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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
Here we go Eve!!! Once we make our characters we can start. If anybody else would like to do this rp is welcome to join!!!!

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
Lizzie woke up early this morning than usual. She got out if bed and quickly for dressed and started on her chores. When she was finished, she help Cook Lainey with breakfast. She enjoyed to cook but loved to go riding. To feel the wind run its fingers through her hair. To feel it caress her face. It made her feel free like a bird. It made her feel like she could fly. She finished cooking breakfast and set the table. Ma and Pa came down and told her good morning. They talked about the usual things and then sat down at the table. Pa blessed the food and they started to eat. After she was done she kissed her ma and Pa goodbye and headed to Lily's Lady's Apparel. She was in a rush so she wouldn't be late. She saw a horse come and it kicked back and it almost hit her. she fell to the ground and screamed.

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Leo wasn't paying attention. He had to get away from his house. It was the day his sister had died and his parents were miserable. If he was there any longer, he would burst into tears himself, and he was not looking foward to that anytime soon.
Suddenly he saw a girl rushing down the road. He pulled at the reins and his horse Bonnie kicked to try and slow down. He heard a scream and winced. "Whoa Bonnie." The horse slowed down.
Leo hopped off and looked at the young woman. "Sorry m'am. Wasn't payin' attention." He tipped his hat in apology.

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
She stood up fast before he could help her. She brushed the dirt off her skirt and looked up at him. " Hey buddy, next time watch where you're going. You could have killed me!" She took a deep breath to calm herself. " I'm sorry for being rude. It's my fault I was just I'm a rush to get to work."

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"Nah m'am. It was my fault. I was distracted. You can get on to work now, I don't want you to be late." Leo tipped his hat so the brim covered his eyes.

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
She nodded and smiled. " You have a good day too sir."

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Leo offered a weak smile. "Thank you for being so understandin m'am. Most people wouldn't bother." He said, getting on Bonnie. "Keep it up. You never know what some persom's going through."

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She smiled. " I'll keep that in mind sir."

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Leo nodded and said, "Come on girl. Hiyah!" And he rode off into the dust. He shook his head. "Dang she was cute." He muttered.

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
She bit her lip and continued to work. She smiled. That kind sir was sure handsome, she thought." She shook her head. She shouldn't be thinking these thoughts.

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Leo finally reached his destination. The graveyard. He left Bonnie at the gates and went inside. He stopped at a grave with an angel perched on top. "Hey sis." He kneeled by her grave. He took off his hat. "Everyone misses you." He said quietly.

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Lizzie couldn't stop thinking about the rouishly handsome cowboy all day. She finally could leave for lunch. She hurried to her favorite cafe. When she got in she sat at her usual spot and ordered her usual meal.

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Leo came back from the graveyard, his eyes red. "Ugh. Stupid tears." He wiped them away. He slowed Bonnie down and sat against the wall of a cafe and buried his face in his knees.

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Lizzie was just about to eat her meal but she saw that cowboy in thr cafe in the back crying. No one else could see him. But she could. She walked over and touched his arm. " Are you okay sir?"

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Leo jumped. He looked up and saw the pretty girl he had nearly ran over earlier. He wiped his eyes harshly. "I'm fine m'am. Thank you for asking." He forced a smile.

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
She cocked on eyebrow up. " Look sir, you ain't foolin' me. But it's none of my business to interfere." She started to stand up but he grabbed her hand.

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"Please.. Don't go." Leo begged. He was ashamed at himself but he desperately needed company and she was beautiful so she was amazing company.

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She nodded and smiled. " I'll stay." She sat back down. " Would you like something to eat?"

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"No thanks m'am. May I know your name?" Leo asked, curious to find out more about this woman.

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She smiled. " My name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me for Lizzie." She tilted her head. " What's your name?"

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"Leo Grey. You've met my horse Bonnie. She's a real sweetheart." Leo gestured to the pinto. "It's a real pleasure to be meetin' ya miss Lizzie."

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She smiled. " It's nice to meet you too Mr. Grey." She looked over to her seat. " Would you like to sit over there. It's my favorite spot to sit."

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"Sure." Leo stood up and held out his hand.

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She slipped her head into his caloused hand. She sat down and he sat across from her.

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"I don't believe I've ever seen you around. And trust me, I would remember if I did." Leo said.

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
She shrugged. " I've been here all my life but I never came into town. I always stayed on my farm."

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"Good. She's probably never heard of me." Leo thought. "Makes sense. I've lived here all my life." He remarked.

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Ruth (Ruru1202) | 3412 comments Mod
She smiled. " I'm glad we have something in common."

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Leo smiled back. His smile had a natural mischevious look to it.

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She titled her head. " How come I haven't seen you around before? I mean I've been working at the apparel place for about a year now. So how come I haven't seen you."

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"Um." Leo debated whether or not to tell her the truth. "I mostly ride around, I'm not out in public much. In fact today is the only day I even go out in the town. I'm mostly out in the deserts."

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She nodded. " Oh...." She wanted to ask why but she didn't want to be nosy.

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"Uh, I'm kinda well known here, and not for good reasons." Leo bit his lip.

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She looked at him confused. " What do you mean?"

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"My.. My little sister Bailey drowned in a lake 10 years ago today. I was with her. I did everything I could to save her but it was useless. Then somehow, rumor got out that I LET her drown. As if I would ever do that? But every year on this day, I have to leave the house because my own parents won't even look at me." Leo said, laughing bitterly. "And now everyday I have to live with the fact I am known as the boy who possibly drowned his sister."

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He grabbed his hand. " I'm so sorry Mr. Grey. I didn't know." She felt so sorry for him. How could people think he would do that to his sister? She couldn't understand people or culture.

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"You can call me Leo ya know miss Lizzie." Leo let a small smile creep on his face. She was holding his hand.

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He realized hee was still holding his hand. She blushed and quickly let go of his hand. " Okay Leo." She looked down a her hands. She could still feel hid hand on her palm.

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"Hey. I didn't say you had to stop." Leo grabbed her hand again and laced his fingers with hers.

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She blushed even more. She quickly let go of his hand again. " Leo, I barley know you. Also you know how tongues like to waggle in this small town."

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"Don't worry Miss Lizzie. I'm a gentleman. I'll stop if you want me to." Leo smiled. He was used to this kind of stuff. He knew when to stop. He put his hands in his lap.

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She nodded. "Thank you Leo."

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Bonnie whinied outside. Leo looked over and saw a man holding her reins. "Uh.. Excuse me for a minute." He said. He got up and rushed outside.

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Lizzie had to get ahold of herself. How could she be do bold and hold his hand? She barley knew him! She would be the talk of the town if she wasn't careful. She watched him come back in and she smiled at him. " Is everything okay?"

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Leo brushed back his curls in frusteration. "Yeah. I bought Bonnie from that man and suddenly he wants her back. But I love that horse, I ain't givin her up for no amount of bucks." He sighed.

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She cocked on eyebrow. " Who's the man?" She knew everyone in town and knew how to handle each one that stepped out of line.

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"Calls him self Mister B. Seems kinda shady but I needed a horse and beggars can't be choosers. Why do ya ask?" Leo said.

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She shook her head. " No reason." She never heard of him before. She knew everyone! How could she not know this one man?

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Leo raised an eyebrow but decided to let it go. "Okay. Well, he's gone for now. I'm sure he'll be back though."

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Lizzie shook her head. " He should really mind his own business. I mean, you did buy it fair and square right?"

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