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Mimi Angel of Love Dorothy was out of breath when she realized there was no point in continuing the chase after the black rabbit. What she didn't realize was that her dog Toto was long gone just like the Rabbit. She took a few deep breaths and could hear someone crying not too far away. She followed the noises and found a man crying sitting beneath a willow tree. "Are you lost too?" She asked as she walked up to the man slowly noticing that he looked kind of strange almost like the pirates in Treasure Island the book her Aunt Em gave her as a birthday present. She didn't mind if he was one because she always thought they were neat.

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Smee wondered into the forest as he looked for his friend Bastion. He walked until he grew tired and sat by a tree. He waited for a few hours before he began to grow worried and scared. He wasnt ever away from Bastion this long before in a new place. As his emotions arised quickly, he began to cry. He wanted to keep searching but he was afraid he wasnt going to find his friend. Smee had a large bump on the side of his head and a busted lip. He has a few large bruises about his body and he was in pain. He heard a soft voice come from around the tree and he looked up from his hands. He saw a pretty face. His hands and face were soaked in tears. He sniffled deeply as he tried to gain some form of voice to speak. After his voice caught in his throat as he tried to talk as hhe blubbered like a sad five year old before managing to talk. "Yea. Our ship crashed and i cant find my friend." He sobbed. As he tried to calm himself he had small hyperventilation as he sniffled through his stuff nose but just ended up crying harder.

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Mimi Angel of Love Dorothy was looking at the man seeing that he was drenched by his own tears and that he appeared to be just as scared as she was for Toto. With that in mind, she kneeled down beside him and slowly took out a handkerchief from out her dress pocket. "Here you are you look like you need this more than I do." She put it in his hand hoping that her actions would help make him feel better. " If it makes you feel any better. I lost my dog while we were chasing a rabbit." She added then started to wonder. I hope he will be okay, She thought about Toto for a brief moment then her attention went to the man that she didn't know. "I know you're a pirate but what is your name?" She asked as she slowly raised up because her legs were hurting a little bit.

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Smee conti ued to cry but her kindness helped lessen his tears. He wasnt quite alone anymore but he was still worried about his friend. He sniffed deeply as he wiped his face with the handkerchief. "Smee. I lost my friend. Bastion is gone. I cant find him. Have you seen my friend?" He sniffled some more as he tried hard to calm down. "I hope you find your doggy." He mummbled softly to her. His tears slowly began to stop as he didnt feel so alone any more. The company of this pretty woman helped him feel better. "Youre a pretty lady." He said softly as he sniffled again.

Mimi Angel of Love Dorothy listened to the man and could tell that he wasn't all that developed but that didn't bother her because she could see that he was a really kind hearted man. She kneeled down again and said,"I haven't seen your friend but I can promise you that he will come for you. Until then I will keep you company and make sure that you are calmed down. You look like you haven't slept for a few days and I'm sure that you're friend Bastion would be very displeased that you lost so much sleep." Dorothy smiled remembering that he said that he hoped that she would find Toto. Did he just call me pretty? She blushed at the thought and then began to speak again. "Smee, my name is Dorothy." She finally said as she moved to sit down beside him.

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Smee slowly calmed down as the tears were finally done. He sniffled a few more times before the sniffles were done. He looked at her and listened closely. Smee thought about what she had said and felt she was right. "Yea. Bastion would be very unhappy. Im very tired. Im going to lay down now." He gave dorothy a soft smile as he liked having company. "Thanks Dorothy. Youre very nice." He smiled again before adjusting where he sat to where he was now laying down beside her. He laid his head on a root that was sticking out and closed his eyes. He held tightly on the handkerchief as if it was a stuffed animal or something as he relaxed thinking of sleep.

Mimi Angel of Love Dorothy watched Smee adjust himself so that he could sleep. She then moved so that she could lay down as well. She thought about how she got here and she knew that this definitely wasn't Oz and she knew that she had never seen this man before. "You rest up I will keep my eyes open and look out." She reassured him with a gentle touch to his shoulder.

Mimi Angel of Love Dorothy winded up falling asleep herself feeling herself get tired every second that ticked by but when she heard a branch break in the distance she woke up. She could see a man walking around with a map clearly looking a little bit lost.

"Smee!" James called looking at the map then he looked in the direction of which the map said that his buddy was and saw a girl sitting under the tree with him resting on her lap.

He ran over so happy to see his best friend. "Thank you so much for looking out for my friend." he said looking down at Dorothy.

She nodded, "You must be the man he was looking for and seemed so scared to be without." She said nudging Smee to wake up.

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Smee was sleeping peacefully when he felt Dorthy waking him up. He sat up sleepily rubbing his eyes. His vision was cloudy at first as he woke up. He looked toward the man that was standing in front of them as his vision cleared. "Bastian?" He whispered sleepily. Once he realised who it was, he gasped and jumped up excitedly hugging him deeply. "Bastian!"

Mimi Angel of Love James hugged his friend back just glad to know that he was safe and seemed to be looked after by this girl. "I'm glad you're still alive my dear friend. May I ask who is the girl behind you?" He asked looking from Smee to the girl.

Dorothy got up from the ground and dusted off before walking up to the two handsome men. She had never seen pirates but really enjoyed reading about them. "My name is Dorothy." She introduced herself with a kind smile on her lips.

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Smee was so excited to see his friend he was bouncing up and down. He turned to look at dorothy with a big smile on his face. "She-She was lost too! Just like me! She-She found me there-" He spoke excitedly as he pointed to the tree he was sitting at crying before turning back to him. "-And-And she helped me! She was so nice Bastian! She was right! You did come for me!" He bounced up and down filled with joy. He couldnt contain his excitement to see his friend. Then he remembered she lost her doggy. He stopped bouncing and looked at her before looking back at him. "Bastian.......she lost her doggy. She found me because she was lookimg for her doggy. Can-Can we help her find her doggy?" He spole softly as he looked at him sweetly.

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