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message 1: by Felicia (new)

Felicia (felicial) | 3 comments Hello all,

I'd like to offer a free copy of my novella "Days of the Dead" available to the first five interested readers in exchange for a fair review (out of fairness, please indicate that you received a free copy in your review). If you're interested, reply in the comments and let me know if you'd like a PDF or mobi version.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you! Here's a preview of the book:

When is it terrifying NOT to see a ghost?

Los Angeles Alternative reporter and political activist Elena Guzman knows. She sees dead people –all the women in her close-knit Mexican-American family do. They only stop seeing the dead shortly before they die themselves. And right now, Elena’s failing to see a ghost that seemingly everyone else is seeing—the mysterious wraith seen abducting Graciela Lopez, a young immigrant housekeeper.

But Elena has plenty to distract her from her possibly impending death. Her loyal but unstable best friend Mona is growing dangerously obsessed with her abusive ex-boyfriend. Graciela is still missing, and Elena is determined to find her and return her to safety, even if the police aren’t.

This means doing exactly what she fears most: tracking down a ghost she can’t see. But Elena must power through her dread to find Graciela before it’s too late…for both of them.

message 2: by Bev (new)

Bev Smart Pettiford | 4 comments Me, me, me ..... if I'm not too late :) MOBI Please x

message 3: by Felicia (new)

Felicia (felicial) | 3 comments Thanks, Bev, and sorry to be so slow! Let me know your e-mail address (either in the comments or by PM) and I'll send you a copy. Alternately, if you get this today (Halloween), the books is FREE on Amazon today, so you can just pick it up there. Thanks again, and take care!

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