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Mimi Angel of Love Michael took a deep breath now that he was here. She chooses strange places to put things. He thought as he rolled his eyes. He then walked about looking to find the Jabberwocky. "He maybe, sleeping." He remembered the queen had said. "Jabberwocky, the queen has asked me to come and fetch you." Michael hoped that he said it loud enough to wake the creature.

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There was a loud rummbling sound that came from beneath the earth. The sound was a low and deep grumble. A deep voice grummbled and groaned from under the earth as he spoke. "Who disturbs my sleep?"

Mimi Angel of Love Michael jumped slightly when he heard the rumbling sound coming from the earth. He wasn't expecting that the Jabberwocky would be hiding under the ground. "Sorry for disturbing your slumber but the Queen has sent me to get you. I'm Michael De Laurentis and I heard that you like rear meat so as an apology I have brought you some."

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The ground rumbled as he spoke. "I do not wish to see the Red Queen. I wish to sleep. Now.........leave me be." The ground shifted slightly as he moved about under it. He shifted into a better position and relaxed again. He grummbled as the Red Queen was most frustrating.

Mimi Angel of Love Michael shifted his stance and frowned, "I do apologize but may I ask why you and the queen don't get along well. I don't want to feel like I came here for nothing and I really don't want the meat I have brought you to go to waste. " He countered just wanting to find out why everyone seemed to detest the queen so much.

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John shifted under the earth. He decided to finally push through and surface. The ground broke way as he pushed himself up from under the ground and shook off the dirt. "Because she is a lazy, selfish, and greedy beast! She has forced me into servitude when i was born and forces me to do her dirty work as she sits up in her castle with clean fingers. And when she doesnt need me she forces me to live here far from any man or beast to live in loneliness! And if i refuse she forces me to remember my old foe and where she can find it to smite me! Now.........i will take that meat if you let me be." He grumbled. He didnt shout, but he was upset. The queen angered him greatly and he hated her guts.

Mimi Angel of Love Michael watched as the Jabberwocky surfaced and was no longer afraid because of the way the creature spoke. He listened to what he had said and started to see a new light to the Queen. She was cruel to this creature and that isn't fair.Now I see why he wouldn't want anything to do with her. He thought as he bent down to take out the meat for him. "I never realized the Queen was that cruel and bitter." He said looking up at the Jabberwocky."It didn't occur to me that she was relentless when she caught me and my sister. She banished my sister out of Wonderland." He continued as he tossed one chunk toward the Jabberwocky. "I know that you are frustrated because I woke you but if you don't mind I would like to talk to you a little longer and then I will be on my way. You have my word on it."

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John looked down at the man and groaned in frustration. He looked him over for a short moment before finally agreeing. "Alright then. Proceed." John took a seat where he was and laid down to be eye level with the man. He waited for him the speak as he would listen intently.

Mimi Angel of Love Michael looked at the Jabberwocky and decided that it would be best to show interest in him. He was interested indeed,wanting to know what he thought. "What is your true name? I know that everyone calls you what they do but I am quite curious." He smiled knowing that was a silly way to start out but the thing was that he wanted to make the creature feel comfortable with talking with him.

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He looked at him with a curious brow. He raisedbit as he observed this man that stood before him. Being asked what his name was was the first time ever being asked some 5th ing like that. He hesitated for a moment comprehending what he was just asked. After a short time, he raised his head high as he gently touched his chest with the tips of his claws with class as he spoke. "I, am Johnnathan Jabber Wock. People seem to find it hard to remember John or Johnnathan so they magically came up with Jabberwocky. Well, the Red queen that is. It's the name she decided to give me as well as she spread it across the land. But my name is Johnnathan Jabber Wock. Or John for short if that is more comfortable for your tongue." He laid his claw back down as he lowered his head to Michael's level again. He wait for anything else that this man would think of. Michael had a hold of John's attention at this point. He asks questions that John hasn't heard before and it intrigued him.

Mimi Angel of Love "I think I will call you Johnathan because it seems more respectful." Micheal bowed his head feeling that was the best way to show the creature that he can be trusted. When he stood straight up once again he looked into Johnathan's eyes, "Do you think it would be smart of me to go looking for my sister?" He asked wondering what type of advice he would have for him.

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John looked at this man curiously. So far this young man has been polite, respecful, and kind. So far a pleasant conversation. He looked at him confused. "Is your sister missing?" He wasnt too sure what this man was asking.

Mimi Angel of Love "I guess you can say that technically she has been banished from the lands so I suppose she is just lost to me." Michael explained hoping that Johnathan would have some word of advice to give to him since he wasn't sure what else is appropriate to bring up.

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John nodded as he listened to the young man. "Well, if she had been banished, there must be some reason to why and is probably not wise to go looking for her. Not sure what i can tell you on feeling lost about it. I have no family. I have no friends. No companions. I wouldnt know what lost feels like. I understand feeling alone or caged, but lost? I dont know what the feeling is. You may being looking for help from the wrong person there young man." He spoke not with disappointment or anger, but meer mutual grounds and honesty. He meant no harm. He tried speaking in a manner that didnt come off offensive for he knew how strong his voice was and how harsh it can sound.

Mimi Angel of Love Michael looked up at John and nodded understanding. "I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had any companions let alone family but I can tell you one thing. If you would allow it I wouldn't mind being your friend. But only if you allow it." He said honestly.

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John tilted his head confused and intrigued. "You wish to be my friend? Why would you want to be a friend to a creature like me?" He was quite curious to hear what this man would say. He has held his interest pretty well. John was actually concidering a bond with the young human. He held quite an interesting conversation, more than he has had with any one ever. It was also quite enjoyable too.

Mimi Angel of Love "Of course I would like to be your friend, you have my noble word and loyalty so long as I shall live I will look after you and I will tell you now I will not let the queen mistreat you." He said putting his hand on his heart.

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John lifted his head slightly as this young man vowed to him. "You sound as if you are a noble knight. No need to vow so heavily there young man. I can take your word for it. Though i dont think there is much you can do about the queen. Not without loosing your head." He had a soft chuckle at his last remark. "But your friendship is good enough for me. I can see you growing to become a noble man and i would be honored to be there at your side." He bowed his head to him showing great deal of respect for the young man. He was quite polite and strong on his words. It pleased him to have such wonderful company.

Mimi Angel of Love Micheal nodded and could see what looked like two people flying in the sky. "Do you see that John? Are those things human?" He wondered as he stared in that direction trying to figure that out.

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John looked up to the sky. "Im not sure my young friend but what ever they are, they dont seem to be friendly." He turned his gaze back to his new friend. To him, it felt rather nice to know he had one. Made him feel less lonely.

Mimi Angel of Love Micheal looked at John and listened to him when he said he didn't think whatever was flying in the distance appear to be something friendly. Micheal drew his sword preparing for the worst as two girls landed in front of them. "Who are you?" He asked the girls.

Janie and Tiana finally landed in the mountains of division feeling very tired. "For one our names are Janie and Tiana." Janie said with a gentle smile.

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John raosed his head as he watched the girls land. He stood up right not knowing what they were going to do or what they wanted. "Why are you here? What is it you seek?" He asked firmly but remained respecful. He wanted to know so he could decide whether or not if he needed to be on guard or not. He watched them carefully.

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