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message 1: by Ambrose (new)

Ambrose Hall (ambrosehall) | 2 comments Hi, I'm an indie author based in the UK. I'm hoping to get more reviews for my gothic novella, Love is the Cure. It's a vampire novella set in London, approx. 18,000 words, not romance, gothic with some horror, though there are relationships. A bit of creepy gothic reading for Halloween. :) I would be particularly grateful for reviews on Amazon. I have a sequel coming out in the next couple of months.

There’s a knack to eternity. Not everyone has it.

Kerrick’s come a long way from the gutters of Victorian Spitalfields, but he’s still rash, violent, and a demon with a knife. He’s also desperately alone. When he turns Asher, a young homeless man, he thinks he’s found a companion, but their relationship quickly turns sour, and Asher refuses to feed. Through his desperate attempts to save his new child, Kerrick attracts the attention of an ancient vampire who dwells beneath Highgate Cemetery, and he is drawn into an old feud that spans centuries.

A gothic novella told in fragments, from the points of view of five very different vampires.

I can provide a free epub or mobi file via email. My email is if you'd rather contact me that way.

You can read an extract here from the beginning:
Amazon link here:

Many thanks.

message 2: by Maxine (new)

Maxine (Booklover Catlady) (booklovercatlady) | 19 comments I'll review it for you - post to Amazon UK and USA plus Twitter,Goodreads and Facebook.
Prefer a .mobi version, otherwise PDF. My email is

Thanks, Maxine

message 3: by Ambrose (new)

Ambrose Hall (ambrosehall) | 2 comments Thanks for the offers. Will email.

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