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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Here we go :)

If you have any specific ideas or requests or whatever for superheroes or dystopia or really any type of adventure I'm totally up for it :)
Just a few things though I only do MxF and though I prefer doubles I don't mind only doing one character. Also I don't do mature scenes.

I have a few ideas as well but they're really rough so if you have anything in mind I'd love to hear them :)

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Sounds great, i agree with your rules. I usually play male characters. And would you like to do doubles? i don't mind.

for an idea i was thinking something along the lines of superheroes, and scenery consisting of like a breached economy with the country on the cusp of war. Something like that

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments on the cusp of war*

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Sounds cool :) so would there be like two countries fighting. And each has superheroes sent to defend? Or like would it be more like a civil war where there is some kind of proclamation against superheroes? And so villains want to go against the government while others try to protect innocent people?

Or the superheroes are more hidden and used as spies within the governments to use for the war?

Sorry if I'm asking a bunch of questions haha

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Hmm i was thinking the superheroes are more hidden. and not a lot of people know about them because they have been so suppressed by the government. They try not to use their abilities publicly in fear of being known. They are hated by civilians and feared. i think maybe two countries are engaging in war, and the superheroes are trying to help the innocent in the midst while at the same time avoiding conflict with the government, and avoided getting caught.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) That makes sense! So basically, we could do characters that work for the government (hiding in plain sight) while also having characters that are just civilians? Not only will they use their powers to their advantage but they also have to make sure no one sees, yeah?

But maybe one of the countries could have a a secret group of soldiers that all have superpowers? That the other country doesn't know about so they'll be caught off guard? You know what I mean?

And if we do doubles do you prefer to play both males then?

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Yes that's exactly it!
And that's a good idea, they'll be caught off guard and it will cause very interesting conflicts.

Yes with the characters in mind, i'm going to do two male characters

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments very sorry for late reply i'm at work at the moment

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Awesome! So we could do one character from each country then :)

No problem! It's night time here so I was asleep! Probably won't answer for the next couple of hours as well but when I get back I'll work on my characters :) I usually don't do detailed characters if you don't mind (though sometimes I get a bit carried away). Just like name age appearance and ability. We can add little histories or anything we think is important but I usually tend to improvise the personality and stuff as I go along with the rp.

Anyway, so yeah. I'll work on H characters as soon as I get the chance!

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) [Name]: Sierra Waiton

{Codenames}: Thorn, Earth Shaker {She works for the government in the secret team for “Elite” soldiers}

[Age]: 23


[Ability]: She can manipulate the earth and plants (to a lesser extent). She must be on the ground to do so. The closer the land is to her the easier it is to manipulate so anything in her immediate vision is the best weapon.

{Other}: (Recruited three years ago) People tend to underestimate her because of her appearance but she has been training (secretly at first) since she first discovered her ability. She uses that to her advantage and is very competitive. She prefers to work alone, but if necessary, she will cooperate in a team.

When she first discovered her ability, she had caused an earthquake in her home and nearly killed herself and her family in the process. After that, her parents had moved to a more secluded area and she had learned to control her ability in secret. Her parents were well known and important people and so nobody questioned them, which definitely made it easier to train unlike some people. Because of this though, Sierra is used to working alone and definitely prefers it.


[Name]: Vivian Marquis

[Age]: 25, she’s a doctor that was trained by the military. And though she isn’t the strongest or the fastest, she works very hard and her quick mind makes up for her lack of military expertise


[Ability]: She has enhanced reflexes and can pass though objects (or things can pass through her).

{Other}: She must keep her abilities hidden because she could get killed if anyone found out. But she does use her ability in emergencies, especially if the patient is unconscious.
She first discovered her abilities by accident. The house had caught on fire when she was a young girl. Smoke and fire had surrounded her and she had been temporarily blinded by it. An hour later, the firemen found her outside the house even though they had not seen her leave through any window or door. She didn't realize the extent of her ability until afterwards. And she had to learn to control it by herself. Her family is extremely conservative and she would have been disowned if they found out.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments nice!! posting my characters now! sorry been super busy over the weekend haha

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⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments [Name]: Enoch Chone

{Codenames}: Chanokh, Dr. Discipline, Seventh Son
{He works for no one, having kept off grid by someone he trusts from the inside. The government now barely knows he exists.}

[Age]: 24

[Appearance]: description

[Ability]: He has a distinct connection to the spiritual realm. This includes: Reading people. Switching back and forth between body and spirit. Able to experience visions and prophetic dreams, not by will.

{Other}: Enoch is a former member of the "Elite" soldiers. Once coined as Dr. Discipline. It wasn't until the battle of H.A.M.M.E.R that he faked his own death and became incognito by the help of his trusted teammate. Motives for leaving the force is unknown even to his helpmate. He is a valuable team member, having been awarded medals of heroism during his served time in the forces.

His past is a blur. Born in a very conservative family, they were church-goers who beat religion into him. It wasn't until he was 14, soon after he was baptized, when he discovered he was different from his family. When he discovered that the voices that was talking in his head was theirs, and not his. When he found out that the girl he had a crush on secretly thought he was gross, just from accidentally reading her mind. He has never been able to fully control his connection to a realm others can't see. And it wasn't until he joined the CIA that he found out he could manipulate his spiritual essence through discipline, resulting in his codename.


[Name]: Jasher Rehsaj

[Codenames]: Justify, The Truther
{Employed by the Imperials, Jasher is a mid-ranking member of a secret off-branch of CIA operatives.}

[Age]: 28

[Appearance]: description

[Ability]: A very skilled weapons-master. He refuses to use firearms as he claims that doing so poses no challenge. He knows the ins and outs of almost every sword, dagger, axe, arrow, and gadget. His intellectual prowess is sevenfold that of an average IQ. Some say he is so skilled at analyzing subtly obscure detail, that he can tell if you're lying by observing the pattern of your breath intake.

[Other]: When asked about his past, Jasher doesn't hesitate to share. This surprises those who know how ruthless and cold he may seem, but he is not a robot. He actually grew up in a pretty poor part of his community. Filled with drug abuse, severe poverty, and gang activity. His parents were nowhere to be found, having to be raised by his aunt. As he grew up adventuring his neighborhood and learning to take care of himself while his aunt was at work, he taught himself how to wield his dead uncle's old rusty weapons he kept in his closet. He grew up with a hands-on mindset, using staffs, knives, and nunchucks to train himself out of boredom. In his late teenage years, instead of going to college he was enlisted by a local recruiter in the imperial army. Someone who saw the raw skill and potential he possessed.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Cool! So how exactly would the characters interact if your first character is assumed to Be dead though? Would Sierra be his contact from the Elites? Is he spying on the other side where Vivian is?

Since Vivian isn't in the Elite team, how would she be involved? Or would she eventually be recruited? I was thinking that she was a like a traveling Doctor? Maybe one of your characters would get hurt and she would help them? But then she will realize they are from the enemy side and decide to tell some authority that the other country has a group of Elites. So the other character kidnaps her to prevent that?

Sorry. Just throwing ideas out there. This rp would get pretty boring if the characters don't interact haha

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments wow you're spot on, when i said Enoch had an insider i was referring to Sierra! :D I think it would be interesting if he showed his face again, and Sierra is maybe questioning him because she still doesn't know why he had her help him fake his death in the first place.

also, that's a great idea to have Vivian be a traveling doctor! Perhaps Jasher injured himself, but by full allegiance to the imperials, he couldn't dare have her notify the Elites.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Wait so Jasher is on the opposite side? Not with the Elite/ secret team?

Because originally I had planned for Vivian to not be on the Elite side, right? So if he's not on that side it wouldn't make sense unless she secretly worked for Elites. Maybe Jasher is trying to form his own secret group of 'elites' because he has reason to believe the other side is going to use them? And so when she helps him he could try and convince her to join or something?

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Jasher's on the other side, so yea you're right . it'd only make sense for him to secretly try and gather his own team against his own government. So perhaps Vivian secretly works for the Elites, unknown to Jasher . when she helps him he offers recruitment into the alternate team?

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Ohhhh, yeah that sounds interesting! Yeah!

Alright, so now that we've cleared up most of the main stuff, would you like to start? I don't know exactly how to do the whole world building thing in this scenario so if it's okay I'd like to follow your lead on this?

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Also I just realized (since I was on mobile before) that you probably can't see the pictures I put for my characters. I'll remove the spoilers haha. You don't have to put pictures if you don't want :)

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments woah i'm just now seeing the pictures hahah . i didn't know you can put pictures on here. But yes that sounds good i'll start it off! :)

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Haha yeah. I was on mobile so the "spoilers removed" thing made sense. And I just got on my laptop and I realized that the spoilers thing was still there. You can add images with this coding. You see where it says "(some html is ok)" above the text box? If you click that it shows how to add pictures and other stuff :)

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments i don't see that . i think it's because i'm on mobile haha

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Oh yeah probably. That's okay :)

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((ummm... so I kinda got bored and wanted to procrastinate so I basically just wrote up something. It's probably not that great but oh well haha. Anyway, I guess I'll just start us off then... I'm terrible with naming countries though so if you can come up with anything that would be cool.))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite)

The idea of “super” powers and “superheroes” used to be a myth. It used to be a tale to tell children during their bedtime so they would have sweet dreams of flying and saving the universe. But, in reality, there was no such thing. Well… there were unnatural powers. But they weren’t considered super. They were considered a threat. These abilities made humans into something more. Humans were becoming stronger, faster, smarter. They were becoming more powerful than the ones in charge. And that was a threat to them. So the government kept the idea of them hidden. Rumors spread that there were secret organizations filled with people with supernatural abilities. Instead of hoping for these powers, people started to fear and hate them. So those with actual power? They had to keep it hidden in fear of being caught by citizens or the government.

But during the time of war, desperate times called for desperate measures. While one country risked lives of their own civilians and used their technology to combat, the other country decided to take some more extreme measure and create an Elite group of military persons. It wasn’t a big group and they weren’t the best fighters, but they had abilities that no normal person had. The government used the very people that had kept hidden to their advantage. And by doing so, caught the other country off guard. They had a better advantage now, and the tides were starting to turn…

Sierra always thought it was perfect that her name seemed to match her ability. Of course, she had also always thought that her name was terrible because she had assumed it was the reason she got the power. But over the course of the last few years, she’d learned that her power was what made her… her. It set her apart from everyone else. And although she’d had to keep it hidden from most people most of the time, it mostly kept her from becoming just another average woman. Now, she worked with the Elites, a secret division of the military where Supers (she’d taken to calling them that, since they had supernatural abilities, and she had to admit they were pretty cool) helped to fight off the attacks on the country. How very patriotic. But over the course of the last three years of her training and fighting, she’d lost her motivation. She used to be a little more open to working with the other Supers. But then the one teammate that hadn’t underestimated her and hadn’t snickered when she volunteered to fight had decided to die.

Well… he wasn’t dead. He was presumed dead because the battlefield was too dangerous to search for an actual body. That, and the fact that Sierra had helped him fake his death. Why she had helped him to begin with was a mystery to her. It kept her up at night even when she tried not to think about it. He was a valuable team member and now he was off doing God knows what by himself. She hadn’t heard from him, and she doubted she would. But in times like this, she missed Enoch’s presence. They had been a pretty good team. She’d learned how to work in sync with him. And together, they had managed to win some tough battles. He was a natural leader, and the rest of the team didn’t feel the same without him.
Vivian, another Elite, wasn’t an official member of the group. Actually, nobody actually knew that she worked for them. Her abilities, though powerful, were easy to pass off as normal. So she was able to blend in easily with everyone else. So she worked as a doctor in the enemy territory, gathering intel and sending it back to the Elites. And, if she did say so herself, she was a pretty great spy. She’d gotten information from wounded soldiers, coaxing it out of them while she stitched up their wounds. They just assumed she was a chatty and worries nurse. And, of course, after being with the wounded soldiers she did tend to get pretty worried about them. She’d had to push away the guilt at first because she was helping their enemies win. And often, it would result in their deaths. But after a while, she managed to convince herself that what she was doing was for the greater good.

Her country was more open to the idea of people with abilities like her. She was positive that she was making the right decision. After all, she had been born and raised in that country. And even though people were still scared of the “Abnormals”,as the locals called them, at least the government was beginning to embrace it. They were more open to the idea and that made her much more comfortable than in this country. “Abnormals” were considered horrifying and any mention of them was taboo. It was disappointing and every day, she lived in fear that somehow someone would find out the truth about her.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments ((That was awesome!! Can definitely work with that! :D))

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Courtesy of the dogma of man, there is now a conflict between nations with no resolution. The present day withholds destruction on a scale enlarged by infantry tactics and boldly aggressive infiltration. The powers to be, in their own selfishness, withhold the abnormals as assets to be exploited. They use the fear of the people as a weapon, more so than they use the abnormals to their liking. This is the fate of both Aissur and Acirema, the countries at war. With Acirema's well constructed pack of 'Elite' super soldiers, and Aissur's Imperial army of abnormals, the standing citizen of both countries bear little chance of this conflict continued.

Location: Orage, Aksal. United Districts of Acirema.

/This wind.../
Enoch had a right hand before him to block the brightness of the sun as he treads through mild snowfall. The high winds quickly carried snowflakes into a temporary blizzard with considerable force. Though Enoch had only been outside for a good five minutes, it felt as if a day had passed. He traveled with no vehicle, barely any money to support himself, and with only a small backpack on his person. /76th... 76th.../ He thought to himself, repeating addresses and locations in his head. His pants were torn near the bottom, revealing cold and numb skin against thirty degree weather. There was only a tattered brown sweater accompanying his upper body under a stolen bomber jacket. But yet, he felt warm. It wasn't the cold that was bothering him, it was the anxiety of a soon-to-be confrontation he wasn't mentally prepared for. A confrontation that was necessary.
"This is taking too long.." He muttered in a whisper, deciding to speed things up a bit.
He blinked his eyes rapidly as tingles fled down behind his earlobes and encompassed the back of his neck like that of an invisible hand. He took an exhale and watched the vapor of his breath brush freely against now still flakes of snow, frozen in mid air.

Cars sped to an instant halt , noise canceled in the vicinity, birds levitated above stuck in position. Enoch glanced over to notice a boy paused in a playful pose of kicking a soccer ball that was also frozen in time.
"Where are you.... Sierra?"
He began walking forward, his lightly tanned skin slightly moving the immobile snowflakes before him as they bounced off his embodiment. He realized he now was no longer relevant in the plane of physical existence and as he looked back, he saw his body standing there lifelessly staring back at him, also a victim of absent time. As he was now separated from his body he noticed a bright sonoluminescent star before him, vaguely showcasing a fancy blue house inside. This was the "frequency". It is a spiritual portal that allows him to travel through the fabric of existence in astral projection, speeding up time only for him. He can only use this transportation ability once every 7 hours, so he hoped this was necessary at the moment. As he entered the Sono Star, his body caught up with him, the outside snowy scenery dissipated and rebuilt into a small bedroom. He inhaled deep as his spirit entered his body again, the breathy noise awakening a female figure that was previously asleep in her bed.
Enoch whispered as he dusted snow from his jacket. Casually looking around as he was now in someone's house, definitely not the house he remembered Sierra living in before..
Location: Wocsom, Salbot. Aissur Federation.

Everything was now quiet.
"Keep your small talk to yourself, I've no time for it." Jasher harshly referred to one of the lesser recruits. He was in charge of facilitating certain programs for basic training.
"In this field, you're going to have to learn how to justify your actions. No matter how cruel."
He paced back and forth, hands behind his back as he intimidatingly stared down the young faces of the recruits before him. A line of six young abnormals stood shoulder to shoulder in attention. Some nervous, some confident. A Lieutenant stood offside with a tablet device, jotting down notes. There was also a female doctor on scene, observing the 'healthy' interaction between the instructor and the abnormal participants.
They were within a militant construct on base, just within the city limits of Wocsom. This was the main headquarters of the Imperial secret forces of Aissur, the one that housed soldiers of super abilities.
"I expect all of you tomorrow morning in this exact spot, but more on better behavior next time. You're dismissed."
The young abnormals walked off sternly in a straight line. As Jasher finished his lesson for today, he signaled the doctor to come forth and share her thoughts of the evaluation.
"Well? Do you think these younglings are fit enough for the task?" He calmly asked her. This was about the second time Jasher had encountered her, though she's been around for quite awhile. He hadn't had much contact with her before his promotion until now. To his alarm, she seemed very wise. Especially from the stories he's heard from his older unit leaders. This has always struck him as intriguing to say the least.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite)

Sierra felt a sudden chill in the air as she heard a strangely familiar noise in the little room and was startled awake. She immediately sat up and rolled out of the little cot that served as a bed an incredibly uncomfortable one… but a bed nonetheless). She was immediately alert and ready for a fight, as if this were a dangerous intruder. But as soon as her eyes landed on the man in front of her, she seemed to relax. Well, as relaxed as she could get after seeing someone that she hadn’t seen in what was it? She couldn’t quite remember how long it had been. Time seemed to slip past her while she worked with the Elites.

“Enoch.” she stared at him, unable to say much. For a few moments, she just stood there, not sure what else to say or what to do. She ran a hand through her short, dark hair, pushing it away from her face as she watched him carefully. “What are you doing here?” she finally said. That was a fair question, right? He had been so careful to stay away from everyone and do his own thing (though she wasn’t sure what exactly that was). All she could think was that he had come to see her because something important had come up. He needed her help. Or maybe he wanted to finally tell her why he had faked his demise in the first place.

She stepped forward, keeping her head up. She’d learned to mask her emotions. The battlefield, after all, was no place for that. But of course, he’d probably be able to read her anyway. That was probably why they had worked so well together. She wouldn’t even have to say one word and he would know what she was thinking. She was feeling a mixture of things: relief, for one, because he was alive and seemed to look well; anxiety, also for obvious reasons; and curiosity being a few.

It seemed that Aissur had finally decided to try Acirema’s tactic. Vivian would definitely need to report all of this to the Elites as soon as possible. This would be the most valuable information they would receive in a while. She made a mental note to see the extent of the Abnormals’ abilities so the Elites would know what they were up against. Vivian watched the one in charge, Commander Rehsaj, look at the six young recruits with a menacing face. But as soon as they were dismissed, his expression relaxed. If anything, Vivian had learned that war brought out a completely different side of people, herself included. She straightened as he noticed her and beckoned for her to come to his side. She briskly walked over and looked him in the eyes—a sure sign of respect, she’d learned in her very first week.—nodding as she listened to his question. She couldn’t help the small smile that made its way to her lips. He was asking her what she thought about the recruits.

She hadn’t thought that she had a reputation, but it seemed like she did. Good. Let them think you are on their side. It’ll be easier to extract information. she thought as she pondered about how to answer his question. “No, sir. I don’t.” she shrugged before continuing. “But with a good commander like you I’m sure they’ll be prepared for battle sooner rather than later.” She added. There was a reason most of the soldiers seemed to like her and trust her. She spoke her mind (or at least that’s what it seemed like) and tended to look like she knew what she was talking about. She’d learned that the best way to maintain her cover was to speak just enough truth to justify the bigger lie. And so she meant what she said. These recruits had the potential to be incredible forces of the Imperial army, especially with such a good leader. He had the discipline and the strength of many soldiers.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((hey it's been a week I'm just making sure it updated or if you're still up for this and all?))

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments That voice, so familiar as she spoke. Nostalgia instantly struck the moment, and seized it rightfully so.
"I see you've relocated..." He stated, continuing conversation with small talk. "Didn't like 76th street anymore huh?"
Enoch chuckled knowing he wasn't funny, but purposely avoided her question of what exactly he was doing here.

A lump in his throat formed, he just knew that he would get yelled at. 'Where have you been?? You're an asshole!!! Blah blah blah.'
Yep he can hear it now. But strangely that was not the vibe he received from her end of the spectrum. It was more of a very controlled demeanor, something of confidence. Something he didn't have.

Why was she not freaking out?
He had a sense of worry about him. Raising an eyebrow and doing that cheek biting thing he's always done out of habit. He knew the message he needed to convey was dire. Something that would indeed change the outcome of this ongoing war, and if anyone needed to know, it would be her.
"No?" Jasher was surprised, completely disregarding her last words. He was undoubtedly sure he had specially handpicked the most qualified recruits for this batch. What even could have been inconsistent with them?
The diagnostics seemed right.. Their backgrounds were acceptable.. Their abilities top notch..
Jasher set his emotions to show facially, expressing mild concern. He donned a second edition militant attire. All purple in color with small medals of his previous achievements pinned on the top left of his imperial jacket.
They definitely did things different here in Aissur Fed. Acknowledgment of goals and achievements is something taken seriously. That's what Jasher has always admired by his team.

Just in that split second he noticed the small name tag on the top left of this woman's shirt. Reading as is: Dr. Marquis
"Doctor, I appreciate your warmness." He added, "But if I do say so myself, I'd have to say perhaps I'm not the best in my field. Though, I will hold you to your word."
He kept his hands behind his back even when speaking.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments ((So sorry haha. Been waiting to post today, because i was so busy these past few days.))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite)

Sierra frowned slightly as he tried to avoid her questions. Her arms crossed across her chest and she raised an eyebrow as her eyes scanned his face. After a closer inspection, he seemed to look worried about something. She already knew that he come here only to give her some kind of message. Or at least that’s what she assumed, because why else would he come back from the dead? “What’s happening?” she asked, keeping her tone serious. Since it had been so long since she’d seen him, it was harder to get back into her old habits that she kept with him. She used to be able to joke around with him and she could trust him with her emotions.

But ever since he had “died”, she had gone back to being a hard-headed soldier. She remained steely eyed and almost completely expressionless. She didn’t speak unless spoken to and she worked quickly, quietly, and usually alone. Of course, when he had been there, she was mostly the same. But in their shared moments, she had allowed herself to open up. She talked a little more. She allowed her face to be more readable. With his sudden return, she wasn’t used to the company. She was back to stage one… as if he were some new recruit or stranger rather than a colleague. Or a friend. the thought crossed her mind for a moment. But she pushed it away. She couldn’t afford to be distracted right now. He was clearly here for a reason and she needed him to get to the point.

“What’s so urgent that you’ve had to return from the dead?” she asked quietly, a flicker of emotion passing over her face before the mask settled over it again. What was it? Sadness? Anger? It made sense. He had, after all, abandoned her. Did he expect for their dynamic to remain the same after all of that time without any communication or any sign of whether he was actually still alive?


Vivian watched as he looked surprised by her response. Why was he surprised? Did he expect her to come and agree with him? She saw it as she called it. And right now, all she saw were six young recruits that were still trying to grasp basic orders. They weren’t a fully functioning unit yet. How was she expected to think that they were fit enough for battle if they couldn’t do that yet? “Of course, sir,” she replied with a curt nod. She chewed the bottom of her lip, scanning his jacket and seeing all of the medals. “I don’t know much about rankings, but based on all of your recognition, I would have to say you must be considered very important and very skilled for you to be in charge of a group of Abnormals. Especially because training them is such a…” she couldn’t come up with the right word. Taboo? “risky business,” she finally finished, watching him.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” she cleared her throat, fiddling with the pen she was holding as she looked at him. “Why did they choose you to take control of a group of people with such abilities? Do you have any of your own?” she asked, knowing that it was a dangerous question to ask someone of such high ranking. But how else was someone expected to control and help a team of special people when they themselves didn’t have something like them? How would they be able to train without a proper instructor that could also wield some kind of special power? And if this man had special abilities, had he kept them hidden from his fellow soldiers. Had he somehow gotten special treatment and not been killed or feared even when they knew he was Abnormal?

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((week))

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Enoch felt a difference in relation to how Sierra presented herself to him. Something changed, and he was quite convinced it was due to his unfortunate absence. He had missed the days of fellowship he once shared with his colleagues but especially the times involving his close friend. All of the things he hesitated to reveal about himself, he had once shared with her.
He can still remember the days as if yesterday, of their conversations starting shallow then ending rather deep.
He looked away, optics glancing at anything that would distract him from his oh so present anxiety. Knowing his once so close colleague can see straight through him as if through a looking glass.

"The war." He began subtly, fingertips fidgeting with fingertips. "I've had a vision.. Similar to the one I received before the war ever started." He went on to explain, his attention fixed on a small pendant delicately placed along the top of her dresser. No eye contact could be made just yet, in fear of unstable emotions.
"It was revealed to me that Aissur is gathering a superior weapon. What was shown to me was something we could have never imagined.. And I cannot quite explain it fully in words. You will have to see for yourself... and the only way for me to show you is, well, you already know."
He was hoping she remembered the last time he used his relay ability on her. Through strenuous activity, he is able to relay his nerve signal to that of the target's. Activating the part of the brain that controls memory. Through this access, he can replay his visions within the target's memory receptors as if it were theirs.
He finally looked to her
"The reason I'm here, is because i could not show you what I saw without being in person. This is entirely on you, because only with your permission am I allowed to spiritually witness with you."
A smile couldn't help but reveal itself as Jasher took a hand to caress micro-hairs on his chin.
"You wonder about me?" He replied back. "To be honest, I never quite thought of intelligence being abnormal. Or precise attention to detail for that matter. That's all there is for me, if you want to consider that abnormal."
He smirked and chose his next sentences carefully.

With lowered eyelids, he spoke.
"For example, I know a lot more about you than assumed."
He pointed to her notepad.
"You write with your pen slanted slightly two degrees off from average position, hinting at an intuitive thought process.. The way the end of your sleeves are fastened indicates your fixation for tidiness, this also goes hand and hand with taking an interest in things you think you can optimize. Also at the speed you pronounce the endings of your sentences tells me your accent is a plethora of three different dialects from locations alternate of the area of Aissur.."
He looked away in thought.
"But no matter, i suppose learning different languages is a byproduct of altered pronunciation and subconscious dialect switching. And with that said, i can easily tell you are rather versed in communication, are bilingual, you like your salads with three extra croutons, and your sweet tea with extra sugar."
He paused with a slight chuckle.
"Now, i've gathered all this information just by glancing at you. Was I accurate? Does that classify me as abnormal?"
He arose an eyebrow with his question.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite)

Sierra listened to him as he spoke of something he’d seen, and she understood why he was here before he could even explain. Of course. She couldn’t help but wince at the memory that brought back too many mixed emotions. In an attempt to keep herself from saying or showing any other emotion, she wrapped her arms around herself tightly, as if shielding herself. “Do I honestly have a choice in this matter?” she replied after a moment. He clearly couldn’t explain the vision himself. What other choice did she have? She felt a strange sense of guilt for even thinking about it, but she didn’t really know him anymore.

“Why did you leave?” she asked suddenly, focusing on that matter. She realized she had helped him disappear without even asking him any questions. She had trusted him blindly and now she was paying for it. He was trying to act as if nothing had changed between them but everything had changed. If he was really here to relay this important information, she thought she at least deserved to know why he had left in the first place. What was to stop her from going to authorities right now and telling them that he was alive and well and that he’d faked his death so he could work alone?


Now it was Vivian’s turn to look a bit surprised. “You got that from just one glance?” she replied after a moment, impressed but feeling slightly on the edge. If he could gather that much information about her with one glance, how long would it take before he thought that she was a traitor? “I’d say that that was abnormal… but useful,” she shrugged. She chose not to elaborate on the fact that her accent was noticeable, letting him think that it was because she was good with communications. And of course, that wasn’t a lie. She had studied for years to master the languages. “But you were accurate,” she added after a moment, subconsciously reaching up and pushing away her hair.

He had been right about everything. She was a neat and tidy and extremely organized woman. It came with the job (both being a spy and a doctor). She was a very picky eater, and the few times that she’d had sweet tea, she had added extra sugar to stay awake. Maybe he had seen her around and that was how he’d gathered those bits of information. Or maybe he was also an Abnormal with less obvious abilities. She just hoped he wouldn’t gather that she was an Abnormal as well.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Enoch moved to take a seat on the edge of her bed. He knew that a reasonable explanation was beyond necessary, he felt her strong pursuit of the truth.
"I needed to prepare myself"
He began to speak, with sincerity in his facial features. The wind outdoors intensified, rattling hanging christmas lights along the house.

"During the battle of H.A.M.M.E.R, I was visited by a vision that commanded my death. It needed to happen, in order for me to prevent another disaster. I couldn't return to headquarters, I had to die in the midst of battle and that is why I needed your help. To ensure that you and the rest of the infantry
made it back safe. It was either me, or you and the rest of the team."
It was true. Aissur counted his death as valuable, which is why they retreated shortly afterwards. With the help of Sierra staging the scene, and enoch being able to temporarily withdraw from his own body, it was entirely believable.

"I was shown an invisible hand behind the scenes. My journey hasn't been easy. Ive traveled to the Holy Mountains of Yaha, only to find that my vision was indeed correct."

He studied the reaction of his friend. "And now after months of isolation, training, and preparation my vision has returned.. Only to allow me to witness terror and destruction to our country and many others.."
Worry sounded prevalently throughout his voice and his hands clenched each other. All that he felt back then, returning just from speaking of it.


"Come. Allow me to show you something."
He began to walk toward a hallway leading to district 2. This was the location that housed biological research and enhancement.
"If you follow me I promise I have something that might peak your interest, doctor."
As he lead her down the hallway they passed several offices and meeting rooms. Aissur had been working on a project as a whole, for over the past year. And he just knew that it would pose as something exciting to the doctor's interests.

The building's structure was quite intricate, the architecture held with sleekness as rooms and spaces connected with each other industrially.
Many commanding officers, recruits, lieutenants, and the like greeted them with utmost respect. The atmosphere was quite welcoming despite being a cold stone war organization.

Just before approaching the biological studies facility, he wanted to set some house rules.
"Now, before we continue, I am going to need your word of honesty. Do your swear to never duplicate any classified information seen, heard, or known from this room?"
He reached a right hand up to match shoulder level in sign of allegiance.

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