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Are Interior Illustrations worth the effort and cost?

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message 1: by Larry (new)

Larry Moniz (larrymoniz) | 9 comments I'm publishing this sad tale in hopes it will help young illustrators to avoid some costly pitfalls on the road to economic success.

For my answer to that question after months of research and struggle, please visit my group, Published Authors Biz, at

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma (rottenpocket) | 2 comments 'not authorused to see this content'.

so, I can't read your post but am going to go ahead with my own answer and say, as a reader, yes. plate illustrations are totally worth it. Some authors in other forums discuss the pitfalls of worldbuilding in fiction, and it's best to let the world evolve as the reader continues through the text. Illustrations, even minor ones, deliver the author's specific visual impression without being too literal.

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