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The Catacombs are an underground cemetery in the Crime District. It's damp and cold, like most other places and usually empty, besides the few people who enjoy actually being around here. It's quiet, the whole place being made of old, cracked, creamy white stone, the ground having puddles in it, though the source of the water is unknown.

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The cold stone pressed into Cain's back sending a pleasant chill down his spine. He was leaning against a crumbling wall, sharpening his swords. The loud noise was ringing out loudly through the Catacombs. He sighed, then pushed his blade back in its sheath and ran a hand through his hair. He had no idea of where to find his assigned prey, and he was on a deadline.

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A cigarette hung loosely at the corner of Sam's mouth, trails of grey smoke leaking into the air as he walked against the chilling damp ground. His combat boots made careful thumps as he strode forward towards the sounds of the swords. His eyes narrowed and he listened closely. Yokai. He didn't have any reason to hunt the yokai. As tempted as he was. The yokai wasn't doing anything harmful yet in particular. He peered around the corner, eyeing Cain with a gaze both blank and somehow incredibly hurtful. As if he were judging Cain with every ounce of thoughtfulness.

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Cain glanced at the figure and cocked his head at it provokingly. It seemed to be observing his every mood. Interesting... he thought to himself. He shifted his neck and stepped away from the wall. His bluish hand rested on his sword as he stood directly in the human's path. This human might be able to help me... He grinned viciously, showing rows of razor-sharp teeth. And if not, I'm in desperate need of a fight.

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Sam seemed indifferent and didn't really care about the rows of razors that were likely perfectly capable of chomping him into actual bits. He instead pulled his gun out cautiously, eyeing the other with an expression easily likened to hatred, "You're in my way." he said monotonously.

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Cain cocked his head at the gun, gave the human a skeptical look. "I am aware of that." His voice was low and gravely from years without speaking. "But what, if I may ask, is a pesky little human doing in the catacombs?"

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Sam eyed him up and down. This yokai was not his target. And regardless of his disposition towards yokai, he did not kill without incentive. "I am hunting someone. In other words, it's none of your business. What is a fishy yokai doing in a place so close to the surface?" he demanded.

<< Is Cain open for a relationship btw? I have a few characters open, or even Sam. Sam is hella dom though >>

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((Yup, if you want :) ))

Cain released, a low chuckle. Human's were usually too afraid of him to provoke him. "Funny, I am hunting someone too," He ignored the human's question. His grip tightened on his sword's pommel. "But, I am afraid, that my kind does not take so kindly to being called 'fishy yokai.'" He disappeared from the human's sight, then appeared behind him and quickly rested his blade on his neck with expert delicacy, careful not to cut him. "Where is this man?" He held up a scratched photograph of a man with a wicked, nasty grin.

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Sam narrowed his eyes at the picture, leaning in and cutting his neck slightly, not seeming to care as he studied the photo, "Don't know him. And if I did I wouldn't tell you about it. Now I advise that you remove your sword before I remove your baby maker" he said, the gun at his side pointed directly in between the other's legs.

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Cain sneered at him, but then sheathed his sword smoothly and stepped away. "Human filth," he muttered quietly. "Are you sure you haven't seen him? He seems like your type of guy." His eyes narrowed. "He was last seen in these catacombs, and since you were naturally a gutter rat, I had to assume."

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Sam took a drag from his cigarette and raised an eyebrow, "Again, I wouldn't tell you. I haven't seen his ass anywhere around here" he retorted, almost growling at the other.

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((I just realized that I wrote that he was female in his profile XD *fixed*))

Cain snarled back, his teeth bared. Another figure slid out of the darkness of the catacombs, about 10 yards away from the human and him. He whipped around and threw a thin knife at them. The figure crumbled, and Cain turned his back on the human and sauntered over to the corpse.

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Sam grunted, stumbling back a bit and staring at Cain with wide eyes. Yokai were strong motherfuckers. He gulped, swallowing dryly and narrowing his eyes. "How'd you know he was there?" he grumbled, nearly dropping his cigarette.

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Cain gave him a wicked grin. "Part of my 'fishy yokai' senses. And, the way he was noisily breathing and walking about. Are you deaf?" He bent over and compared the picture with the human's face. He picked him up with little effort and slung the limp body over his shoulder, not particularly caring that the man's wound was dribbling blood onto Cain's shoulder.

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Sam stared for a moment, giving a disgusted face towards Cain as he eyed the blood dripping down his shoulder, "Y-You've got a little uh.. you've got.. a little somethin... right uh.. right there" he said, pointing to the blood.

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He rolled his eyes. "Yes? Does the blood bother you? I'd expect the opposite, assuming that you know how to use the weapon you pointed at me just a bit earlier." He pulled his knife out of his prey's neck and licked the blood off of it, then smoothly latched it back onto his belt. The taste of blood didn't always appeal to him, but when humans saw him consume it, it tended to inspire fear.

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Sam doubled over suddenly after seeing the simple action. He lost his lunch all over the floor, panting and glaring at the yokai. "That is fuckin.. gross" he chastised, "H-He could have like, aids or some shit" he added, shaking his head quickly. "I mean fuck, I kill people for a living, but I don't suck their blood and bathe in it. Can't you be the slightest bit cleaner with your kills? At least I don't get my suit dirty when I finish contracts off" he muttered, more than a little shaken.

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Cain gave him a large smile, revealing rows of pointy, red-stained teeth. "But what would be the fun in that? I mean, surely I have enough money to just buy new clothes, and with my status, it just builds onto my reputation!" He let out a low laugh. "You humans are pathetic."

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Sam narrowed his eyes, "I'd rather be known as the contract killer that doesn't eat his victims. Thanks. If pathetic means cleanliness, I think I'm okay with that" he retorted, raising an eyebrow at him in a challenging manner.

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Cain raised his eyebrows. "I don't eat the flesh," He glanced down at the small puddle of blood forming on the ground. "But the blood, at some times, can be part of the price for the kill itself. That is, if the client doesn't mind the state of the body. Sometimes money is not enough for the work I do."

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He seemed slightly put off, rolling his eyes, "Yokai. Disgusting creatures." he said simply, folding his arms. He had no room to talk. He killed for cash on a daily basis.

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His features sharpened slightly, his anger slowly moving him more towards his fish form. "I would say the same about your kind."

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"And you would be thoroughly misguided" he retorted, narrowing his eyes and stepping back a bit. "You yokai aint nothin but trouble. Why don't you just stay where you were meant to be, not on the god damn surface" he growled.

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Cain stepped closer to the human, the filth of the surface radiating up into his sensitive nose. "Do you know," he hissed, "how many humans I've had to rid of this earth for crimes you can't even begin to imagine? The contamination of your species upon this world is unbelievable- I've lost track of the count. And in comparison, to the amount of yokai I've ended?" His teeth gleamed in the dark. "Way less. And all of them troublesome slaves that don't know where to keep their noses. Your kind and them would get along well."

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Sam gritted his teeth and stepped forward, gun in hand. The bullets within his pistol glowed. A strange substance within them. It was a serum that poisoned yokai. Especially those among the Amabie, Kawako and Banshee types. They always caused the most damage to society. "My fight ain't with you. I'd like to turn you into sushi, but I wont, because I ain't bein paid to" he said roughly.

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Cain sniffed the air as his eyes locked on the human gun. "Oh, you're going to poison me? Cheap." He drew his sword and let the body on his shoulder slump to the ground. He gave Sam a smile, then poured every bit of concentration on the ounce of telepathy he possessed. Hello, he thought viciously as he got a glimpse of the human's past. Such an excellent first profession you had. What was it like, Samuel, to only earn money by warming your clients sheets?

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Sam grunted, glaring at him and suddenly holding the gun up directly at Cain's head, "That is none of your business, STAY OUT OF MY HEAD YOU WALKING PIECE OF SUSHI!" he shouted angrily.

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Cain raised the skin where his eyebrows would be if he actually had eyebrows. He took a step back and held up his hands in a mock surrender. "It's not like I can do much in there anyways. Does it bother you that I know your secrets?" His lower lip jutted out in cruel fake sympathy. His grip tightened on his sword's hilt, in the case that Sam would be so angered as to try and shoot him.

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Sam narrowed his eyes at Cain and gritted his teeth. He put the gun down to his side. It wasn't worth it. He didn't need to kill to get his point across. Besides, no one was paying him. "Scum" he growled, "I'm not wasting my bullets on you" he snapped.

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((Do you wanna end it here?))

Surprised, Cain took a step back. He honestly thought the human was going to use his gun on him. "Well," he said cheerily, sheathing his sword. "I can tell you now that you'll probably regret that later." He flipped the body laying on the floor up with his foot and threw it over his shoulder again.

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((I mean, we don't have to if you think we should continue. I don't mind.))

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((*whispers* Outsider...))

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<< aaaa sorry ! If you wanna end it yea that's fine !

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((It's fine if you want to keep going, it was just getting kind of slow :) ))

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