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The Reaper Realm: Threads of Compassion
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K.A. Lentz (kalentz) You’d never suspect by my elven appearance, but once I was a man, a Celt to be precise. I had a mother, father, and sister to look after. I hunted game in the forest and fought battles in defense of my homeland.

Now, what am I? Who am I? I don’t know anymore. People of this realm call me a monster, a murderer for the things I’ve done. I live hidden in shadow, exiled from a world which fears the very mention of me; a world so different from my own.

Why do these vile acts, you may ask? I’ve no choice; my master controls my blade and bears it mercilessly down upon the innocent. She, and others known to us as Reapers, dominate this world with a malevolent hand, cursing lives and ending them on a whim, making wretched those trapped within the Reaper realm.

Today, my master sent me through the barrier which imprisons us all--even our vile Overlords--in this aberrant existence. How's my passage possible? I’ve no notion. Mayhap the answer lies with the woman I’ve been sent to retrieve. Whatever the reason, it can’t bode well. If these malefic beings ever freed themselves from this realm, nothing would be safe from their bloodthirsty dominion.

Title: The Reaper Realm: Threads of Compassion
Print Length: 271 Pages
Genre: Epic Fantasy Adventure (PG-13)

"I really liked this story. And because of that, I’ve rated it a 5-star read. The characters were very likable. And, though I’ve never worked in a bookstore or been a dead Roman farmer turned Elven warrior, I found them relatable as well. The story is definitely fantastical and I loved the descriptions of all the magical creatures and places. The author here is EXTREMELY good at writing action scenes in such a way the reader feels a part of the story." -TheBookAndI

"The characters are likable, and the author's creativity shows in the creation of her detailed Reaper Realm. For lovers of epic fantasy, this book delivers plenty of adventure, a rich history of magical creatures, and a sweet romance." -Kat

"A great book, very well written. Interesting characters with a great deal of depth." -Patrick Leiker

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Rishit | 32 comments I did love to review it for a physical copy.

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K.A. Lentz (kalentz) Rishit wrote: "I did love to review it for a physical copy." I apologize, however, I'm not handing out physical copies at the moment, nor am I able to ship them to India. Thank you, very much, for your interest.

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