offer her a fake bow to accompany his fake smile. He inquired about her drink, calling her ma’am. That would have made Nera laugh. Back in the day when she actually still gave a fuck about stupid shit like this. After a breath’s time Nera finally turned her head towards the young man to acknowledge him, her eyes flashing an impossibly bright and light lime green momentarily as she did so but by the time they fully landed on his steely blue ones Nera’s eyes were deep ocher again. An illusion or a trick of the flashing light? She said nothing as she stared at him for a moment, but in that moment a lifetime passed. ”Takumi Ryou Tachibana. Born twenty-three years ago, a Valentine baby. An Enenra barely scraping by. Bartender, mechanic, prostitute. Twin-less twin. Single and a chameleon. Living a lie, knowing he does, fooling himself regardless. A pathetic little soul.”

Nera thought to herself as her eyes tore away from his to once again sightlessly stare at the glass of whiskey in front of her. Nera then reached into her coat pocket, took out her watch, flipped open the casing and stared at the time for a second before flicking the case closed, returning her watch to her pocket and then lowering her scarf before taking her drink and gulping it down in one go, tilting her head back as she did so. After Nera replaced the glass on the table, took another single long drag from her smoke, blew out the smoke in a bored fashion slowly and then with her eyes finally flickering with movement, watched as the light extinguished as Nera crushed the basically unused smoke in an ashtray. Pulling her scarf back up Nera fished into her pocket, took out a hundred bill and placed it neatly on top of the now empty glass before shifting in her chair and standing up, brushing past the young man without ever saying a single word to him or even looking at him as she passed him on her way to the back rooms.

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Takumi's smile wavered as he saw the look he gave her. Oh how he despised those people, with one look thinking they knew the full story and with egos just as big as their pompous asses. He'd know she was a reaper on the job from a mile away. Constantly checking the time was a big red light. He knew she'd seen his whole life in that one moment and from her attitude that followed, clearly she'd done the average thing and he smirked to himself. What a pity he thought to himself, mocking the way he'd thought that maybe, just maybe, she would think beyod what she saw and more into the way he felt about his own life, how he perceived it more as a gift. More than she would ever see with those 'reaper's eyes'. Barely scraping by? He was wealthier than other Enenra, forced into slavery instead. Living a lie? What was there to lie about. Pathetic little soul? Pathetic coming from one who judges a person pathetically. All these thoughts happened just as quickly as her look and he straightened and watched her down her drink in one gulp calmly. Takumi covered his nose to keep from inhaling the second hand fumes as he took the bill unquestioningly, the empty glass in his hand and tipping the ash tray's contents into the small bin on a nearby tray with the other. He watched her leave and just as quickly, forgot about her. She was on her own business, and if Takumi had learned anything from his time as a bartender, was to leave other Yokai alone.

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((Nope, but I guess you can call it sort of an ability where he can read people so well he may as well be telepathic. Also it isn't the first time he's had someone regard him like that so he's learnt exactly what a look an attitude like that means. If you get my drift...))

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For some reason Nera paused at the entryway of the vast hall leading to rooms within the nightclub. Almost against her will she turned back and watched with emotionless eyes as the young man made his way back to the bar. Just a year ago she would have punched the living daylights out of him because he’d angered her. Now she just stood there, watching curiously with a slightly tilted head. As she had read him she had seen him reading her. Instead of anger however she was curious. Curious at the controversy he presented. He was a hypocrite, two-faced and jaded. He hated people judging him yes? Well what exactly did you call what he’d just done? He’d judged Nera without knowing her, thinking things for her, assuming what was going on in her mind. Her reasoning was logical and without emotion attached. She had merely seen and merely made notes based on what she’d seen from his own eyes looking back at hers.

Hence she had not, in fact, judged. There had been no real emotion behind her notes, not really. Nera thought that he lived a lie because he was never himself. I mean didn’t he call himself a chameleon? Portraying what others wanted to see? To her he was barely scraping by though. I mean what would you call having three jobs just to remain out of slavery? To keep your head above the water? What if he lost but one job? Would he be able to stay afloat? More importantly did he want to be a whore? The only real emotion Nera had put behind her estimations came to the last aspect. She did pity him yes, and did deem his soul pitiful but not because of Takumi, no. Rather Nera’s emotions and reasoning went beyond mere pity. She pitied his life, her own life, everyone’s lives because they thought that they were in control when really it was all just such a huge lie.

They were but mere pawns on a vast board with fate’s merciless hand guiding their every move. His parents did not want him to be a whore. Surely he did not want to be a whore but, and this is what truly broke Nera’s heart, this is what was behind her thoughts, he could see where he would end up, and here he was, doing just that. Being a whore when… It wasn’t fair. One could think they had choices all they wanted, but in the end they were forced and boxed in to make certain choices which lead to a choice-less path. And that is why, more than anything, she pitied him. Why her heart literally ached inside of her chest for him. And what did he think of her? Just some egotistical pompous ass who judged him cruelly without knowing him when he went and did the same exact thing.

Did he know her name? Did he know how old she was? Did he know her favourite colour? Her favourite story? Did he know that at night she watched the stars and even made wishes upon them? Did he know why she ended her own life? No, he didn’t. So who exactly judged whom here? With a slight shake of her head Nera wished the jaded boy good luck before she turned back around and continued on her way.

It was still another fourteen minutes before her mistress had deemed Isharu Hatami’s death. But… Life was a funny little bee. On her way down the hall she passed the escort agency’s manager. The one in charge of who Takumi and every other escort present that night would see. The one in charge of setting up the schedule roster and the same person who took the clients money at the end of the day. The one who also acted as bouncer on occasion. For some reason that Nera could not fathom she stopped in her tracks and after a moment she turned around, calling out to the manager. After speaking for several minutes the manager walked away with one giant grin whilst Nera continued on her way. She’d just bought Takumi’s services for the whole evening. Only when Takumi went to ‘service’ his client in the room designated as his, no one would be there. Nera had no idea why she’d given Takumi this night off but… It felt right. Then again maybe this was just Nera's way of giving life and its cruelty the finger.

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Being hypocritical was one of Takumi's biggest downfalls, and on top of that he was too stubborn to admit it. But he'd dismissed any though to do with the girl as soon as he'd moved back to his post to change for his escort shift. While he felt he hadn't given her the justice she deserved, it was none of his business to try and figure out any more than he felt he had. It was her life, not his. He was in no rush to find out more about her. He looked after her anyway though, wondering how a woman so young, died and became a reaper. He shrugged and continued on his way to the escort service.

Slowly walking down the hall, he looked at all the passing rooms, and for some reason, felt a smirk creep onto his lips. People thought that escorts were the same as prostitutes all too often. It was a shame really. In the rooms, there was no sexual or taboo acts being performed in the majority. There were people just sitting around tables, having drinks and laughing like good friends. And in one or two, a young man comforting a young lady, and this made his smirk soften into a sad smile. The majority of Takumi's customers weren't horny individuals looking for a night of fun. They were usually heartbroken girls, just dumped or having seen their significant other cheat on them in the club. Takumi could tell you all about just how many girls he'd heard pour their hearts out to him. All they wanted was someone to vent to, someone to call them beautiful when they honestly didn't feel anything close to treasured. Prostitution was simply a fuck-and-go service. Nothing close to what being an escort was like. He sighed as he neared his customer's room and opened the door.

He was greeted by an empty room and he looked around for his customer, when no one was to be seen. He scratched his head, a bit lost, when his steel blue-green eyes found a note from the manage. The one that specified the details of his customer. He looked at it, all the sections for things like email, number and membership numbers empty. All there was, was a name "Nera" he said out aloud, not knowing why. For some reason, he slipped the note into his deep trench coat pocket, thinking it would be a good idea to keep it. Pulling his scarf tighter around his neck, he decided to catch up with his friend, because he had the evening off thanks to his generous and kind client. He walked toward where he would have just finished his shift and knocked three times.

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Ten minutes, Isharu Hatami’s four female clients walked out of his room, shitfaced drunk and high, giggling like schoolgirls as they made their way out of the club. Almost immediately from closing the door behind the girls Isharu became deeply depressed like he always did. His family was poor; he was an enenra looking to make his way out of the rat hole he called his life but never quite getting there. He was single because every girl who was with him was basically in it for the sex or the allure that was his species, unable to help themselves. What no one knew was that he was a real whore too, working as a prostitute on the side. Not because he wanted to or because of the benefit of extra cash. No his sister had gotten knocked up and was living back home with their parents. Parents who were elderly and sick from their youth’s due to all the sex and parties.

So being the good son, the great older brother, he’d gone and made a loan to help them out. Only he’d made a loan with the wrong person. When he became ill with a cold and couldn’t work as an escort he’d gotten behind on payments. Then his ‘friend’ demanded he sell himself to a few of his ‘friends’ to make up for the money he’d loaned out and all the damn rent collecting on the money he owed. Of course Isharu had refused but his ‘friend’ had been quite persuasive when he listed his family’s address and spoke of a ‘visit’ to them. Of course he’d gotten the money paid back but still his ‘friend’ was hard to get rid of. The constant threats a good reminder of Isharu’s place and ‘duty’ to his ‘good friend’. Huh. He’d become a slave. Just no one would say it out loud. He’d become the one thing he’d feared his entire life of becoming. What his parents had worked so hard for to prevent. And now there was no way out.

If his family found out… So to ‘cope’ Isharu partook in the drink and in the wee bit of cocaine consumption. Only… Four minutes after the girls left, Isharu, either willingly or accidentally, overdosed on the cocaine he’d snorted. He was gone within minutes as his heart gave out. Entering the room Nera watched the man, handsome, young and beautiful, as he lay sprawled out on the bed, seemingly asleep. Taking the black ring with glowing blue stones off of her thumb Nera held it, shifting her hand accordingly as it became a scythe. Her scythe. Stepping up to Isharu’s body Nera whispered, “May Izanami keep you safe on your journey.” It was what she always said before reaping a soul. Then Nera took her scythe and slashed at Isharu’s body. Only instead of slicing through his body, Nera sliced through his soul, collecting it near instantly into her scythe. And just as his soul was absorbed a cinematic record came free from Isharu’s body.

Nera let go of her scythe, it being able to stand on its own, and grabbed up the cinematic record, watching it as it steadily flowed into her scythe. “Isharu Konoshi Hatami, born twenty-seven years ago to Panori and Izu Hatami. One sister, Kami and one nephew Izu Isharu. Currently single, no descendants of his own. Worked as an escort and secretly as a prostitute on the side. Liked clouds…” And so on and so on, Nera taking Isharu’s record from the moment of his birth to the moment of his death.

Just as the record finished slipping completely into her scythe there came a knock at the door. For once there was emotion in her deep ocher eyes as Nera’s head snapped up to the source of the intrusion. “Do not reveal your nature to anyone!” That is what she’d been taught daily at the academy in Purgatory. With eyes wide and her breath quickening Nera looked around the room. No way out. Except for a window. Ugh. With no other choice Nera set her jaw and braced herself before running at it and crashing through the glass, falling an entire two stories down before crashing into the pavement below. Did I mention the rooms where upstairs? With a groan and more than a few grunts Nera pushed to her feet, healing and snapping an arm bone back into place as she went. Once on her feet Nera looked back before hurrying to her Harley Davidson parked around the corner. She was still troubled with what she’d seen in Isharu’s record…

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Takumi narrowed his eyes as he heard a female voice inside. He'd just seen all of the clients leave so there was no possibility that it was a girl who'd requested his services. the door between them was half sound proofed, so the details of what had been said were unknown to him. He waited patiently, but when he heard the crash of glass, he slammed the door open to help whoever had evidently been injured. But the only scene he was greeted with was a smashed window and a seemingly unconscious Isharu on the ground. Rushing to his friend's side, he held him in his arms, assuming whoever knocked him unconscious had had to be a sasaeng fan. But Takumi's blood chilled as he felt Isharu's skin. Cold and his skin lifeless. But his expression was so serene. As if he had finally been freed of the countless things that had troubled him. Takumi had known about it all. It was hard to keep anything from him. But he'd never told Isharu. If Isharu wouldn't tell him anything willingly, he wouldn't pursue. He held his dear friend close and felt no sadness. Instead he was filled with happiness. Happy that his friend would finally find peace. He looked toward the window, and he knew it had been the reaper girl he'd met earlier "Nera" he softly said without thinking and slowly stood with the man in his arms and walked out of the room.

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The strip club was loud as always, filled with drunken, and newly drunken guys mainly. This club consisted of some girls and some guy strippers, to please all it's costumers, but their most popular strippers were girls looking like guys or guys looking like girls, which is where Karkat came in. Most his outfits were slutty and girlly, which with his feminine appearance, it really fit him. Karkat had been working here since 7 am today, and it was now 2 am now, almost time for his shift to end. If his ride was here on time, that is. Dave fucking Strider. That guy sent Karkat's nerves on fucking edge. With his stupid stoic face and stupid fucking shades and stupid fucking flawless blonde hair. He hated him. Not as much as others, however. He could say he was friends with Dave, even if they didn't particularly get along all the time. Karkat comes down off the stage after having done his last dance and approaches the bar where he sits to wait for Dave. His red eyes gaze around in thought. It smelt of sweat and alcohol here, but by now Karkat was pretty used to it. He probably even smelled like it himself. His eyes flickered up as a guy approached him, smiling faintly,"Let me buy you a drink, doll."

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Dave panted as he threw the doors open and nearly collapsed forward, but he ducked into a sideroom quickly before anyone could catch sight of him. It'd happened again. He'd slipped up and now those damn government assholes were on his tail. They knew about his powers. These god damn shithole abilities that he NEVER asked for. He just wanted to be an every day thief, some dude with a hot somewhat boyfriend and a sick pair of shades. But now, his palms literally BURSTED INTO FLAMES as he was taking a piece of bread. For no apparent reason. It was like a god damn flame thrower. Of course he burned the bread. So there was no point in taking it. He calmed himself and peeked around the corner, searching for Karkat.

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Karkat shows a disgusted face, mumbling,"Not interested, dickface." He sips at some of his water, having not noticed Dave rush in. This guy, however, was not at all pleased with Karkat's response. This was shown by how the fucking idiot just kept pestering him. "Come on, I'm the best guy in here. You can't turn all this down. What will 10 dollars get me?"
Karkat shoots a glare at the guy, handing him something,"This fucking fork, dickwad." He then stands up and heads towards the door. He'd just fucking walk home, nothing was worth this shit. He tenses once the guy grabs his wrist tightly, enough to bruise it, in order to stop him,"Listen here you little brat, I have yet to drink enough alcohol to get fully drunk so until I do, you're going to fucking do a pretty little dance with me until I'm satisfied, got it?!"

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Dave spent a few moments looking through the crowd when he'd finally seen Karkat, alone, or at least, until someone approached him. He narrowed his eyes but kept his cool, approaching the man and leaning down, "I suggest you take your hand off my merchandise before I cut it off and use it to spin my records. There are plenty of tight bodied little whores runnin around this joint so get the fuck off you forty year old truck driver lookin motherfucker" he nearly snarled, his voice unnervingly even.

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Karkat blinks faintly in shock,"D-Dave?!" When the hell did he get here?! Was he here the whole time and Karkat just didn't see him? Why wouldn't he of approached sooner then?
The guy blinks, glaring at him,"Your merchandise? He works here to please all the costumers. Who the hell are you anyways?" He keeps a tight grip on Karkat's wrist, despite Karkat trying to pull it away. A little effortlessly, of course, considering he was too focused now on the thought that Dave was here.

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Dave remained completely blank, eyeing the man, "I can see where you're coming from, but have you considered maybe, I don't know, fucking off?" he asked before pulling his sleeve up and tazing him with his watch, pulling Karkat to his side, "You wanted to dance, well let's do the fuckin tango" he said, obviously ready to fight.

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Karkat blinks once pulled over. Was Dave fucking serious?! He really wanted to fight this guy?! And where the hell did Dave get that watch?!
The guy tenses, pulling away and growls,"You're fucking insane man! J-Just take the fucking kid and go already! I'm out of here!" With that he quickly rushes out. Yeah, now that he knew Dave was tough, this guy was a pussy.
He furrows his eyebrows, watching the guy leave before he looks up at Dave,"When did you get here?" He questions.

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Dave glanced at him, smirking very faintly and turning to face him, "A few minutes ago" he said simply before pushing Karkat against the wall, placing his hand on one side of his head and raising an eyebrow, "You always walk around lookin like a japanese schoolgirl you god damn weeb?" he teased.

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Karkat tenses once pushed into the wall and blinks up at him. Was Dave being serious? Was he drunk? No, he smelled clean. Then why was he late? He eyes him,"Weeb my ass." He growls before continuing,"Dave fucking Strider where have you been? You're 20 minutes late." And why the hell did it smell like burnt bread?

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Dave chuckled awkwardly, "K so uhm, yea, I realize that. I just had to uh, stop by the house and pick up some of that fancy wine you like .. after burning down a bakery" he muttered the last part, clearing his throat.

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Karkat tenses,"Burning down a bakery?! Were you hurt?! Are you fucking insane?!" He sighs,"Don't answer that. Where is this wine you bought then? I'm going to need it." He mumbles.

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Dave cringed. So that was definitely going to ruin his chances of tapping that hot alien booty tonight. "Well uhm.. it sort of exploded because.. uhm.. I lit it on fire" he added shamefully.

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Karkat blinks, mumbling,"Fucking asshole.." He huffs,"You owe me. Let's just go home already, I'm exhausted." He mumbles, crossing his arms. Not to mention this outfit wasn't covering much so he was getting a bit cold just standing near the door that kept opening and closing when people went in and out.

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Dave leaned in, kissing his cheek and smirking, "Yea, whatever." he pulled the bottle out of his jacket, "I was kidding asshat" he added, rolling his eyes. "Shit's expensive.. when you gotta pay for it that is"

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Karkat leads Dave out, heading towards the car,"Well good then, get me drunk enough and home fast enough and you might be in for quite the surprise." He purrs.

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Dave followed after him, getting in the car quickly. He liked the sound of that. He didn't hesitate to start it, eyeing him expectantly.

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Karkat buckles in once in before grabbing the bottle from Dave, holding it against his chest as he looks out the window. He was growing quite impatient to get home. It has been a long day.

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Mirai didn't know what she was doing here. Glittering lights and blaring music. This was not her usual scene. Definitely not something she was attuned to. But the yokai that she'd followed in here had to still he here. Somewhere. She sipped her martini as casually as she could. But a bespectacled beauty in an oversized sweater didn't look normal under these circumstances regardless. She didn't like the stares she got. From both men and women. Or the way the alcohol burned her throat. Made her feel whoozy, as if she were floating. She hated it all. But she had a responsibility. To hunt that yokai.

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando came in, in his armor as usual and with his blade, feeling an odd urge which he knew only a place like this could satisfy though he wasn't going to do it with any woman that he suspected would give him any diseases. He knew who that would fit when he noted a petite woman sitting at the bar in an outfit that screamed not usually here. He waited a few minutes while she knocked back drinks which she was new to he would guess before moving up and sitting next to her. "Hello, so don't come in here often do you?" he asked not dropping his helmet just yet.

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Mirai's eyes widened, golden orbs narrowing at Cegando, "E-Excuse me, I... You're not supposed to.." she couldn't find the words to say. How much was she supposed to drink? What was drinking in moderation anyways? "I'm.. looking for someone and.. that is not you" she added, though sounded slightly uncertain.

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando could tell she already was inebriated which made her easy to trick so he just chuckled and let her finish talking. "Maybe I am, you did come her to have a good time didn't you?" he asked suggestively, his tone softer then usual. "Everyone does" he added as a suggestion.

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Mirai seemed confused at that, shaking her head, "N-No I.. came here to.. to.." her mind was foggy. What had she come here for again? She could hardly remember. Something about a yokai. But that yokai was probably long gone by now.

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Boba | 156 comments "See you aren't sure but I assure you if you show me to your place we can remember what it was you came here for" he said, smiling a touch in his mask as he knew he would get what he wanted with her confused like this, on the edge of lucid.

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Mirai thought for a moment, "M-My.. place?" she frowned. She didn't even know where she was anymore. She'd chased that yokai all around town. Her phone was dead too. This was a bad situation. "I.. where.. where am i?" she suddenly asked.

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Boba | 156 comments "Yes, wouldn't you feel safer there?" he asked her suggestively. He smiled a touch as she seemed hilariously confused. "The night club where else would you be?" he asked her.

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Mirai frowned and shook her head, "I mean.. what street?" she took her phone out, just as it died. She stood, "I should just.. go home?" she asked.

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Boba | 156 comments "Ah that I can't recall" he lied, just not about to tell her. "That would be a wise option though going home alone is not smart" he said with a smirk, still having his helmet on but the smiles were more for him.

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Mirai stared at him for a moment before sighing and turning towards the door, stumbling a little bit but steadily walking out towards her house.

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Boba | 156 comments "I'll take that as a yes" he said following behind her though a slight bit behind her. He kept following till her house trying to think of some way to get in.

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Mirai was drunk but she knew he was behind her. She glanced at him, raising an eyebrow, "Why are you so far back? That's.. c-creepy" she muttered.

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Boba | 156 comments Cegando nodded, quickly catching up and then following at her pace. "Is that a more satisfactory distance?" he asked with a slight softness to his tone though it was faked.

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<< I can make her house and post the thread here >>

Mirai furrowed her eyebrows faintly as she neared her home, "I... don't even know your name" she mumbled warily.

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Boba | 156 comments (( got ya))

"Cegando" he answered quickly, knowing that was needed in order for things to move further.

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