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message 1: by Katherine, Camp Director (new)

Katherine Kitwood (SweetestCupcake) | 96 comments Mod
Welcome to cabin no. 18, the cabin for God Tyche's demigods. Feel this place as your home with your brothers and sisters. Play, read, practice, sleep and do whatever you please. Your trunk is placed beside your bed. One more thing, you're not allowed to go or peek in any other cabins.
Now, follow me to Sword Arena.

((Sword Arena is found in Role-Play section, so go there.))

message 2: by Anushka (new)

Anushka R. | 71 comments "Hello? Anybody home?" cried Skyler. She looked around, and was disjointed to see nobody there. She sighed, put her duffle bag and a good bunk, and left the cabin.

message 3: by Anushka (new)

Anushka R. | 71 comments *looks around and sees a letter on her bunk*
*reads letter*
*walks out of the cabin laughing*

message 4: by Anushka (new)

Anushka R. | 71 comments I ran into the cabin and looked under my bed. I let out a sight of relief. All of the pranks were still there. At that moment, Chris burst into the cabin.

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