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It's Our Music Too: The Black Experience in Classical Music
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Earl Ofari (earlofarihutchinson) | 13 comments Beethoven had a strong musical collaboration with Afro-Polish composer George Bridgetower. Do you know the Beethoven composition they worked on together?

And what other famous composers
collaborated with Black composers or were influenced by them. Can you name some and their works.

PhillyGMOgoatMom | 1 comments The Kreutzer Sonata? But I think it was more of a dedication to Bridgetower although they did perform together for the piece and Bridgetower made some modification that impressed Beethoven greatly.

Sorry to rephrase your question a little, you mean famous composer collaborated with black musicians/artists instead of just composers, maybe?

I can think of.. Joplin collaborated with Louis Chauvin on Heliotrope Bouquet. Gershwin's folk opera, Porgy and Bess, had almost exclusively African-Americans as singers.

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Alan Teder | 2 comments Coincidentally, a friend of mine just recently visited the grave of composer, singer and arranger Harry T. Burleigh (located in the Erie Cemetery, Erie, Pennsylvania), who was an influence on Antonín Dvořák.

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