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I Want to be a Millionaire
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Rajasaraswathii Rajasaraswathii | 5 comments Hi,
My Book, I want to be a Millionaire is free in Amazon.(Weekend)
I am expecting frank reviews from literary lovers .As Per the community rules, I am sharing the synopsis and Link of the book.

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Who doesn’t want money? And who doesn’t need success in life? But for all those who are behind success and money, I have my own opinions to share. Richness is not an object to acquire externally. It is within us and we have to make earnest attempts to discover it from within. Richness not only means a bank balance, it not only means the assets we have. Its definition is vast. If we concentrate on its vastness it could take us to our main objective. The objective is ‘Prosperity’. The surprising character of prosperity is, if we crave and cry for Money, it doesn’t care us. If we ignore ‘Money’ and begin to concentrate on polishing ourselves, it rushes in. This book shares such secrets.

Let Richness be in our talks, let it be in our behavior, let it be in our characteristics, let it be in our hobbies, and then richness can appear in our bank accounts. The Richness of a talk is its sweetness, it’s disciplined and pleasing way of presenting ourselves. The Richness of a talk is the knowledge and the humanity that we portray to the society. The Richness of the behavior is its ethical and moralistic standards. The Richness of individuality is adherence to its conscience. The Richness of our social life is the number of noble people we have in our association and with whom we mingle often. These are not just theoretical bookish words; every successful prosperous person is evidential in this case.

The other thing which I have to convey to the readers is the difference between Imitation and Implementation. By Imitating we cannot become rich, but by implementing we can be. A Single Coat cannot fit to everyone. Each one of us is unique in our attributes. Trying to be logical here, I have researched Six Millionaire Secrets related to time. I have also examined whether Prosperous persons really have these elements in their lives. I am happy because, majority of the Successful people whom I have observed, knowingly or unknowingly have these elements in their lives. Another interesting thing is: these six secrets are common amongst majority of the successful people whom I have observed. So, this Coat can fit to everyone!

There is something special which I have to convey to the readers in this foreword. Unless and until we do not believe in ourselves, nothing major can happen in our lives. This belief is the primary requirement in the journey of success. All the other things are secondary. This book proudly presents six millionaire secrets related to Time. Hold on, these concepts are not the routine Time Management concepts. It is entirely different and has nothing to do with the Discipline of Time. It transcends the traditional beliefs of time. How Successful people deal with the time? How time plays an important role in shaping our talent? How Time is related to richness? For all these questions this book has an answer. Keeping such logical and powerful thoughts in the mind, this book has been designed. In every aspect, it concentrates on the power of the self. In this context, the two major factors which shadows every soul is the factor of time and space. If proper knowledge of time and space accompanies ‘Power of the Self’, no force can stop an attempt. Success becomes transparent and obvious for such attempts.

If the Time and space factors are properly utilized, there will be no scarcity for a good self esteem. This will increase the ‘Power of the self’. Keeping this in mind, I have stressed much on subjects like Time and space in the final concluding chapter ‘The power of belief in self effort’ in the sequential series of ‘I want to be a Millionaire- Part-2’.

Many interesting things are discussed in the sequential book of ‘I want to be A Millionaire-Part 2. I am glad that this book is given at free of cost for all those who read Part-1.

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Gail Olmsted | 2 comments Are you interested in a swap? I have three titles- all contemporary romance. Available pdf, epub or mobi. I would prefer mobi files!!

Let me know!

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