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 Merlin (dogdworianhotmailcom) | 2 comments hey there this is my profile give me a bit to figure this out and actually post something.

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 Merlin (dogdworianhotmailcom) | 2 comments Name: Merlin

Nickname: Spokes


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Appearance: I have short brown hair, shortish on the sides and crazy curly and semi-long on the top. My eyes are hazel. I'm a tall beanstalk, about 5' 10-11''? This feels like ya'll will steal my identity or something but hey lol we're bonding.

What i like to do: I really like to write, and have an A03 account, spokesandhill. I've only posted one story, but I've been waiting to post more. I have a pretty trashy ship history of youtubers, supernatural, and various cartoons and fandoms.
I also like to draw. I draw a lot of cats, trees, and boys kissing. I'm not ashamed.

Things you might not have known about me: I have a twin sister, who co-writes on my AO3. She goes by hill, which is why it's spokesandhill, lmao.

FEARS: deep water. No.

I'm into a lot of fandoms and love to talk about philosophy and books! I also love roleplaying! Which is why I'm here!!

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