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Here, you can make your human characters. Make sure your post at least has these details:






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Cassandra Felicity Sands
14 • Female • Millionaire's Daughter

{Nicknames} Cass, Cassie, Sandra

▬▬▬▬▬Eye Color Light green
▬▬▬▬▬Hair Color White blond
▬▬▬▬▬Height 5"3
▬▬▬▬▬Distinguishing Features None

Cassie is slightly jerkish. She can be mean at times, and insulting, and challenging people's statuses. She is sensitive to people's touches but is relatively emotionally stable. She is intelligent and has pride. She is constantly stressing, and stress eats. Sometimes, her first instinct when people ask questions about her, her first instinct is to lie. She is driven by whatever motivates her. She is determined not to let people take advantage of her. She is studious, especially with myths, math and some aspects of science. She holds herself as slightly above society. She can be a party girl at times, but there are some people that can tow her down to anti-craziness. She can hold a grudge, and the only reason she will return to you after you betray her is to take revenge. She isn't very good at cooking or any sort of dabbling in the kitchen. She is headstrong and brave.

As a child, Cassie was always one of the jerk-ish rich kids who were mean in a way that wasn't snobbish, even though she did think she was better than most people. When she turned four, she thought that she had seen a fairy and had screamed in delight before it was gone, and she soon started to get interested, studying into fairies and stumbling into the edges of being a social outcast. And the snobby rich people's kids who she used to hang out with started to shun and ignore her, not only because of her obsession, but because they thought she was disrespecting and bringing down all of the rich people's names. Not a lot of people were fans of her, but she did manage to make one friend during kindergarten and the first couple of years at an academy. She also secretly snuck into Saint Bartleby's School for Boys, as they had a better library database than her academy. As she got older, she got more into learning about fairies and how they operated and got more obsessed. When her father died, she was only thirteen, but it made her plunge out of her obsessive phase with fairies, and she tried to get back to having a normal life, trying to place her past behind her.

{Mother} Jennifer Sands
{Father}Tim Sands (deceased)

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