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While the streets are dim, they're still incredibly active. The market is thriving with diverse people and thieves especially. But remember, if someone catches you stealing, they're at the liberty to do whatever they please as punishment

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Asuka walked slowly through the cobbled streets of the Crime District marketplace, looking at the stalls. She wore a cloak, concealing her noble clothing, however she refrained from pulling the hood over her head as it obscured her peripheral vision. And that was one very important sense she needed in this area, where she'd almost been pickpocketed thrice. Trying to escape the pressures of noble life, she decided to wander where people would least expect one of nobility. Stopping, she looked at a few books at a shady stall, looking and scoffing quietly to herself at how the man had faked runes in the book, and continued to read it in amusement, however was very much aware of the going ons around her.

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Ryu sits on one of the stands, quietly reading through a book. This stand owner has told him many times not to do it, but due to Ryu not listening and doing it anyways, the guy had given up. Ryu was a noble in the Seasonal District, so people here didn't know his species or his wealth even. He came here often just to read the books. Though, he'd prefer to be at some sort of ocean instead. He'd prefer to hear the crashing of the icy cold, salty waves that would slam against the rather dark, damp sand. The ocean was just about as dark as the rest of the world, so Ryu couldn't see how big it was, but he imagined it was huge. Oh the ocean. He longed for it, like a lover who could never be with the one they loved. Ryu couldn't touch it, or it'd burn him. But enough of that for now. Ryu was here to read. Right, reading. Where was he at in this book again? His thoughts were too wrapped up on the thought of the ocean that he had lost his place. Oh well, this book was pretty lame anyways. Ryu lets out a small sigh and places it back on the stand before his gold eyes gaze around. Surely their had to be something more entertaining going on around here, right?

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Asuka flipped further through the book and as she did, a piece of paper slipped out from inbetween the pages and floated through the air. It was so thin, almost transperent and she reached for it, though the breese gently carried it beyond her reach. She frowned and grabbed a bit more, but it stayed just out of her reach, teasing her. How she hated that. Not because of the paper, but she felt that everything in her life was just out of her reach. Family. Love. Making her father proud. Always she fell short. Making another attempt, she finally caught it, but not before she stumbled a bit and her cloak slipped, exposing a bit of gold from the buttons of her coat. Hastily pulling it closer around her shoulders, she looked around to see if someone had seen and locjed eyes with a young man and his golden eyes caught her off guard. Casually averting her haze to the ancient parchment in her hand, she frowned at it. Such a dangerous spell in a shady area of town would be dangerous and she crushed it in her palm and when she opened it, the parchment was now a soggy piece of paper, as she used her power to conjure a small amount of water in her palm and smudge the ink. Dropping the soggy paper and wiping remaining ink on her cloak, she looked at the man, who had seen all of what she'd done and continued to casually browse.

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Ryu had blinked, watching the scene before his eyes. It wasn't the buttons, the tripping, or watching the girl chase after nothing but a piece of paper that Ryu took interest in. No. It was her power. Water, was it? Or something of the sorts. Or perhaps it was that she had water on her hand from something else? Who knows. But he knew the girl saw he saw her, and he knew he saw her, so there was no getting out of this. With a small sigh that escaped the guys rather soft, pale lips, Ryu jumps off and approaches her, sticking his hands in his rather loose black pants. Along with those, he wore a loose black shirt and black shoes. He really didn't dress like no noble. He eyes the girl as he approaches her before looking at what she seemed to be browsing at,"Are you alright? You almost had a nasty fall back their." He mumbles, pointing out the obvious in hopes of starting some sort of conversation. He wasn't used to interacting with people, so he wasn't sure how this would go.

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Asuka was looking at her palms when she heard a voice directed at her and looked up and her navy eyes searched for the owner. Her eyes were as blue as the depths of the ocean and a slight purple, like a dying sunset reflected in its waters. She looked the boy she's just spotted in the eye as he approached and tooka a slight caution to him,. He was dressed normally, so she relaxed a bit, that it wasnt a guard coming to drag her back to her estate. She smiled and scratched her head a bit meekly as he asked about her wellbeing "Damn it, I guess that didn't go as unnoticed as I thought it did" she replied in her usual warm and ryrhmic tone of voice "Yeah, I guess I'm alright" she continued to smile, before she looked down at her still damp palms and used her power over air to dry them. She proceeded to look back to the books "Its surprising really. How they manage to make money off these fakes" she remarked to the man, opening a book and pointing to a rune that was nothing but an elaborate pattern

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The man stands a few feet taller than the lady, so he had to bend down a little over her shoulder to get a good look at the book. At his closeness, the scent of expensive cologne mixed with ocean breeze filled the air around them. His gold eyes reflected what little light came off of the lanterns around the place which were used to light up the place, since the world was no longer full of natural light. He tilts his head, eyeing the rune closely before asking,"How is it you can tell these are fake?" He questions, never taking his eyes off of the picture of the rune, as if he were studying it thoroughly.

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Asuka stiffened a bit from his proximity, though his scent was calming and she little, she proceeded to point at the exges if the design "It's supposed to be a rune for good luck. To begin with thise runes are quite simple, so the intricacy of this one is out of place. Also it is too curvature to be a real one..." she began but trailed off "I could go on about this forever" she sighed and closed the book as she noticed the owner of the stall eyeing her curiously. She didn't want to draw any unsavoury attention to herself.

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Ryu had blinked when the book was closed before he pulls away and stares down at her. He crosses his arms and tilts his head,"So.. Because of that.. These runes are fake? God's exist, so why can't a rune of Luck?" He questions. Yeah, perhaps he was a bit dense, but he wanted to understand this better. Plus, he was getting the girl to talk much longer than anyone else he's ever talked to before. Not that he talked much to people. If he wasn't bartending, he was locked up in his house watching movies and eating junk food. Though you wouldn't be able to guess it, the man was rather muscular and could even be seen through his loose clothing. He eyes the stall guy before back at the girl. She obviously didn't want to get noticed, so it was obvious now why she closed the book.

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She looked up at him after his remark and gave him a look "You try using that rune and then we'll see" she said with a raised eyebrow, though the way she said it was not in a huffy, stuck up way, but moreso like a 'really?' sort of tone you would give to a friend. She noticed just how muscular he was and she couldn't help but look at his eyes a bit longer. She'd never seen such colden eyes before, and she had to break her gaze as she noticed a few guards from her estate still looking for her. Using the boy as a shield, she hid behind his comparitively larger frame and relaxed a bit as the guards moved on. She was not in the mood to go back and have to amuse herself for the rest of her life. She wanted to be out of that stuffy, cushy cage. Looking back at the boy, she tilted her head a bit "I don't think I've introduced myself" she remarked and smiled a bit "Asuka. Not too phenomenal"

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Ryu had blinked, keeping eye contact with her when she looked in his eyes. He tilts his head,"Well do you have it? I'd love to try it." Yeah, he had taken her seriously. He'd gladly take the rune. Of course, he was pretty lucky already. He was rich, lived in a large penthouse, and could roam all he wanted. What more could he ask for? He goes to continue but blinks when the girl instead hides behind him. He glances around, watching some odd looking men pass by. Guards. They had to be, from the looks of it. It wasn't his business. He glances back down at her, speaking calmly,"Ryu." He didn't feel the need to tell her his last name, it was nothing special. His name practically gave away his species, but that was alright, not many people would put two and two together. He tilts his head,"Asuka, huh? What brings you out here?"

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((Sorry I fell asleep >●<))

She smirked "Ryu? Wouldn't you think you would be a Ryurijin or something?" she chuckled as a joke. Sighing, she looks back up at him "Oh you know, just trying to have some breathing time, but thats just too hard to do at home". She was always under constant surveilence and that ticked her off "How about you? There must be some reason you're wandering the streets of a crime filled market place".

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((Tis ok))

Ryu blinks, eyeing her though doesn't answer her question about the Ryurijin. She'd find out, sooner or later. He looks around at her question, answering,"It gets pretty boring at my home all the time or out about in my own city, so I tend to come here often." He shrugs like it was no big deal. He lived alone, just with a bunch of guards and servants. Here people didn't treat him different, like they did at his home town. Their they treated him like a celebrate, he didn't like that. He didn't like being treated like he was more important than other people.

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She gave him a sidelong look "So you don't have any siblings? Cousins? Anyone to talk to at home?" she asked curiously, wondering how similar they might actually be "I mean, you look like you come from a well off place" she remarked, gesturing to his simple clothing. It may not have been extravagant, but for this district such quality would be hard to come across.

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Ryu pauses, thinking before replying,"No, not really. I was raised on my own and now live alone. I have servants and guards, yes, but I can protect myself. And if I ever am truly in danger, I know they'll protect me. But, as long as I am not, they usually mind their own business while I mind my own. It's rather quiet and lonely at my place." He shrugs slightly,"Are you from a well off place too?" Obviously she was, Ryu saw her buttons, but he wanted her to answer him herself.

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Asuka made a face as if to think for a moment and replied carefully, as she too knew he'd seen the buttons "I am quite well of myself superficially" she replied, making sure to stay hush so that any dangerous people didn't hear what she was to say next "I have an estate to my name as well the title of a noble, whatever I wish for, guards and servants of uncountable quantity. But family wise..." she trailed off and gave a sad smile "I'm all by myself. If I couldn't protect myself, my relatives probably would have assassinated me by now for the stupid fortune I never wanted". She realised just how much she'd said and sighed, figuring she may as well tell him she was a Ryurijin, but she decided to wait "Whether you call that well off or not...your choice"

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Ryu eyes her. Ah, she was finally opening up. Surprising, really, since they had just met. But he was pleased none the less. Although, he didn't look it. His face remained blank as he nods,"I see. Well, I guess that's alright. Why don't you want your fortune anyways?" Ryu wasn't fond of his fortune either, but he was glad he had it, because he could buy anything he wanted or needed without really having to work. Although he did. He owned a weapons shop. Secretly, of course. Well, sorta? He had one in the Seasonal District and he wanted one here, but he knew the Queen would be against it. And due to her pathetic 13 year old guard dog, whomever the brat was, Ryu couldn't try sneaking some in here. Oh well, it was probably better that way.

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She sighed, like she'd had to explain this a million times before "Haven't you ever wondered what it was like to be normal? Live in a small house, with a small family. Because as far as I've seen, money has only ever brought my family pain. I want to live a mediocre life". She realised just how ungrateful that had sounded "I guess it has its perks, but it has never been worth the losses that came with it for me". The fortune she was to inherit was the one that had corrupted and warped her father. Wealth had taken her only family from her.

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Ryu pops a chocolate ball into his mouth and chews it, swallowing before he answers her,"I don't really care about that. My family has always ignored my existence, so to me, it's their fault they're in pain, not mine. Besides, what's so bad about being caused pain? It makes you stronger in the end. Sure it hurts, but we're still standing, aren't we?" He questions softly.

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She nodded "I agree, but I guess it's not like there's a choice" she sighed and turned to fully face him, finished looking at the booksellers stall "I guess you finally stop feeling the pain after a while" she mused out aloud "Besides, its not like I ever had a chance of living up to the Shimizu family name"

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Ryu shrugs,"Perhaps not the way they want you to. Try living up to it in your own way. You're still young, you've got a mind of your own too." He shrugs lightly, holding a small chocolate ball out to her,"We're not mindless robots."

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She smiled and accepted the chocolate ball "I appreciate the advice" she replied and a silence passed between them, watching the sea of people, before she broke it "Have you ever felt like you were cursed? Like your powers were something you never asked for?" she queried out of the blue before turning to him. She hated the powers she'd inherited from her late mother, unlike that expected of a dragon royal. Her air and metal bending abilities were okay, but her water abilities, oh god how she hated them. So unpredictable, like the churning ocean, and the more she used them, the more dangerous they became and the further they dragged her from no return.

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Ryu eats another piece,"Perhaps I do, at times. They enable me to be in the ocean, which is where I crave to be. But, they protect me and fight for me when I need them to." Ryu controlled fire and nothing but fire, which is why any cold water would burn him. Even the baths and showers he took had to be scorching hot otherwise he'd get severe burn marks, much like normal people would get if they were to touch fire. Which to him, fire never burned him, it healed him. He eyes her,"Why do you ask?" He questions.

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Asuka looked at him and smiled bitterly "How many Ryurijin nobled have you met that can do this?" she asked before making a orb of water appear in her palm and hover there, and it smelt of the ocean. As quickly as it has appeared, it vanished in a mist like sea spray "Its the reason I'll never be accepted by anyone" she replied and clutched her fist "Fire hurts, more than it should". That was how her father had tried to make her stronger. Expose her to his wrath of flames, but all it di was cause extreme pain, more than it would a regular human. She felt the had said to much and looked and directed her bitter gaze at her toes.

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Ryu blinks, eyeing her. Feeling sorry for yourself wouldn't change anything. But, he sort of understood. He sighs,"I'm a Ryurijin and I think it's pretty cool. I'm sure you'll find someone else who thinks the same." He tilts his head,"In all honesty, I wish I could control water. I yearn to live in the ocean. If I could control water, i'd be able to." He shrugs,"But, I know I can't change anything so I just have to survive with it." He has a ball of flame appear in his hand and stares at it,"Indeed. It hurts most people, but never me. I guess, that's something I enjoy about being able to control it. I have a lot in common with fire, you know? People get too close, they'll end up hurt. Fire doesn't hurt me, and I can't hurt it. So it's the only friend I have." He shrugs, closing his hand over the fire which makes it vanish.

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She scoffed softly "Yeah there aren't many people who think it's cool so I don't think that's happening". Asuka silently listened to him and he piqued her curiosity. She guessed she had a lot in common with the ocean to. Strong, unpredictable, chaotic. She leaned in a bit closer and looked him in the eye "So you're saying you don't want to let anyone in because you're scared they'll get hurt?"

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Ryu blinks though remains where he is, eyeing her,"Wont they? I'm like flames, if touched when angered, my body will heat up and scorch those who touch me." He sighs softly,"I do not get angered easily. But it's bound to happen." He looks up at the darkened sky, continuing,"I'm sure there's other Yokai out their with the same problem. Ones where their powers have hurt others as well." He eyes her,"To me, thats what a cursed power is. Hurting others and not being able to control it." He replies simply.

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Asuka winced at his description of a cursed power. He was spot on. She was cursed. She couldn't control it and when she tried to help someone with it, she'd ended up fatally injuring them. Not saying this though out aloud though, she met his gaze "I'm sure if they love you enough, cherish you as much as they tell you, the pain will be worth it" she replied with a small smile "Though personally I've never been in the position myself, so I wouldn't know much about being there myself"

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Ryu blinks, eyeing her lightly again,"I have heard someone who was once so angry, his powers got out of control and he burned down his house which thus killed his wife and two kids. I never knew what happened to him, nor have I met him, but I've heard of him." He looks up at the sky, replying in a low mumble,"I've been in love once. but it wasn't like that, really. We loved each other, sure. But he was bound to survive in the ocean only. If I were to touch him, it'd burn him. If he were to touch me, it'd burn me. Naturally it didn't last. I was hurting him the longer I kept him away from the water just to be with me, so I broke it off. If I know the ones I love are being caused pain due to my ignorance and power, I wont stick around. I don't want them to love me or cherish me if all I'm doing is causing them pain. Because their love will soon enough turn to fear. Once they can't look at you.. Once they flinch at your touch or voice.. You've already lost them.." For once, his eyes show a bit of emotion. Sadness. But they go away quickly as he sighs,"Enough about this, however. Those guards, were they yours?" He questions, looking back at her.

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She listened to his story silently and once he was finished, she couldn't sympathise. She felt sorry for him, but she'd never felt such an emotion so she decided it best for her not to contribute any comfort. What did she know? Nothing. Asuka replied to his question "Yes they were. But I didn't want them here" she replied in a ticked tone. It annoyed her how little her own household trusted her. She saw one out in the crowd and she averted her eyes as he approached and she didn't know what to do. Running would make it obvious it was her they were looking for. But staying was dangerous as it would take one look for them to recognise her.

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Ryu sighs,"You should tell them then." He glances up, eyeing the guard before he grabs her wrist and pulls her away,"Come on then." Obviously they knew to look for her here, so staying much longer would draw attention to them. He wouldn't go out of the market, just a place more crowded around here.
Once surrounded by more people, seeing no guards in sight, he stops and releases her wrist,"You're their boss, aren't you? Can't you tell them to not follow you?"

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Asuka shook her head as he finally let her wrist go "I'm not their boss yet. I am meant to be, however my relatives don't think me capable enough for the task" she replied with a frown "Just an excuse for them to keep the fortune a tad while longer"

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Ryu eyes her,"I see.. Asuka, was it? How old are you? If you don't mind me asking, of course." Ryu wasn't one to beat around the bush. He was kind hearted and patient, sure, but he was over the age and if she was too, she had every right to leave. Hell, even if she wasn't she could leave. She didn't care about the fortune anyways, right? So Ryu wanted to know exactly why she was sticking around.

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"I guess you could say 19 ish. Why do you ask?" She herself didn't know how old she was for sure, she'd lost track. Why didn't she leave? She herself didn't know. She guesses it was because she hadn't had a conversation with anyone for a good few years. For some reason though, due to his blank expression, she felt he wasn't as interested as she was.

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Ryu sighs,"Why do you stay? You don't want the fortune anyways, and you're old enough to leave. Can't you imagine having freedom? Being able to go where ever you please without being followed. Living with your own rules. Doesn't that sound exciting? Sometimes people don't realize what they have until it's gone. Give your family a taste of what it'd be without you."

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She considered the idea "But I would have no where to go, I know no one and there would be only a small percent who would want anything to do with a Yokai". She looked at him "If you're so confident it"ll work why haven't you done so yourself?

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Ryu sighs,"I have. Like I told you, I live alone with no one but my guards and servants." He places his hands in his loose black jeans,"I left home when I was I believe 16? I'm 21 now. Which District do you live in now?" He questions.

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"I live on an estate in the Seasonal District. All alone? An have my own guatds and servants but relatives insist I use theirs instead. Which is why I have no control over them" Asuka replied while she wondered why he was sighing so much.

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Ryu thinks before he shrugs,"If it gives you a taste of freedom, you're welcome to stay with me. I'm not much company, but at least you wont have to deal with them any more."

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Asuka eyes him for a moment "Why are you being so nice to me?" she asked suspiciously. She suspected there eas some fine print. It was the reason she never grew close to anyone. She didn't trust anyone with a food intention because all her life she'd been subjected to the bad intention behind the good. It was a fatal flaw of hers.

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Ryu blinks lightly,"I am? I guess I sort of am. It sort of angers me I guess when people can't take control of there own lives. You don't have to take up my offer. I was just throwing it out their." He mumbles, his gold eyes going back onto her.

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Asuka looked at him with a small smile and a raised eyebrow "Well, to me, it doesn't seem like you're too ecstatic to talk to me, let alone put up with me till I find a way out of my own situation" was all she replied with, finally voicing something that had been bothering her ever since they began talking. She felt like she was being a nuisance

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Ryu eyes her,"I'm not one for.. Emotions, so to say. I guess I didn't mean to make you think that way. I am indeed.. Concerned.. At least, I think I am." He replied, slipping another chocolate ball into his mouth. His face and voice remained blank as he spoke.

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"You think?" Asuka replied incredulously "You're offering a stranger a place in your own household based on a basic 'you think'?". She smiled at the ground, so he probably didn't see "You really are strange, and that's something coming from me"

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Ryu tilts his head faintly,"Weird..? Yes, I believe i've been called that before. Do what you wish. I just thought you'd like living with me better than living under someone elses rules." He shrugs lightly.

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"I would appreciate it, but it probably won't become something permanent" Asuka replied looking up at him "Is that alright? I really do appreciate your offer and I will take it". She was already considering to do what he'd suggested, run away, but were to stay had been her only problem and while she figured that out she would definitely be caught if she did so at home.

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Ryu shrugs,"I wasn't expecting you to stay forever. Just until you could get back on your feet, that's all. Besides, your guards wont be allowed on my property, my guards and servants wont allow them to. I'll make sure of it. We could go collect your stuff tonight even."

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Asuka smiled widely "Thankyou so much" was all she said and resisted the urge to hug him. She was just so glad that she may now have the opportunity to move away, all she needed was a little time and preparation. Take the fortune that was rightfully hers, so that she would at least be able to start anew and then 'disappear' from sight.

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Ryu blinks,"You're.. Thanking me..? I suppose you're.. Welcome then?" He wasn't used to people thanking him. Or used to communicating. But hey, he got an A+ for trying. He furrows his eyebrows,"Right.. Well.. We can go together if you'd like or I can give you my address and we can just meet at my place. It's up to you, really."

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Vilya knelt, hands tied behind her. She was held in a long line of slaves. Slavery was definitely frowned on, but it happened. Still, it was discreet enough here. Criminals guarded the line. Some of the more disruptive of the slaves wept or writhed, eventually requiring gags, but she just waited patiently, quietly, almost soullessly. Still, she couldn't help but to glance at the lights and the people here and there. It was similar, but distinctly different from the Yokai society. Maybe their form of slavery was different here...

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