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message 1: by Jenny (last edited Nov 07, 2016 05:07AM) (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments If you would like to share one of your favourite poems during a week in November please sign up below. Feel free to pick a specific week or just let me know that you would like to be part of The Monday Poem, in which case I'll select one for you. The schedule will be filled in as people sign up.

Since the schedule hasn't been filling as fast lately, there's no need to wait a few months between signups; feel free to sign up even if you've already shared a poem recently, whenever you like.

week 1 (Monday November 7th) - Shirley
week 2 (Monday November 14th) -
week 3 (Monday November 21st) - Terri
week 4 (Monday November 28th) - Laura T.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Jenny , I'd love the do the 21st (my birthday).

message 3: by Jenny (last edited Oct 21, 2016 03:34PM) (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments gladly!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks! :)

message 5: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments Oh dear, so many Mondays still waiting for a poem, one of which being tomorrow. Anyone willing to adopt one? ;)

message 6: by Shirley (new)

Shirley | 4177 comments I have one to post for tomorrow, Jenny.

message 7: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments Great, thanks Shirley, looking forward to it!

message 8: by LauraT (new)

LauraT (laurata) | 13415 comments Mod
If there's no one else I may have a go at the 28th of November

message 9: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments It's yours Laura :) Thanks!

message 10: by LauraT (new)

LauraT (laurata) | 13415 comments Mod
Thank you Jenny!

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