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Starflight and My Lady Jane

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Have any of you already read either of these? What are you guys thinking about them so far?

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Evie | 4 comments I'm currently duel-reading Starflight (about to start tracking this one on GR) and My Lady Jane. I've gotten further with My Lady Jane and I have to say the whole animal-morphing thing isn't too interesting for me, but I think that's just a personal taste sort of thing. Other than that it's very cute and light-hearted and I really like the writing. Starflight (which I only just got) is standing out for me, but I think it's mainly because I haven't read anything to do with science fiction in a while, so I may spend more time with it. I'm looking forward to each though, and I plan to divvy my time to read each one. Neither one is bad and I really like both!

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Awesome! Yeah, I heard My Lady Jane was pretty funny :). I am super behind but really want to read Starflight. I'm so glad you're liking them both.

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