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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Anthony | 98 comments I've been watching the Inspector George Gently series on Netflix over the last few months and I've really enjoyed it. Today I watched what I thought was the best and most powerful episode I've seen. It's episode 2 in Season 4 called Goodbye China.

Apparently Netflix is only carrying this series until the 28th of October, so if you think it's something you'd like, check it out soon.

message 2: by SherryRose (new)

SherryRose | 927 comments Thank you for the warning Dennis! It's a great series! I'll make sure I'm caught up!

message 3: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (officerripley) I love the Geo. Gently series. There was a Season 7 which Netflix didn't bother carrying; I bought it as a dvd box set & glad I did, it was very good. I haven't heard yet whether or not there'll even be a Season 8 but if there is--and maybe all of Seasons 1-7--it's supposedly going to be carried on the Acorn streaming network. (Which I'm trying to make up my mind to subscribe to or not; we already subscribe to Netflix & Amazon Video; how many more are we gonna have to subscribe to to get quality tv, sigh.)

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