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A Tundra Tale
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A Tundra Tale, by Lone Alaskan Gypsy

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Manda (bookwenchmanda) | 1094 comments A Tundra Tale
A Tundra Tale by Lone Alaskan Gypsy

GR synopsis:
Inspired by Alaskan folklore, this fairytale story takes Olive, a twenty-year-old resident of a remote psychiatric hospital, on a journey into the tundra, where with the help of her arctic fox companion, a young Athabascan child, and an old trapper she will discover the secrets of the black wolf, the story of the land's ancestors, and the power of the northern lights that could unite them all.

I started reading this for my 2016 Book Riot Challenge, a main character that has a mental illness. I picked this book because the I like the use of Alaskan folklore, it's independently published, and it's by a local author. So far, the book hasn't pulled me in, but I am less than 10 pages in, so there is still plenty of time.

Manda (bookwenchmanda) | 1094 comments I finished this one today. Overall I liked it. I loved the story, and really adored Olive. Though it was a bit rough in the "you can tell there wasn't a professional editor/this was an independently published book", kind of way, that added a special kind of charm to the book. Also, not really related to the story content, but I really love the cover art.


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