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The Accidental Scoundrel
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The Accidental Scoundrel Book Trailer

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Andrew Chapman (andrew-chapman) | 179 comments Mod
I made a book trailer...

Corben (the_dook) | 139 comments Liking the trailer, AndyChap.
Howsabout a series of trailers. I'd like one where you're cooking a pancake to celebrate pancake day in 5 months time. You have the book open on one of those cookbook stands and you're chatting about the story but as soon as you describing a section of the book you can't continue because you're laughing too much.
You could end it by flipping the pancake out of shot ... it doesn't come back down. I like that gag. Always makes me laugh.

message 3: by Clint (new) - added it

Clint Forgy (clintforgy) | 5 comments Andrew, your eyes scanning the room towards the end had me in stitches.

message 4: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Bruton | 33 comments Loved it. It's cheered me up since I've been bedridden with a back problem forever and unable to do diddly squat.

Andrew Chapman (andrew-chapman) | 179 comments Mod
Glad to have made you chuckle. I should probably have mentioned what the book is about. I don't know, I guess people will figure out it's a comedy and investigate all by themselves.

I like the pancake idea Corben. Don't know if I can wait until pancake day though.

Corben (the_dook) | 139 comments I was thinking that you'd toss the pancake out of camera shot. It doesn't come down and you comment that it'll fall in time for Pancake Day ... 5 months time.

OK, so you're not keen on the pancake idea. How about a Bake-Off themed trailer with an inflatable Mary Berry called Bessie Sherry?

Andrew Chapman (andrew-chapman) | 179 comments Mod
I'm going to sort of do the pancake idea. There will be a splat when it hits the ceiling out of shot. People will be waiting for it to fall on my head, and then at the end of the video I look up nervously and a cat falls on me.

Oh damn. I just spoiled the punchline!

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Clint Forgy (clintforgy) | 5 comments I used to do video production (weddings, bands, etc) and I would show a promo tape to people to pique their interest. One of the sight gags in the promo was me going into a room, closing the door, and instantly reappearing dressed in a suit or whatever the situation called for. It was cheap humor and made potential brides HOWL with laughter.

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