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Lamar Turners | 3 comments Coming in 4 days...10/24 Leo Sullivan Presents...

Read the book before we make the movie....


Trisha aka Trish was a typical 15 year old good girl from a urban neighborhood. She grew up in areas most people would condemn a "ghetto" but to her it was home. She was a great student who kept her grades up with no other focus than keeping her eyes on being a success in life. She was the second oldest in her single parent household after her older brother Tracy and followed by her twin younger siblings Tron and Triece. She was raised by her single mother Ms. Smith who constantly attempted to fill her head with advice on dealing with her life decisions.

All of Trish's goals and focuses come to a halt when she is approached by a much older man by the name of Ryan aka Rain. Rain was a big name street figure who came into Trish's life and exposed her to the gilts and glamour fast money could bring. His pretty boy appearance and constant display of affection for Trish had her mind wide open to any and everything he wanted to do with her. He was a grown man molding a girl in transition to being a woman, into a puppet for his own personal use.

Trish was also being adored by her older brother Tracy's best friend Jay. Jay was a young man on his way to graduate high school trying to find his path in life as a man. He was in love with Trish and was not afraid to let her or her family know how deep his feelings were for her. Trish could see his repetitive attempts to gain her attention, but did not have time for a good boy with no money. She was lost in a world where easy money and verbal reminders meant more than respect and self love. In time chasing a man like Rain would lead her to situations no young girl should have to face on their own.

This is Trisha's story...

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Beverly Hunter | 2 comments I have not been able to find this book on Kindle or Audible. Where will it be released?

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