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Antimeow | 637 comments Posted; Im just gonna add the general plot to this once we come up with it lol.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Autumn was shocked to say the least. She sat frozen, speechless as her aunt tried to tell her about some magic abilitys or mumbo jumbo liek that. Aunt Tiffidy went on to say that at the age of 16, she was invited to participate at Mystic High, among some of the most poweful wizards.
She felt her brain melting at the words, her heart wishing for it, wishing to get away from her small town in Nevada where nothing ever happened. Autumn had always known she was different from all of her friends at the school who were happy to continue living in Elko. Unlike them she craved getting out of there and to do something big. What a dream it would be to have magic like in all the books. She pondered the idea for another minute before starting to laugh. "Sure auntie, you almost got me with that one." She said, the laughter more of a cover for the desire of it to be real. She couldnt deny that her heart skipped a beat at the word 'magic', and that there was a strange sense of identity behind it. Autumn knew better to be held down by a silly idea like that though, shed had to shrug it off and focus on her schooling.

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Antimeow | 637 comments “Autumm, I know you've spent your life with false hopes of finding your parents, but this-” Aunt Tiff started to wave her phone around as she spoke, the email for Mystic High pulls up on the screen. “This is real, I swear it on Bentleys life.” She said, dropping her phone and reaching for Autumns hand. Autumn was taken aback by her statement, Tiffidy cherished her dog Bentley, more so than a normal person should. Under no circumstances would she lie on Bentleys behalf.

“Th-this is real?” Autumn realized, picking up on the serious tone in her aunts voice. “This is real.” The young girl repeated in a trance like state. She had magic. She was going to get away too.

Aunt Tiffidy grinned in response her warm hands squeezing her nieces. “Yeah, I'm so happy for you. Oh you'll fit right in too, every student down there is unique like you. And if the teachers were anything like when I was down there, oh they're so crazy and weird.” Her aunt had zoned out by this point, her wicked grin widening at her own memories. Her smile faded a little as she remembered Autumn might not want to leave. “That is if you choose to go.”

“Wait, that doesn’t make sense, why haven’t you told me before this? If you knew?” Autumn quizzed, a curious glint in her eyes.

“I wasn't sure, if the school would accept you. There are things-things you don't know yet. I can't tell you them though, it wouldn't be right for me to tell you. They're someone elses secrets. But Autumn, I need to know, do you wanna go?” Her aunt stared her dead in the eye, looking for the answer in her stormy blue eyes.

Autumn sat back, feeling herself get sucked in by the cushions on the couch. Her hands slid out from her aunts as she fell back, contemplating the question. She met her aunts eyes, smiling as she whispered the one word that she already knew would change her life. “Yes.”

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Antimeow | 637 comments The chariots didn't have windows- much to Autumns dismay, but the flying horses carrying them made up for that. She imagined if she could see out the cart there would be clouds highlighted by the blue sky. She could feel the cart start to descent, going lower like a steep escalator. She looked around to the other 5 students in her car, she didn't know any of them and neither of them spoke much, even when she tried at polite conversation. She had chalked the quietness up as nerves and left them in peace for the rest of the ride.

Although she was known to be very geographically wise, she couldn’t figure out where they were taking all of the students. She hadn't the slightest idea, except it was far from her home in Nevada. The chariot met the ground and shook a little, pulling Autumn out of her thoughts of missing home. The tarp like material serving as the walls and ceilings of the small chariots started to disappear revealing a large forest in front of her and dozens of carriages around them landing - all driven by different creatures. Autumn was a tad disappointed that she had been picked up by such a mundane animal, the horse, but it quickly disappeared replaced by her eagerness to settle in. She turned around to grab the bag off of the cart but was surprised to see it floating off. “Hey that's my bag-!” She screeched, her words dying as she looked around to see it happening to everyone's . Oh right. She thought to herself. It was probably normal for everyone's bags to just casually fly off.

As much as she tried Autumn couldn't wrap her head around the idea of the elemental magic everyone here possesse

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Antimeow | 637 comments “Gather round, please. All novice gather round and follow me.” A thin lady yelled out across all the new novice wizards. She appeared so frail and old as if her body might snap at any moment, but her expression didn't match it reflected an inner confidence. Instantly Autumn knew that this was an instructor she would not want to cross. “Quiet all! Okay, I am professor Petunia, all of you should have me for your Earth class. And unfortunately, I was tasked with guiding you to the castle.” Professor Petunias arms crossed across her chest as she whirled around starting to walk toward the middle of the largest mountain. “Follow me.” She huffed before clapping twice.

Like clockwork, the middle of the mountain seemed to hollow out creating a dimly lit staircase, unsure of where it was leading, other than the obvious fact which was that it was going up. Autumn stood gaping at the magic taking place before her, the smile on her face widened at the idea of being able to one day be as powerful as that. She fell in line with the rest of the students who had taken to complain at the idea of walking up all of the stairs.

“Do we have to walk up all these steps?” A dark haired boy stated annoyed. “By the time we be to the top of the stairwell it'll be the end of first semester.”

But to their surprise once everyone was on a step in the staircase Professor Petunia turned around, a scowl still prominent on her face. “Its vital that mystic high never never found by most people, even most civilians in the wizarding community have never visited the school. You're here because our fate-readers predicted you the brightest of you group, we expect the most out of each and everyone one of you.” She explained, snapping once loudly. The staircase started to move upward like an escalator to the light placed at the top.

“It wasn't always like that, y’know? They use to or or wizard in.” Autumn eavesdropped on a nearby conversation. “My dad says they have had to up the security because they're scared. Even the headmaster himself. He says there's something evil brewing.” The girl talking started to laugh and Autumn decided to stop listening in.

As everyone got to the top a collective gasp escaped past their lips. Autumn tried to peer over their heads, she saw the castle farther out on the beautiful landscape, eight towers piercing the sky. “I am so not getting wet!” The dark haired boy from earlier complained, and Autumn looked down try to figure what he was talking about. There, below them was a slide, pumping with water all the way down the side of the mountain.

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