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Robin (Saturndoo) (scoobydoo0811) Go Reader Go!!!! Hope you are enjoying all of your books.

Keep reading and have fun :)

message 2: by Ann A (new)

Ann A (readerann) | 436 comments 9 1/2 hours of reading is great! I haven't quite managed 7, with all the breaks I have taken. I'm trying hard to last several more hours before snoozing for a bit.

Enjoy the 2nd half of the RAT!

message 3: by Daisey (new)

Daisey | 65 comments Nice record keeping so far and good luck in the second half! :) I'm not even trying to keep track of anything except books started and completed this time around, so I'm very impressed!

Colona Public Library (colonapubliclibrary) | 197 comments Looks like time well spent! I really like to look at your progress from hour to hour! It's so cool! ~Ashley

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate (kathrynlouwca) | 852 comments Mod
Welcome back!!!

message 6: by Wonderish (new)

Wonderish Enjoy your break! You've logged some good time!

message 7: by Wonderish (new)

Wonderish Charmaine wrote: "Wonderish wrote: "Enjoy your break! You've logged some good time!"

Hehe, I am very behind this time around, but thank you! I had to prolong it due to having to make an unexpected grocery trip."

Any time we get in is good time, right?

Colona Public Library (colonapubliclibrary) | 197 comments Silent Voice has become one of my favorites. ~Ashley

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