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Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥ (brotherlyloveisbeautiful) | 105 comments Mod
I've been thinking of checking out the Hardy Boys TV show but at the same time, not sure as I don't really like the actors as Frank and Joe. Should I check them out? If so, please suggest some good episodes for me to try. Thanks! :)

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace The actors grow on you! Even though they don't perfectly portray Frank and Joe it is still a great show! I would suggest The Hollywood Phantom, Acapulco Spies, Sole Survivor, The Disappearing Floor, and The Ghostwriter's Cruise. These are some of my favorites but all the episodes are good! The only two I would suggest against watching are the voodoo and Dracula ones. I haven't seen either of them but the voodoo one is said to be very very scary and the Dracula one is forbidden in my house. :) Hope that helps!

Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥ (brotherlyloveisbeautiful) | 105 comments Mod
Thank you, I'll check them out! :)

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace No problem! I hope you enjoy them!

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