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Mimi Angel of Love Val was making his way to the Hatter's house wondering what kind of tea the mad man would pick out of his gift box. After all, it was the Hatter's Birthday. I hope that he will like the gift I had brought him. He thought as he hopped up the trail that led to the front of the house. He knocked on the door knowing the knock that would remind hatter that it was him. He smiled waiting for him to come out.

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Tarrant was sitting in his chair sipping a up of tea. He loved his tea. He heard a knock on his door and he knew who it was. Feeling very excited to see his good friend, he placed his tea down and danced over to the door. Opening it, he held a large smile on his face. "Well hello my dear friend! What brings you here today? Come in! Come in!" He moved his hand gesturing to the Val to come inside excitedly.

Mimi Angel of Love Val stepped into Tarrant's home and smiled, "Did you forget that it's your birthday my dear friend?" He looked at Tarrant with a cheesy grin as he pulled out a present from behind his back. "I have made these special so you should like it." He handed the box of special, made tea to Tarrant knowing that he would be happy because he was short on tea lately because he drank it so often.

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Tarrant jumped up and down and clapped with joy. He had forgotten it was his birthday. "Oh my dear friend, this is wonderful! Thank you! Thank you! Do have a seat! It is a most glorious day today!" He giggled as he walked to his kitchen to put the tea away. He pulled out a couple of them and picked between them to brew it. He was eager and excited to try them. His friend Val was also so kind to him when it came to tea. Especially at tea time.

Mimi Angel of Love Val took a seat, "I knew you would like the freshest tea so I made sure that I made it all this morning."He said knowing that Tarrant would hear him. "I remembered the blend and it's been all these years." He added softly not expecting that Tarrant would hear. He was starting to become depressed and lonely again even though he was with his bestfriend. His heart throbbed and longed for his children who have never come to visit him. It was when he picked up a spoon to look at his face. It's no wonder they don't come and visit you. You look like a hare. He thought as tears started to come out. He didn't understand why he was feeling all that emotional.

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Tarrant brewed some tea before coming back out. Seeing his friend was very upset, he placed the tea down beside him and knelt in front of him. Pulling out a hanky from his coat, he looked at him. "Oh dear friend. It shall be alright. Here my friend, take it. It shall be alright. Would you like some tea? It always helps me feel better? Or may be some dumplings?" Tarrant did what he could when his friend Val would be upset now and again. Tarrant often got sad too so he knew how it was to be upset at times and Val was always there to help.

Mimi Angel of Love Valentine took the hanky from Tarrant knowing that his friend was trying so hard not to get sad as well. "Thank you." He said softly then his eyes widened when Tarrant had said Dumplings. That was Val's favorite thing besides the tea that he made. His stomach growled and he chuckled, "I think it would be best for us to make something to eat." He looked at Tarrant now smiling.

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Tarrant smiled whe his friend got excited about food. "Oh goody! Dinner sounds wonderful. What shall we make my dear friend? I have lots of tasty goodness." He smiled and clapped his hands as he talked about food. "Ooh, we should also make some treats too! Yummy desserts are always best when stressed." He smiled.

Mimi Angel of Love Val looked at Tarrant and chuckled, "Shall we make chicken dumplings and chocolate and mint chip cookies?" He suggested having a craving for both foods. He got up from the chair and hopped around the room knowing that his friend had to have the book about how to make the cookies on one of the many shelves.

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Tarrant smiled a giggled with glee. "Yes yes! Those sound most scrumptious!" He followed Val i to the kitchen and helped him search for the book. He soon found it up in one of the cupboards near the cups. "Here it is my friend!" He pulled it down and placed it down onto the counter.

Mimi Angel of Love Val opened the book and skimmed it remembering the recipe by heart but he always loved getting confirmation that he did indeed know what he is doing. "I can't wait to see Chester, did you invite him this time?" He looked at Tarrant with a raised eyebrow.

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Tarrant smiled as he helped Val gather the ingredients. Looking over to Val, Tarrant made a face as if he were to say oops. He had forgotten to invite his dearest friend. However for his argument sake, he hadn't known he was getting visitors. Even though he had them frequently. He was such a nut. He giggled and shook his head. "No I'm afraid not my friend but I shall do that now." He smiled cheerfully and placed the ingredients down on the table and skipped to the phone.

Mimi Angel of Love Val smiled watching as the Hatter went about doing his own thing. He started to mix the ingredients together and quickly laid them all out in forms of hatter, himself, the doormouse, and Chester. They will be more than thrilled once they are baked. He thought as he was already starting to cheer up.

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It wasnt long before Tarrant came back. "He didnt answer." He smiled as he saw the cookies ready to cook. "Oh yummy! I cant wait to taste those!" He said excitedly.

Mimi Angel of Love "Well that's a shame." He said with a gentle smile on his face as he moved to put them in the oven. "I can't wait to eat." He chuckled still trying to tuck the thoughts of his daughters to the back of his mind.

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Tarrant jumped up and down clapping his. "Oh goody! I can already taste them. And im sure he will join us soon. He is always fashionably late." He smiled happily. Not much really brought Tarrant down these days when he had friends around. It always brought such joy to him seeing his pals.

Mimi Angel of Love Val smiled glad to see that his best friend was in such high spirits like he always was. "You are right about that Chester has always chosen to be late for such great occassions."

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"Hey Val, do you think its because since he is a cat, or like a cat, that he has no sense of time? I know dogs are like that, but do you think cats are like that too?" He place his finger on his chin as he thought deeply and curiously about that. He held a smile as he thought on it.

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