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Lauren Milson | 4 comments Looking for ARC readers to receive a free copy of my new romance, Private Client, for a review. Read on for the blurb! :)

To be added to the ARC list, please comment below, send me a message, or provide your info here:

Thanks so much!

She walked into my bank, and walked out with my heart.

That? That’s what I get to see first thing in the morning? She's an angel, and I’m the luckiest guy alive.

But this isn't right. An angel like this shouldn't be waiting on line at a bank. She needs more personal service. And I'll take care of every last one of her needs.

I got sick of the finance game fast. Too many jerk clients, too much drama in my life. So when I got my first bonus and invested it wisely enough to make a fortune, I decided to trade it all in.

Still, I like money. I love money. It's a tool to do good things, and I like to be around it. So a job as the manager of a local bank branch was perfect for me.

But I know there's something missing. So when this angel in the sensible heels walks into my bank and into my life?

There's no way I'm letting this one go.

Laura ~Passion flower (nature88) | 35 comments Hi,
My name is Laura, and, if you are still looking for someone to review your story, I'd be happy to help. I've read many ARC's before, and, have posted on Amazon as well as here on Goodreads.
:) Laura

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