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Violence, Too Much

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message 1: by Joe (new) - rated it 3 stars

Joe Francis This is only the second Lee Child book I've tried to read. I read Never Go Back (from the new movie) and quite enjoyed it, so I picked this one up at random. It was OK until I got up to about two-thirds of the way into the book where there is a quite graphic scene where Reacher watches a video of a man being tortured to death. I tried to skip over it, and just skim those 2 or 3 pages, but yeh, there was all this stuff about his intestines being pulled out while he is alive etc... I gave up on the book after that and I don't think I'll read any of his others.

message 2: by FLJimmy (new) - added it

FLJimmy Yup, these are an acquired taste. Reacher finds very messy situations. If you try again, they work best in order. Maybe that better orepares but but his first, Killing Floor is the first and also violent but if you get through it, you won't stop.

If you want to try one more I suggest 61 hours. The back narrative helps keep you from over analyzing the violence.

message 3: by David (new) - added it

David Six That one was probably one of the more violent scenes (if it's the one I'm thinking of--don't want to put in any spoilers), and yes, if you're going to read Reacher novels, you're going to get violence--that's pretty much how he solves problems.

I enjoy Child's terse narratives, and his level of meticulous detail in Reacher's investigations.

Nancy W You definately need to read the books in order, starting wih Killing Floor. To me, it's more about the character than the violence.

message 5: by FLJimmy (new) - added it

FLJimmy I agree. I know Jack Reacher quite well. It’s about him, not the story. That’s why the movie was hard to accept. Cruise performed well but he’s not the physical description of Reacher I’m glad this has been corrected for the next movie.

Pisces51 Hi Joe,

I rarely post a response. However, ironically I just posted my review to GONE TOMORROW a few minutes ago. It was a re-read and it was the FIRST book by Lee Child I had ever read (about 10 years ago) and it made me a Lee Child (Reacher) fan for life. I have read all of his novels, probably half of them twice. The Killing Floor (debut novel) chilled me so badly that I double-checked the doors were dead-bolted.

I disagree with the advice from most of the others who seem to be suggesting that you "ease" into reading Lee Child, something like desensitizing yourself to any raw, realistic horrors that you run across. In my opinion, you have already determined that this writer is quite simply not for you.

I would only say in closing that like one reader said it is the character that is king, not the particular storyline. Reacher makes me feel good, because I know that no matter what flavor of horror or evil he confronts, he will prevail, justice and the American Way.


message 7: by Gerry (new) - added it

Gerry Pisces51 wrote: "Hi Joe,

I rarely post a response. However, ironically I just posted my review to GONE TOMORROW a few minutes ago. It was a re-read and it was the FIRST book by Lee Child I had ever read (about 10 ..."


Donna Murray I've heard Lee Child speak in person about 6 times and have learned from his approach. I find it interesting that he manages to convey masculinity without using any profanity. He uses description for pacing like some other excellent thriller writers I respect. And his plots are usually gripping. I think the series has stretched on a little far, though, because a couple of the crimes Child's chosen lately are more sensational and disturbing than clever. His book that I liked best is ECHO BURNING.

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