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message 1: by Thomas Ray (new)

Thomas Ray (worleythom) | 146 comments Am I the only one who thinks it's bizarre that goodreads generally offers trivia questions only to people who've never read the book?

The neverending quiz forces users to see questions on legions of books the user hasn't read.

Is there some point? Does Amazon think it will sell books this way?

Worse, the user usually has no way to find trivia questions on a particular book, or a particular author, that the user /has/ read.


Also, goodreads seems to limit the number of questions, even on the neverending quiz or the "my books" quiz, relating to a particular book or author. If I /want/ more Harry Potter questions, I don't get them: I get only questions on books I haven't read.

And, the "my books" quiz includes books I marked that I disliked. Therefore, if I want to take the "my books" quiz, I must delete all my disliked books from my reviews and ratings, to avoid having to see questions on those books.

Is this so that Amazon can artificially inflate the user ratings? Force users to remove their negative ratings if they want to avoid those trivia.

Moreover, though I can request trivia questions written by a particular user--but not questions on a particular book or author--I cannot sort the list of questions in any way: not by author or book, not by how many people liked the question, not by how easy or hard the question was.

The trivia quiz could be a very fun and useful feature. But, the user would need these features:

* able to choose trivia on a particular book, series, or author

* able to choose to avoid trivia on a particular book, series, or author

* able to select questions by easy/hard, by number of likes

* able to select questions--within those posted by a particular user--by book or author

Yet, goodreads seems determined to force users to see questions on books they haven't read--and to make it difficult to find questions on books they have read.


I write trivia questions to highlight insights from the books I read. But those questions are by and large not offered to users interested in those books. Trivia questions should be available by book and author, exactly as reviews are available by book and author. (Only for a very few books and authors does the option of trivia questions on that book or author appear.)

Also, it would be a favor to writers of questions if only the "likes" were shown, not the dislikes. Most of the dislikers didn't read the book.

message 2: by Thomas Ray (new)

Thomas Ray (worleythom) | 146 comments Yes, I've made these suggestions to goodreads staff--with no reply.

I post them here to find out if anyone agrees that quizzing people on unread books is pointless; that the quiz could be valuable and fun if goodreads would abandon its fixation on quizzing users on unread books.

Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂  | 4570 comments Hi Thomas you would be better off putting this in the Feedback group as Librarians are volunteers who do the book cataloging - we have no control over how the site functions. :)

message 4: by Thomas Ray (new)

Thomas Ray (worleythom) | 146 comments The "skip question" feature is strange too:

You can skip questions written by a particular user, but not those on a particular book, series, or author.

If you skip a question, it's marked as wrong. Then if you later do read the book, you never get the question again. No reason for this.

message 5: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42061 comments Mod
This is not a Librarians Group issue, but one for the Feedback Group, or you may wish to use the Contact Us link on the Help page. Librarians can help with issues pertaining to specific book records or most related issues, but have no control over general site functionality or related issues. Closing thread.

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